LOST Season 5 ReWatch Episodes (11-13)

5.11 Whatever Happened Happened (Kate)

That’s a blatant continuity error to move Ben’s gun shot from one side to the other. I don’t think it was done by accident. The moments Jin was unconscious, we don’t know if Jacob came to change things. I just hope it gets answered before the show finishes.

I don’t know why Sayid would try to change outcome of Ben by shooting him (i guess it was part of Sayid’s personality as we saw in a previous episode) had he not been that way it’s possible they could have nurtured him into a better person, since he was still young he would have been meek enough and might have change the way he could have turned out to be.

It’s possible that Roger changed the way he treated Ben after he had been shot, we don’t really see him acting like the S.O.B we knew him to be previous to this. So had Ben been fixed by Jack, Ben would have been a better person from the experience. Jack didn’t realize it was the islands doing, to send him back to fix this.

The time Sawyer whispered in Kate’s ear had to be longer than what we saw. I fail to realise how Sawyer could have given her that much detail about his daughter than he had time to. And when did Kate realise that Cassidy was the same Cassidy she knew back in a flashback.

I think Clementine is sitting on a whole heap of cash she doesn’t even know. Not only did Sawyer give her reward money from ratting in a guy at the prison, but the settlement money from Kate also added to that.

I don’t know if anyone else felt it, but I really wanted to see what would happen if Ben did die. Then the future would be changed. It just illustrates the role that the island plays in keeping him alive. Had it not been for Richard Alpert and the hostiles, Juliet, Sawyer, Kate & the Temple then there would be no way Ben would still be alive. Why is Ben so important? or is it the underlying theme, that whatever happened, happened, and that’s what’s keeping Ben alive. Had Jack fixed Ben, how would be he the killer and manipulator that he is. I thought the reason Kate feels for boy Ben is that she knows what it feels like to lose a son. It’s also ironic that Jack said he will let the island do everything, if it was up to the island Jack would be dead due to his appendicitis. Then he wouldn’t be back in the past with Dharma. So there’s an inconsistency in the story somewhere, or Jack just doesn’t get it.

Aaron is such a brave boy to be persuaded to stay with a person he’s never met before, in his grandmother.

I listened to the Transmissions Master Class 3 podcast and it was interesting to hear one of the costume designers to mention that the Others/Hostiles are actually a sophisticated bunch, and the ragged clothes is only an outfit. It was hard to look at Richard in a different light after those comments.

When Richard takes Ben to the temple to be healed. I don’t think he takes him there to see Jacob to heal him, rather he uses the Temple in either a ritual or a device that is in there to assist Ben. Richard walks into the Temple wall but it’s not actually the temple, is it?

5.12 Dead is Dead (Ben)

If Locke is smokey, then how did smokey get over to the Hydra Island. That’s why I think he’s the nemesis, and the same question begs, how did nemesis get to the other island.

They way Ben woke up in the infirmary with Locke starting down at him was definitely different between previous episodes.

I thought Ben lost his innocence, it doesn’t explain why Ben still is so soft on mothers and children, when he didn’t want to shoot Danielle.

It’s funny seeing Ben & Locke trying to take dominance over each other. And it’s the same thing Ben & Charles are demonstrating to Richard in the flashback.

When Widmore get’s banished and it was revealed that he was seeing a woman off island. Why is this not Eloise? I guess she left not much later after she shot her son, and then probably continued seeing Widmore.

It’s weird we keep seeing the same corner of the temple wall as we have seen in previous episodes. I didn’t think they were that cheap with the budget.

I wonder who would be in charge of the world? is it the island, or the two Jacob and Nemesis? or even someone above them? It seems the island hasn’t a need for Ben anymore, but the island still won’t let Ben die. Which leads me to believe Nemesis needs Ben to kill Jacob still, so he’s the one keeping Ben alive, even though he’d been banished.

I have a feeling Ilana knows that Jacob is going to be killed and therefore going to take the form that his Nemesis takes. Which is the reason they need Lapidus, so that Jacob can use his body. The same way Locke’s is being used.

Another reason why the smoke monster seems to appear when John isn’t there is because maybe the smoke monster can’t be where Nemesis or Jacob is.

Think the real judgement came when Alex pulled Ben aside and asked him to follow John’s every word. If he had denied this, then he would have died. The same thing happened to Eko, he didn’t show remorse over his killings, so Yemi (Smokey) killed him.

If Smokey was the servant of whoever John is now, then I wonder why John didn’t show any emotion to the monster letting Ben live. I would have expected John to smirk, as if he knew ‘of course it let you live’, ‘it’s all part of my plan’.

5.13  Some Like it Hoth (Miles)

I’m sure it’s the radiation leak from Jughead that lead to Mile’s mom being sick in the future, and possibly giving Mile’s the ability to interrogate the dead.

