LOST Season 5 ReWatch Episodes (14-16)

5.14 The Variable (Faraday)

Eloise was wrong in telling Jack to come back? I believe she did it to protect Daniel. I wonder if knowing the Eliose has killed her son, if this has made her view her son and life differently. The guy who drilled into the rock had a nose bled, I wonder if it’s related to the consciousness skipping.

I know Widmore admits to planting the plane there, but what if he said that to Daniel just to offer him solace. So Daniel could concentrate on what Widmore offer, at the time it didn’t look like Daniel could concentrate. Now how would Charles know that Oceanic landed on the island? Does he have an informant to tell him these things? I don’t think Ben has been back to tell Widmore that. Or does he only assume? If Charles wants to get back to the island why didn’t he get on the freighter himself or even Ajira 316? Is he waiting for his time to come? Or is it true he won’t be allowed back?

Why is it they can’t drive the cars any further than the sonic fences? Just like in the episode with Kate and Sawyer taking Ben to see Richard, they left the vans at the fences. I would have thought they could drive on a bit further. I know Kate says they have to walk from here, but that’s not a good enough reason not to try.

Why has Daniel developed an American accent when he’s been living in the UK. He goes to Oxford University, so I assume he’s lived there ever since Hawking left the island.

When Eloise explains ‘a bigger conflict bigger than anything’, it sounds like god’s at play.

It is so weird watching the hospital scene with Penny as a bystander, as I’ve been watching Flashforward and now know she’s a doctor.

I’m still irrate why they can shoot a kid (Ben) and the next episode move the bullet wound away from the heart. And this time with Dan they can’t do it.

5.15 Follow the Leader (Richard)

I find it hard to believe that an airplane landing on the Hydra would not get detected by the others and Richards people.

By the way Locke was speaking to Sun, it’s either he’s lying, or he’s really the good guy at heart.

Here again we have the chicken and the egg scenario. Did Eloise call her son Daniel because she had killed a person who claimed to be her son? Or is it coincidence that he was called Daniel.

When Sawyer drew a map for Radzinsky to find the Hostiles, I wonder if it had anything to do with the blast door map. He sure has an obsession with maps.

Here we have Jack trying to educate Eloise on how to fix things, and in 30 years time we see the tables turned. Where Ms Hawking will educate Jack on the leap of faith. In 1977 Ellie meets faithful Jack back in 2007 Eloise meets unfaithful Jack.

How convenient it was to reunite with Sayid, as it is he who knows how to rig an atomic bomb.

I guess the reason why Ben wasn’t taken off the island when Chang advised all unnecessary personnel to leave is because he’s still with the hostiles. I wonder why Roger wasn’t invited off the island, they did say all unnecessary personnel.

5.16 The Incident (Jacob)

Part 1

To me Jacob seems more like the evil one of the two. He has more of the cunning look while the nemesis is more innocent and naive. The nemesis says, “it’s nice talking to you Jacob”, Jacob responds with “it’s nice talking to YOU too” I’m going to call the nemesis YOU.

Radzinsky said he came here to change the world. If Jack’s plans goes to plan, then it will be Jack that changes the world.

By Juliet, Sawyer & Kate returning to the island, all it did was delay the inevitable and add more drama, in the end they were still with Jack, had they stayed on the sub, it would have been the same result. Although Juliet wouldn’t have been there to detonate the unexploded war head. Juliet says, we can’t let all those people die. There’s not many people left, so who is she concerned about?

I wonder if the exposure that Eliose had in the tunnels to the radiation had anything to do with Faraday’s slow speech or gift of mathematics.

I find a few disturbing about Nadia’s death. Not only did the culprite run a red light, Jacob was involved, I don’t know if he knew, but how does Widmore’s hitman have anything to do with this. As Ben used Nadia’s death as a tool to find possibly a fake killer. Is Widmore working for Jacob, or is Ben. Even though Jacob was involved in how Nadia’s death unfolded.

I think Juliet has conceded that she will never leave the island, this possibly could have happened when she was scanned by Smokey in season 3 with Kate, and she saw visions of this moment when the bomb exploded, after all we did see flashes during the judgment.

In the first few episodes when they were flashing around in time, it’s possible it was Rose & Bernard who ransacked the old camp for food and took it with them to built there hide-away cabin. It would be amazing if we find it was Rose & Bernard shooting at them in the canoes.

When Ilana explains someone else has been using it, does she mean, the Nemesis or Christian & Claire, or was this where Rose & Bernard stayed? I would guess that Ilana’s been on the island before, but I wonder if Bram has been also.

If Nemesis has all the memories of Locke, I wonder why he hasn’t recalled the moment Jacob assisted him, when he fell eight storeys.

Why wouldn’t Ben want to kill Jacob? I guess Ben isn’t sure he can. Especially if he’s a god of some sort or is the magnificent man he knew him to be.

People say that the scene we watch of Jin & Sun is after the island and they are renewing their vows, since there was so much conjecture about the dress that Sun was wearing wasn’t the one she was wearing in previous seasons. But it’s clear it is their original wedding day when the lady asks if they are going to start a family, and Sun responds by saying maybe on the honeymoon. People don’t take honeymoons after renewal of vows do they? This could be an alternate time line.

Part 2

Lapidus a candidate? I think Ilana wants to give Jacob Lapidus’ body the same way nemesis took Locke’s.

I don’t know how Hurley couldn’t drive around Sawyer, Juliet & Kate. Or even if they drove over them, if Jack does what he’s doing, then Sawyer will be saved sooner or later.

What happened to the other foot of the statue. It doesn’t appear to be room for another one, where Jacob lives.

