Season 6 Preview – How would you like S6 to End?

Here are all the Season 6 Ending Theories we received from our listeners.  We will be covering these on the next podcast as well as our thoughts for the Final Season of LOST.


OK, I’ve come up with something (terrible):

Ben & Charles Widmore battle over an ancient artefact in the temple whilst a volcano errupts in the centre of the island.

As the ground shakes and masonry crashes around them, to enable Kate & Hurley to escape via the donkey wheel either Jack or Sawyer must make the ultimate sacrifice. Which of them will stay behind?

Finally, as the smoke monster bears down upon Ben & Charles, in the shadows Esau folds his arms, glares at Jacob and says “Well, that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into!”


The basis for my theory is partly the Comic Con videos and partly the clues in the Season 5 finale. The videos seemed to propose an alternate time-line. I just can’t figure out why so many fans keep assuming that the alternate time-line will *start* with Flight 815 landing — obviously it would start with the detonation of the Jughead in 1977.

By the way, I don’t think the videos they showed are actual plot points from Season 6 — I think they are just letting us know that something different will play out.

The Ajira “commercial” featuring an accident-free history could mean that no one will get to the island via a plane crash.

Other reasons — the reversal of the LOST logo, the ending of the Season 5 finale which said something like “destiny found” (can’t remember the exact phrase). Damon and Carlton have stated repeatedly that the show is about the characters. I infer that the creators are more interested in giving each of the main characters some type of “resolution” than in tying up loose ends of mythology.

I’m one of probably two or three fans who really don’t care about the smoke monster — lol. But I am interested in the idea of a “war” and how that will play out.

I’m not too invested in Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet, but I’d like to see Hurley, Miles and Sayid turn out to have important roles in keeping “the end” from happening (which I presume to be a good thing). That’s the only part that I think is unlikely to occur in the actual finale. It is Hollywood, after all, so the happy ending will probably feature all the stars and starlets, not the secondary players.

Oh, and I’d like to see the mysteries of Faraday and Desmond revealed — but I have no sense at all as to how important that is to the writers.

But again, every time I think of how I *want* it to end, it just makes me realize even more that I don’t want it to end at all.

Thanks again for your great podcast!


I can’t say what ending I *want* for LOST, because I realize I don’t want LOST to end. But I think the ending will be just that — it won’t end, there will just be “progress”. Here’s how it goes.

Setting off the bomb will reset events as of 1977. The characters will live out different lives, but they will still be destined to get back to the island.

At the end of the series, we will see them return to the island, but not necessarily via a plane crash. They will get back to the island through one of the other “portals” like the church where Mrs. Hawkings works, or the desert in Tunisia, or some other place we haven’t seen yet.

Once they return to the island, they will fight the “war” that Charles Widmore predicted. They will play a key role in preventing the end (“it only ends once…”), and each of our characters will find his or her personal redemption.

The season finale will show that the struggle between Jacob and his nemesis continues, and that the expected “progress” has been made.


Love the podcast, TLE and Jeremy!


My ending to LOST is that the show is revealed to be really a projection of the holodeck on the enterprise.


The way I want season 6 to end is as followed. Scene: (Dramatic music in the background) The survivors of the season will be facing the smoke monster and Ben sacrifices himself in order to kill it by throwing it in the volcano on the island. By going on the kamikaze mission he lets the island inhabitants live in peace until the next phenomenon happens.

In the incident Jack told Richard not to give up on Locke. The reason he does this is because he believes Locke will believe. If Jacks plan works then none of them will crash so Ben will never strangle Locke. He told Richard not to give up because he believes he’s giving Locke a second chance at life.


Hey guys,

I am writing to answer the proposed question: How would you like Season 6 (Lost) to end?