How is it that they are able to build all these stations and not be detected by the hostiles. That fence around the swan wasn’t going to insulate sound or anything.

I’m not sure how Miles was able to talk to the dead grandson in season 4, when he requires the body of the dead present. I don’t think Hurley’s powers are better, Hurley can only talk to the dead that he knows, where Miles can talk to just about any dead people.

Mile’s got the hard end the bargain, he won’t ever get his $1.6Million.

This guy Alverez ends up in the Dharma ditch where Locke tried to kill himself didn’t he? There was a skeleton with a hole in its head, then what is it doing in the Orchid?

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  1. Re 5.11 I can never decide if Sayid was manipulating Ben’s destiny, or if Ben was manipulating Sayid’s. Or perhaps it was yet another force (the Island?) manipulating both of them. I hope that mystery will be resolved.

    Great comment, TLE, about where did Richard actually take Ben after he was shot. The creators have stated that what we’ve seen is only a gate in the temple wall, that the temple is somewhere far away from that gate. And we know Smokey lives “under” that gate. Are you theorizing that someone (something?) other than Jacob was responsible for saving Ben’s life?

    By the way, has anyone attempted a map of the temple yet? We’ve seen the gate. We’ve seen the waterfall-pool where you can dive into an entrance. We’ve seen that there is an entrance under Horace’s house…. The temple area must be huge.

    Re 5.12 and seeing the “same” scene played out different in different episodes. If we relate that to the choice of Groundhog Day for the opening of Season 6, which the creators say was very deliberate, we’re left with the theory that our characters are reliving their lives (or parts thereof) over and over until…. what? Until it suits someone’s objective? Whose objective? I hope we don’t have to spend Season 6 seeing the same little bits of life played over and over as in the movie Groundhog Day. That could get tedious.

    Great podcast guys!

  2. I hope you have seen all of Season 5 already. My thoughts are somewhat tilted since I know how season 5 ends.
    I guess my thinking is that Jacob lives under the statue, so if Ben was healed in the temple someone (or something) else healed him. I believe Ben is being manipulated (maybe by the MIB) to do his bidding although Ben believes he is following Jacob’s orders.
    I bet the first episode of Season 6 will tell us (indirectly of course) how LOST will end. The first episode of each season is sort of the “bookend” for the last episode. Agree things could get tedious if we see things repeated ala Groundhog day. I would like to see our characters “grow” and not repeat the same mistakes.

  3. Well LOST is coming back on Groundhog day 2nd of February. Is that intentional or coincidence? I don’t think will go through the repetitiveness of the story telling, they’ve done so well at telling this story now, that it would be waste to end on a bad note.

  4. I think a big “mystery” that gets raised in the Hoth episode is that Miles can be in the same time/place as his 3 month old “self”. This is the only instance of this happening in LOST. Is there meanign and/or clues in this happening?

    • I am really glad you asked about Miles seeing young Miles. To me it is “proof” that our Losties can go back and visit themselves through time travel. There are two other “instances” I would like to bring up. The have been very well “hidden” by the producers of the show.

      When we did the Season 2 rewatch there was dream sequence where Claire was watching Claire talk to Ethan while sitting on tree stump outside the medical hatch. We speculated that maybe it wasn’t a dream. Perhaps Claire was really there.

      In season 5, I can think of two other “instances” of people seeing themselves or at least almost seeing themselves. Locke and Sawyer see the hatch light up which actually happened in S2. Locke does not want to investigate because he would then run into himself at the hatch. We also have Sawyer watching Kate deliver Aaron. Sawyer didn’t see himself, but he could have if he walked to the beach.

      Also, Locke looks evil after he finds Vincent for Walt in S1. Was that actually a future version of Locke who was there at the same time as Season 1 Locke?

  5. Another “timeline” question: Ben looks younger in the scene where he captures Alex and is living among the Hostiles in the woods than he does when he still with Dharma and helps execute the Purge. Continuity error or are there other points that can set a reasonable timeline that I’m not thinking of now? Other clues that can set the timeline: Ethan’s age (12ish?), Roger’s age at the purge (he looks a lot older than 70’s Roger).

    • I can only say he was about 12 (in 1977) when he was shot by Sayid. And about 23 (in 1988) when he got Alex from Rousseau.

      He did look a bit older at the Purge like you say. Here is a theory, possibly one of his “tests” to join the Hostiles was to do errands for them. Including the mission to kill Rousseau ( a mission he does not complete, once he saw baby Alex).

      He takes over leadership from Widmore that day, so maybe he was found “worthy” enough to help them wipe out the Dharma Initiative after that. In that scenario the stealing of Alex could occur before the Purge.

      Or it could be continuity error, or possibly ( and I know people hate this) an alternate time-line caused by the Incident.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts, TLE, great as always.

    Keep up the good work with the Podcast and get Jeremy to slow down, he talks too fast!

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