LOST Season 5 ReWatch (Episodes 4-7)

5.04 The Little Prince (Kate/Aaron)

It’s strange how Locke says it’s all happening because they left, but in fact it’s all happening because Ben dislodged the wheel. They would have been OK had Ben not done this. If the island is in fact in control and there is a purpose for them skipping to whatever time period it is, I’m sure there’s a higher power in charge.

When Charlotte woke up and asked Daniel who he was, its was as if Charlotte recognized him as the crazy man from the past, and when he said Daniel. It’s as if she found her constant and started to remember things

It’s ironic that Kate was the one to deliver Aaron, and happens to be the one taking care of Aaron in the future.

Sawyer seems like a different man since the vision of Kate.

When I first discovered the lawyer was visiting Claire’s mom, I though she was suspicious of Kate & Aaron. But then it turned out she didn’t know anything about the boy, which was a real shock.

5.05 This Place is Death (Jin/Sun)

When Ben was driving Sun & Jack to wherever he was going, he sounded like a parent with two quarreling kids in the back seat. Ironically it’s the same thing parents go through when raising kids. If the child had known how much sacrifice the mom or dad has to make to make their lives a good one, they would be thanking them every second they had.

Locke, Daniel & Jin’s noses are the only ones that don’t bleed.

When Charlotte dies, it makes me think if this the very reason Daniel cries when he hears about the missing oceanic plane.

If Christian is a spirit, how can he handle the lamp. If Christian was right about John moving the island not Ben, then Ben would have still remained the leader of the others.

Ben would have known that Eliose was an ex-leader of the others. So why is she helping him, even though she knows he’s up to no good.

Ben looked confused when Desmond uttered the words “Are you looking Faraday’s mother too?” Being an other, it’s quite possible he knew that Ellie had killed a man with the same name in the past.

Just another comment about this episode that’s racking my brain:

How is it that Christian Shepherd has moved back to the past to talk to Locke? We know it is way back as Mile’s will exclaim in the episode “La Fleur”, so how is it that Christian was able to time travel with the losties? Is he real? If he’s a spirit, then maybe spirits are able to travel throughout all time periods.

5.07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham (Locke/Un-Locke)

I’m watching the rewatch in the order they originally planned with “Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” before “316”. I can now see why they switched the two episodes, as the Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham was too spoilerish with the plan crashed landing.

I’m totally convince that this is the moment John becomes Un-Locke. I don’t think he ever became him before the Ajira arrival. How else is he able to dress up in a suit? What makes it different to Christian Shepherd is that Christian’s body was never found. Is it still lost, or did whoever possessed it actually took his body, and why is Locke’s body still in the box? Now that Nemesis has Locke’s body, does Christian still exist as a walking dead? But this doesn’t dispel the theory that Un-Locke is time travelling, which could still be possible.

It’s interesting both Ben & John sustained injuries before turning the wheel and when being transported after the donkey wheel. Is it a prerequisite for travelling in time? I’m not sure if this is the exact location Ben came to when he left. But why does it take longer for them to discover Locke then Ben?

Locke chose to leave because Nemesis manipulated him into going, as if he didn’t want Locke there, or he knew that when Locke returned he would be dead and he would be able to take his shape. What a great plan.

If Widmore is saying the island needs Locke, then he must have been influenced by Nemesis. Maybe Richard’s know the real where about of Jacob, but Widmore directed Ben to the Cabin, as to where Nemesis was, as he though he couldn’t help him. I don’t think John is special, the only thing that makes him special because he is the loop hole. Looks like the one manipulating John is the nemesis.

How was the photo of Sayid taken if he happens to be building the house in the Dominican Republic now?

Abaddon moves as if he has a stiff neck, almost robotic, even the way he died. I wonder if he’s been injured before and has been healed (hence the walk-about he mentioned going on.

Helen dies of a brain aneurysm, similar to Charlotte, was she time-jumping? I wondered why Ben choose to shot Abaddon now. He’s been following him for sometime now. I don’t think Ben was trying to kill John. When John woke from the accident, it was similar to his revival when Jacob touched him, with the gasp of air.

No one called John by his alias during this episode. When in season four they made it a big deal of not revealing his real identity

We can see why Ben is so good at manipulating Locke, it was even said in a previous episode that he was amenable for coercion.

I wonder if Eloise Hawking told Ben he needed Locke dead. Or maybe she said she needed Ben dead. But Ben was able to kill Locke to take his place. Maybe Eloise was going to tell Locke to kill Ben, and that’s the way it was supposed to happen, so Ben had to prevent it someway.

5.06 “316” (Jack)

The lamp post had photographed images of the island that seemed to be miliary reconnaissance missions. I think the military people in 1954 were fore-runners for the Dharma Initiative, they were to scout the island for possible threats.

Think of this as a theory. Charles Widmore is actually Charlie Hume from the future who came back to the island in similar circumstances to the Ajira 316 flight and got zapped back in the past, and has been living with the hostiles all this time.

Daniel Faraday might have built the lamp-post station. Maybe that’s what Daniel was doing in Ann Arbour.

If the island seemed to summon all the passengers it needed onto the plane, why wasn’t it successful at bringing Desmond back? Free Will? Then what happens to what happened, happened? Huge debate or free will vs fate

I wonder if Eloise Hawking working in this church links her to the Monk Brother Campbell that Desmond was in the monastery with. I wonder how she was able to obtain the suicide letter from John Locke? Was she connected to the funeral parlour guy, or the police? I wonder if Eloise choose to not come back to the island after giving birth to Daniel because she was so distraught about killing her own son. It’s her lifetime wish to fix what had happened, and needs to get Jack back to fix it. How was Locke able to be dressed in the suit? I wonder how it was purchased for him, with what money?

That was an interesting introduction to the Ajira flight, they didn’t even go through the safety instructions that are common in each flight.

When Jack, Kate and Hurley arrive on the island, it’s as if they were place there (by the hand of God?), because they definitely didn’t drop or fall, because Kate would be dead on the rocks, and Jack would be pierced by bamboo.

Some people say that the island can be found with the coordinates 4.815deg 162.342deg. But I’m sure the location can be found in 4 possible places. Because of its close proximity to the equator and International Date Line, it could +/-4.815deg (North or South), then +/-162.342 (East or West).

When Des says to Ms Hawkings, “Daniel sent him to deliver a message, to help those they left behind”, it would appear he was too late in relaying the message, as we’ve seen Frogurt and the rest of the red shirts die. I wonder if it’s because the island will bring Jack, Kate, Sayid & Hurley back to the past to fix everything up. So if Jack’s plan is successful everyone would not have to experience the crash and everything after that. Everyone would still be alive.

All Posts above were written by JayJay.  Thanks, man.

2 Responses

  1. Hmm, you may have clarified for me a big difference between Jacob and MIB: MIB has the power of death (taking over bodies) while Jacob has the power of life (healing), which means we all may have made a poor assumption. I know I (and many others) assumed that Christian and Claire (after death) were MIB creations, but maybe they”ve been restore to the ranks of the living, healed by Jacob!

  2. I never thought about it that way. But you bring up a great point. And that explains Christians body not being found, while Locke’s was still in the box. Hmmmm I love it. So do you think that because Jacob touched, Sun, Jin, Jack, Sawyer & Kate before the crash, that they have the power to bring the dead back to life. After all Sawyer was the first to touch Claire, and Jack has miraculously healing people in surgery.

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