I would like to say that I came up with this, but I didn’t. I’ll have to credit it to another member of the Lost community (Lockeheart?) who posited the theory way back in the hiatus between Seasons 4 and 5 on “Lost Unlocked with Chris and Brian.” It is the ever-popular loop theory but it has a nice twist to the end. However, this might already be debunked considering that we’ve seen Jacob in “The Incident” so I’ve added my comments in bold italics to fit, using the knowledge we now have. Here goes:

Final scene: Jack looks up to the sky and yells, “DAD!” We hear the rustling of leaves as if someone is walking up behind him. We see a pair of white tennis shoes standing directly behind him, and a hand raising a black stick. The hand comes down and strikes Jack on the back of the head. Jack falls. Ben tosses the stick next to Jack’s head and says, “Now let’s see if you can get it right this time.” Ben walks away. We then see Jack open his eyes, oblivious to what has happened over the past 6 years…because it hasn’t happened yet. He’s back on the island right after the crash of Oceanic 815. Ben watches him and walks toward Jacob who is standing off in the distance. We can’t see him, but we know exactly who it is. We see Ben say something to Jacob and then shake his head, with disapproval. The camera focuses on Ben and Jacob, but then pans to Ben who asks, “Are you sure? We’ve been through this 4 times already and he still doesn’t get it.” The camera pans around from Ben’s face to reveal the face of Jacob who is now Jack who says, “It only ends once. The rest is just progress.” – Cut to black…LOST

Now, I do admit that this ending would make some mad because it would mean that we aren’t getting to see “the once and final end,” but let’s remember, this is LOST, and we all know that the writers love a good cliff-hanger.

Thanks for all your hard work in podcasting.


Hi, love your podcasts! My hope for the ending of Lost is that good triumphs over evil, that the islands influence in the world is ended and our characters receive a satisfying end to their story arcs. I would like to see at least one couple(Sun/Jin), (Kate/Jack), (Kate/ Sawyer), (Claire/Charley) or (Juliet/Sawyer) make it through the ending intact. Thanks!


Hey guys, love the podcast. Well, not sure of how it will end but here are 2 scenarios I’m sure would not disappoint me.

1) Jacob and MIB are from the future, way in the future, say 200,000 years from now, and their objective is to turn mankind away from the path they know will eventually occur – distruction of the human race, earth, etc. (oh yea, this is where smokie comes from)

2) I believe in the parallel universe theory, alternative time lines, etc. but not sure how that will play out. In the end we may see the kids repeating basically the same struggles. Or maybe we will see Aaron and little Charlie sitting on the beach and one saying to the other “do you know how bad I want to kill you”

take care,


What up guys,

I love the show and wanted to throw my hat in the ring for the contest. I envision the ending of the show being a shot of a helicopter leaving the island with a couple of survivors looking back as the island fades into the distance. Then the camera starts to zoom back in on the island, and then onto the beach. Suddenly a hand comes out of the sand, then another. All of a sudden the corpses of all the people who died on the island, Faraday, Ana, Echo, Alex, Picket, everyone (except Nikki and Paulo) dig themselves out of the ground and stand up as one. Then Thriller starts playing and they all do the thriller dance thus setting up season 7 AKA the zombie season. Frogert can have the MJ jacket on, it would be totally awesome.

Option 2:

All that happens with Frogert in the MJ jacket leading the zombie dance party when frogert makes a wrong step and screws up the routine. Then a flaming arrow comes out of nowhere and plugs him in the chest. Then Alpert walks in very agitated and wearing A LOT of eyeliner yelling “NO NO NO, It’s step twist step slide turn turn slide, you didn’t slide Frogert, Now we have to start all over.”. Then he closes his eyes and concentrates very hard. He causes a bright purple flash. After the flash we see flight 108 crashing on the island. Thud, Lost.

Thats my entry guys, hope you like it.


Season six will end with Kate and Juliet realizing they are the same person. Jack and Sawyer will also realize they are the same person. John and Ben will realize that they are twins but from different mothers and fathers.


Answer: Would like Season 6 to end with Jack and the main characters escaping from the island. After a long conflict and the return of John Locke, Jack finds a way for those who want to leave to go home, leaving behind those that wish to remain and John as their leader finally finds his place and peace.


I sent in one email before, but it was more about how I *thought* LOST was going to end, not how I wanted it to end. So I’ve been listening to lots of theory-podcasts lately, and have taken ideas from all of them to come up with an idea for how I *want* it to end.

There is an alternate timeline, but what we’ve been seeing for the past 5 seasons is actually a parallel timeline. The timeline split into two at the detonation of Jughead in 1977, “the incident”.

