All About Lost ReWatch Eps 23 (S5 1-3)

Lost ReWatch podcast for Season 5, the first three episodes: Because You Left, The Lie, Jughead. We discuss our thoughts and give you a chance to win one of two copies of the Dharma Initiative Kit DVDs. Contest ends Friday 18 December. We decode time travel or least try to.

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4 Responses

  1. another serial i’m in love.. survivor, thriller, action become one..i like it.. hmm, i like smallville too..

  2. Jeremy you’ve already uncovered your identity. You are Davai Makiri, is that you in that photo on the website. And TLE, we know who you are because of the video posts. So if anyone walked down the street and saw you, they would definitely know who you are.

    Talking about who was at fault with the crash, I totally agree with Jeremy (before the season 6 finale was revealed). I never really thought about it, but yes it would have been the pilots fault. But if Frank Lapidus was flying, would you think he would have flown off course like Seth Norris did? Or did the magnetism pull them off course? But now we know it was Jacob that summoned them to the island, so no matter what could have happened, it would have been that way nonetheless.

  3. Continuity/alt time line question: When Desmond answers Daniel’s knocking on the door, where is Kelvin? Kelvin wouldn’t let Desmond go out of the Hatch and there’s only one haz mat suit. If Kelvin is already dead, the haz mat suit not being necessary would already be known to Desmond so he wouldn’t need it to open the door.


  4. BP that’s the question that brings up a lot of inconsistencies. Yes Des wouldn’t have needed the Hazmat suit if Kelvin was dead, but he also asks Daniel if he was his replacement. I just think they had it all wrong by putting a hazmat suit on Des to answer the door…. Maybe, just maybe Des wore the suit to try to convince his replacement or any other person that was there, that there was danger of quarantine in the jungle. If he had watched the orientation video then that would all be explained.

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