There is some mythology about the counting to 5 bit? It’s possible that Jacob meets Christian in the hospital when he sees Jack.

Juliet changes her mind in the whiplash story, maybe this is like what the writers do.

Kate says it was 30 years from now that she stitched him up. It’s actually 27 years.

We’ve seen all the main characters flashbacks as a child except Jin’s.

Why is it that Jacob requests an audience, an audience is more than one person. The door to Jacob is not meant for closing from the outside.

Chang’s hand/arm isn’t as bad as we’ve been lead to believe. The fact that Jack’s plan is going to work, doesn’t make a difference any way.

The magnetism contributed to the fact that the nuclear weapon did not impact, so the island pulls Juliet down to finish off what Jack set out to do. It’s meant to be! She’s a necessary sacrifice.

With all the time Jacob’s been off the island, it reminds me of Widmore taking trips off the island. Does this mean he’s suppose to be banished as well. I wouldn’t surprise me if Jacob has a child off island either. Maybe it’s Locke. To me Widmore mirrors Jacob. That means Ben mirrors nemesis.

I still think that Jacob being pushed into the fire will bring about a white smoke monster. Jacob submits to the knifing, not defending himself. Jacob’s response deserves it. Ben was a puppet from nemesis. When Jacob said they’re coming, it seemed Un-Locke knew full well what he was talking about.

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  1. When’s the podcast for these final 4?

  2. We were going to do the podcast today, but we got caught up with exams, a tennis tourney and football. I want to try and record this Friday and get the podcast out by Friday night or Saturday. We still need to watch the finale, but once that is done we will be ready to record. Jeremy has a big exam at the end of the week, so I don’t want to interfere with that.

  3. Wow, TLE, I’m shockingly disappointed in some of your questions from the Variable write-up. To wit:

    On Daniel telling Jack that Eloise was wrong: He said that BEFORE being shot by her so he couldn’t know her motives at the time of the conversation.

    Daniel’s accent: Daniel apparently had been living stateside since he was that young boy playing the piano. It’s the same house he’s in when saddend by the purported 815 wreck and that scene shown last season said that was Essex, Massachusetts.

    On Widmore staging the 815 wreck: This “fact” has been confirmed in multiple places: When Miles “reads” the dead body for Naomi, he describes all the paperwork realated to the plane and bodies from Widmore. Tom also produces said documents for Michael before his getting on the freighter. Now, Widmore confirmes it directly. It obviously could all be misdirection but I highly dount it at this point.

    On Widmore knowing about the 815 survivors: There was plenty of time before Michael destroyed the communications equipment on the freighter when the freighter team had knowledge of the 815 survivors through Naomi.

    • Hello Living,

      I guess this is my punishment for not doing the podcast. Mr JayJay did the posts for all the show’s. So I am hoping you will let me off the hook.

      I doubt the misdirection as well. Widmore blamed Ben for the fake crash, and gave the flight data recorder to Capt Gault as proof. When really it was Widmore who faked the crash, got the bodies, etc. He even hired the salvage vessel to “find” it I guess. Did you ever play Find815? I really liked that ARG.

      My question is why didn’t Widmore have one of his people on the Ajira flight to follow where the O6 (less Aaron) were going? Or did he?

      Could Illana or Brahm be working for Widmore? I still can’t figure out why Cesar was there. He seemed totally clueless about the island.

  4. Whoops, my fault on the misattribution. The post’s author at the top is “TLE” but the bottom states the JayJay posted these and I missed it. My apologies.

    On Aijira 316: Maybe because the flight needed to be recreated as close to 815 as possible precluded Widmore from putting someone on that plane. Then again, Lapidus worked for WIdmore on the freighter crew, maybe he is “his guy”.

    Brahm and Ilana: I definitely don’t think they’re working for Widmore. Brahm tells Miles in the van capture scene that Miles’ joining the freighter for Widmore puts him on the “wrong team”. And given Jacob visited Ilana in the hospital asking for help, I think these guys are Jacob’s team.

    I think Caesar was an innocent bystander on Aijira 316 and was a literary device to show the pitfalls of the human condition when becoming “leader”.

    • Yes regarding Caesar. And how about the name they chose. Caesar the emperor was stabbed in the back by someone he put his trust in (Brutus). And on Lost he put his trust in Ben, which is typically a mistake.
      P.S. JayJay’s name was mysteriously missing in the first version of the post I put up. (That’s because I messed up and forgot to put it there). He has been doing the posts for the last few weeks though. I will start posting again soon when I post the Season 6 favorite endings from our listeners. BTW big spoiler today on the internet. If you have not been spoiled yet, don’t do any searches on Lost. I hate spoilers.

  5. BTW, JayJay does a great job with the posts and they add to the podcast greatly. I hope my original post didn’t seem overly “sassy”, it wasn;t my intention. I was just surprised to get so many “questions” that the answers to seemed pretty plain. My brain is usually jogged with the ponderances found here 🙂

  6. Thanks LITSS (Lying in the Statue’s Shadow).

    My comment about Widmore confessing to the fake crash, when I watched it just didn’t seem genuine. And I know the writers have actually said that it was Widmore, but sometimes we can’t always believe what they say. They lie all the time, but in terms of the story, I guess we have to believe this FACT.

    My question about Faraday saying to Jack “you shouldn’t be here” is as if Daniel’s vision didn’t have Jack and crew back in the 70’s. He must have at some point zapped himself into the future/past and saw what it was like. And the fact it was his mom who sent Jack back, seemed like Eloise had some unfinished businees she wanted to take care of, and that’s why she sent Jack back to the island to fix it. I’m sure Eloise felt some sadness of sending her son of to the island to his ultimate doom, so she needs some way to fix it.

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