In the parallel timeline, the characters have lived out different lives, based on the choices they made post-1977. The main characters, Jack, Sawyer and Kate, somehow end up back on the island to help Jacob fight the war in 2007 (or whatever year it was supposed to be when we left off at the foot of the statue in Season 5). Each will have an heroic role to play in the war and, having experienced his redemption, Sawyer will die.

Jack and Kate will return to some kind of normal life within the parallel time line (not the one we’ve seen in seasons 1-5) after playing their part in the war. We will get the sense that their time is not yet concluded and that the island is not through with them yet. A decisive victory in the war will not be won but the “end” will be averted (think Lord of the Rings).

Desmond and Hurley are both “special” people, because they, like Matthew Abaddon, help people get where they need to be. We will not know what ultimately happens to them, but we will be left knowing that they will live on to help with the next big battle.

In the last scene we will see a future time, with Aaron, Charlie and Ji Yeon arriving on the island. Jacob and the man in black will be seen waiting for them on the shore, having the same conversation they were having in the Season 5 opener.

And having said that, I still don’t really want it to end!


I have several possiblt theories on how the show would end. Would you like one of all of them?

1. The Island is a rock or fragment from an Alien planet, which had advanced technology which they used electromagnetism. It landed on Eartth but in the sea, because it has the donkey wheel intact, the island is able to move around in space and time.

2. Jacob’s nemesis is actually the good guy, the show has actually manipulated us into thinking that White (Jacob) is the good guy. It’s possible that Jacob has killed his nemesis somewhere in time, and he’s a free spirit and therefore doesn’t have the capability of killing, only by manipulating a live person he is able to do that.

3. We find that what Jacob is doing in the season 5 finale is starting to change the past. From what we know happens to Kate during the clips at Comic Con it would make sense that Kate changing her ways from shoplifting actually made her a better person. Jacob is trying to course correct or manipulate the time-line for his own purpose and that is to rid the island of technology and especially Dharma.

4. We find that Jacob and his nemesis are from the future, maybe the last remnants of an apocalyptic destruction. They have time travelled all the way back in time to prevent the destruction by summoning key people for the purpose….. alternatively we find that Jacob and Nemesis are actually Aaron and Charlie Hume. They summon the losties because at some stage they had influenced their very own existence.

5. The ending thud says “FOUND” instead of “LOST”

They are the ones I can think of at the moment, I think I had a few more. But that’s it for now.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Everyone – Long time, no see 😦 Its been a bunch of months full of one computer disaster after another. It all ended well though – I just got my new computer yesterday . Its a 64 bit intel quad processor from Toshiba – a new Qosmio X505-Q880. I am in 7th heaven! I have a super awesome computer and a super awesome husband. Lost returns tonight. What else cold a woman want?

    Why am I posting though? During one of the periods my older computer was working this winter I wrote an entry for how I predict season 6 will end and thoughts about what I think will happen in season 6. It came back from the email postmaster as too much mail in the mailbox 3 times (shame on you, TLE, you are worse than I am ). It is okay as I enjoyed listening to the other theories and I already had the S5 blueray set.

    However, with Season 6 starting tonight, I really really wanted this to be posted somewhere ahead of time so just in case I got anything right I can show that I really did predict is ahead of time. I’d also be interested in anyone’s response here, to my ideas. It is long, so feel free to skim as much as you want. I hope you enjoy it.
    “Always in Peace” L

    PS – Your new map picture looks awesome! I can’t wait to get a good look at it.

    {Lost flashback music}

    Hi, TLE and Jeremy

    …. So here goes:

    Since every other Lost Premiere has aimed to confuse us by opening with new characters and in a place we are unfamiliar with, I think it is logical to assume that S6 will open the same way. We will open up with characters in LAX that look sort-of like the Losties we know but will their children, nieces and nephews, and other children we have seen on and off the island in the first 5 seasons. Or…. What I had originally thought until I had the title of the opening episode spoiled for me listening to an otherwise excellent podcast… that the premiere would open up with Aaron’s eye opening on the island.. Aaron being now a grown man. He will be on the island with new survivors who turn out to be (amoung others) Ji-Youn, Charlie Humes, Charlie Pace’s neice, Juliet’s nephew, Clementine, a baby of Juliet and Sawyers, Emma and her brother from the tailies would be returning to the island as would Walt. Also all other children of the island or Losties who we have either met or been introduced to.

