All About Lost ReWatch Eps 27 (S5 14-16)

The final ReWatch podcast for Season 1-5. . Thank all of you who joined us for this ReWatch. Just to warn you… the music sounds great but the audio is very scratchy. Next up is our special show and then Season 6. The sound will be fixed I promise.

MP3 File

6 Responses

  1. I’m glad I came for the ride, I can now say I have commented on just about every episode of LOST to date. I missed a couple of episodes in season 1 & 2 only because they were so ordinary, they didn’t deserve it. Following the rewatch gave me an excellent way of filling in time during the long break. I can’t believe we’re almost 2 weeks away from the final season premiere. I can’t wait to start commenting on season 6. I’ve just about got a permanent spot in your podcast now 🙂

    • Yes you definitely have a permanent place here on the All About Lost podcast. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for helping with the ReWatch !!

      Now its on to Season 6. I hope you will keep giving us comments. And would you consider sending some by MP3 file also?

  2. If my last name was Abrams maybe people would take me serious

  3. Yes I will continue sending comments, I might see if I can send an mp3 version, although I don’t like hearing myself, and I can’t guarantee the quality will be upto scratch (it can’t be worse then you recording.. right? ;-). Jeremy could do some voice manipulation like in those criminal interrogation programs how they interview witnesses who want to remain anonymous with the face darkened and the voice deepened.

    I know how hard it is for both y’all to read out someone elses comments. But I will need special intro music for my segment.. haha just kidding.

  4. On the podcast you discussed how you thought MIB gained Locke’s memories. A theory I’ve been tossing around is that MIB has been lying dorment inside Locke since his birth. It’s possible he’s been part of Anthony Cooper until conception, or even entered his mothers womb at the time of the accident Emily Locke had. Either way MIB has been a part of Locke and has suffered all the torment of Locke since birth, even in the Locke flashback when the nurse tells Emily that John is a fighter we see how he’s been special since birth. The only way MIB can gain control of Locke is by Locke dying. In the incident Un-Locke says, to Jacob “you don’t know what I’ve been through to get here”, and what he means is living the life of Locke and the loser he was.

    Locke has been scanned by smokey in season 1, maybe that’s how MIB found out Locke would be a potential loop hole.

    Now back to the incident where Jacob revives Locke. Jacob did this to ensure that MIB doesn’t take control of Locke prematurely. Because if Locke dies, MIB reanimates Locke at this time. So Ben killing Locke in the Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham has actually triggered MIB into action and now on the island he can weave his magic. With the aid of Smokey he can clone Locke and take upon himself as UnLocke.

  5. When you discussed the evacuation of all unecessary personnel, you assumed Dharma have only one sub, when they could have multiple submarines, a reason why I think this, is because when the new recruits come to island, it only took a day or two for Daniel to come back to island in the episode the Variable. How long does it take for a round trip from Michigan to the South Pacific via submarine. You could argue this with the time shifts of the island, then why does Horace say there is a sub every 2 weeks?

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