LOST Season 5 ReWatch Episodes 8-10

5.08 La Fleur

If Charlotte’s body got dropped off in the time period they just visited (around the statue time) then her decomposed body and skeleton should be still there in front of Daniel in 1977. This is providing the hostiles didn’t find it already and disposed of it properly.

Still nothing has been said about the truce between the Dharma Initiative and the Hostile. I’m not sure why burying was so significant, but it appeared that Amy just didn’t want the bodies found. If it has something to do with the island resurrecting the bodies, then how would she have knowledge of this.

5.09 Namaste

When the reunited losties asked Sawyer how long it’s been since they’ve seen each other they both experienced 3 years apart. Which is interesting, had it been 6 years, would the other party experienced 6 years. If you analyse the people from the Oceanic 815 flight, just about everyone has experienced 3 years apart, or they have died since the crash which would make their duration void. Had Locke still been alive to be reunited, he would be the odd one out, since he left the island, he jumped 2-3 years into the future, which would mean had he travelled back to 1977 he would have lost those 3 years and only experienced weeks. Is this the reason he is dead? or is he resting so he can catch the 3 years he lost? Has Sun lost or gained anytime? I think their story is that they continued from where they left off in 2007.

When Jin finds Sayid and got him to drop to his knees, he could have given him a wink or something. Instead he thinks Jin has a split personality.

I couldn’t see why the losties in 1977 couldn’t have said they knew each other off the island, and that’s why they were so close.

5.10 He’s Our You

We don’t know if any of these people who Sayid has been hunting have actually been affiliated with Widmore or not. They could just be random people who Ben has tracked and ask him to kill. Even when Ben said that’s all the people, there’s still Widmore alive, why wouldn’t Ben want Widmore hunted. Then there is also that guy parked in front of Hurley’s hospital.

I’m surprised Sayid didn’t say he was having a disagreement with the hostiles, which would make Horace want to help him. But he just stayed quiet and encouraged more suspicion about him, possibly being a spy.

I wonder what makes the Dharma Initiative despise the Hostiles? It doesn’t look like they are on the best terms, yet when Richard strolls into the village, he is able to peacefully negotiate.

The only reason Sawyer came with Sayid to see Oldham was to see how much information Sayid would compromise, and it turns out Sayid didn’t reveal much to threaten Sawyer.

It’s interesting what Radzinki said about Sayid being in their compound. He said “the longer he stays here, they longer they are in danger”, surprisingly that’s the same about Ben being in the midst of the Losties. He manipulated, conned and lied to them, and it was to their detriment.

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