Happy Holidays Full SIZE

Enjoy the picture, funny captions are certainly welcome


8 Responses

  1. Jeremy, did Santa get you a new ipod?

  2. Right back at ya! It’s great putting faces to the voices. BTW, how did you guys hook up to do all this LOST stuff?

    • He invited me on to his Prison Break Podcast. I kept rambling on about Lost so he decided to create an All About Lost podcast. I put my notes from that podcast into this blog.
      If you want to know how we met, well let’s just say I was present at his birth. Kinda like Richard Alpert was for Locke. The only problem is that I keep aging… 🙂

  3. TLE, you look like a famous TV personality here in Australia called Shaun Micallef. http://www.smh.com.au/news/entertainment/tv–radio/talking-bout-regeneration/2009/06/22/1245522773961.html

  4. Happy Holidays guys.

  5. Love the podcast and blog, thanks for all you do and happy holidays!

  6. Just finished listening to Eps 25. You guys are awesome!

    Funny caption? How about “Hair! I remember hair!”

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