“In Search of…” and Mysteries of the Universe

Some mild spoilers below.  You may want to watch all the Mysteries of Universe segments first before reading this.

On the new LOST DVD set is a mockumentary called Mysteries of the Universe which seems to be based on a TV show I remember from the late 70’s and early 1980’s.  The show was “In Search Of” starring the narration of none other than Leonard Nimoy of Mr. Spock (Star Trek)  and William Bell (Fringe) fame.  In this series, Nimoy would explore the mysteries behind BigFoot, Extraterrestrials and the Search for the Lost City of Atlantis, and such.  Here is a sample.  You can compare this with the Mysteries of the Universe clip below it.

Some interesting things about the Dharma Initiative can be found by watching the Mysteries of the Universe clips:

  1. The LA Church is the center of Dharma operations.  The church is a “front” organization which conceals the funding mechanism for Dharma supply operations and purchases (including submarine fuel).  We also know from Season 5 that the church houses an underground Dharma station known as the Lamp Post, which calculates the location of where the Island will move to next.
  2. Note: The Lamp Post has further significance.  In the Narnia book series the Lamp Post from 1940’s England showed up in a medieval world at a place “between worlds”.
  3. This Church is where Eloise Hawking works and carries on a tradition set up decades ago to track the island.  Her personal records are missing, but she is listed on the birth certificate of Daniel Faraday.  Why are their last names different?  Does it have something to do with Widmore being banished from the island?  Does Jill at the meat locker shop work with her too?
  4. Olivia Goodspeed returned after being missing for years.  The Dharma recruits came for her.  She may have been on the sub we see leaving the island at the end of Season 5.
  5. The Mysteries of the Universe end credit shows the Numbers listed as roman numerals.

The Lamp Post as it appears in Narnia

3 Responses

  1. My name is Mark Silverman and I am the narrator on Mysteries of the Universe. I know many secrets. No, just kidding, I actually know very little about LOST. Very ironic to say the least. I am a very odd man.

  2. Welcome, Mark
    I loved Mysteries of the Universe. It brought back my memories of Leonard Nimoy’s old show (in a good way, of course). Do you work for Disney? Did you watch last night’s episode?

    • I do voice work for Disney. You can hear me as the voice of Rod Serling on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Also, NO, I did not watch the episode you refered to. I was probably watching a monster movie instead.

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