    The story would then return to the Losties, probably through flashbacks by their grown children with issues of parental issues of their own. I have been relating Lost to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series since season 2. I have also posted since season 2 about mulitiple timelines and multi-verses for each of the Losties since season 2 – both multiple realities for the characters and multiple timelines with different Losties in different roles (torturerer, electronics wizard, runner, controller, manipulator, nurturer, single and pregnant, con artist, abused wife, abusive husband, etc, etc.etc)

    I predict Season 6 will play out one of several ways.

    1. The Losties will move to a new reality without memories of their adventures and lessons. The younger generation will end up S6 as the generation that gets it right or just gets started in their chance to prove that humanity is worth redeeming. They will manage to forgive their parents and let go of all their “parental issues” baggage.
    2. The Losties from both the 70s and current day will unite. Their memories will be intact of all that has gone before. Like the Dark Tower, the ending for all will not be the same. Some will “graduate” and go to a better place on the island (perhaps join the whisperers or Time Guardians); some will not find redemption and will be doomed to return to the island to start all over again (memories will fade but not die) and a select few will achieve immortality or at least redemption. I predict that here, Jacob will be reborn.

    Locke will be amoung those that must return to square one. Hurley, Rose and Bernard will be redeemed. I think Ben will likely be redeemed as well. I see Ben as the closest thing to a hero the Lost saga will know. There may be others who will find redemption, such as Miles, Daniel, Danielle, Alex, Tom, Juliet, James and Jin (less likely, Sun, although wherever Sun goes, Jin will chose to follow her). Maybe others. Maybe not. With the possible exception of Sun, those mentioned here will be in a better place in the game if they aren’t fully redeemable yet.

    Locke, Kate, Sayid, Niki, Paulo, and Micheal will not be redeemed and are doomed to repeat the cycle again sans memories.

    If the majority of the Losties are about to be redeemed, their children will arrive on the island to help them find redemption (Remember if even one person loves you…. ). Of course, the children could arrive to screw things up too.

    3. The Losties will reset but keep their memories. Juliet and Charlotte will be back way way into ancient days. The Losties from the seventies will move to the time shortly before the purge. Those in 2004 will stay there. The children will arrive (crash) on their own somewhere between 2020 and 2030. And thus it continues.

    4. The Losties will reset and not remember anything… or… the Losties will die in front of Richard Alpert (in the 70s and 2004). The journey of their children will be the focus of the season. We will deal with their parental baggage and their trials at the island. If the Losties reset, we will learn the remainder of their lives through the eyes of their children. If the Losties die then we will leave most of them and focus on the saga of the new generation, with the exception of…

    5. … Lost Lovers: We will learn of the saga of James and Juliet saga of lovers lost in time first hand. Less interesting but potent – the love saga of unrequited love through the centuries . The love saga of Jin and Sun would be great to experience first hand but will probably be seen through the resentful eyes of abandoned Ji-Yeon. Penny’s betrayal of Desmond will, thankfully, not be witnessed first hands, but through the eyes of the damaged Charlie Humes.) The story of Kate and Jack will die with them. The love story of Charlie and Claire…. Hmmm…. That could leave Aaron to follow in the steps of great legends. Wonder if he’ll find out he has a step brother somewhere named Moses.

    6. Smokey: I predict Smokey is composed of ideas becoming manifest. Smokey is universal chaos where all probabilities exist and from which we pick and choose (or are rejected/chosen?)

    7. Time : some special child will learn how to erase people and events with a pencil eraser and create with time with art (nodding to fans of an unnamed source so as not to spoil any new fans. Those who have read will know..)
    8. Ben: to paraphrase some article I read somewhere online, Ben will be the hero of Lost and one of the greatest heroes of television.

    9. Island Access. The island is has many portals – places where the curtain between worlds grows very thin. Stephen King calls them thinnies. There are many things thinnies have in common with noises and lights and transportation which we have witnessed on Lost – too many to go into now. Just let me say that one very frequently used portal is the woods just outside of Portland (get it, Portal – Port Land) and its Miteloss campsite, school and research facility. So, Ben was not lying when he said he was born on the island. His mother did die on the island. The Linus family didn’t know their hike in the woods went through the invisible portal. Portugal is another portal for those trying to reach other regions.

    How would I like Lost to end?

    The writers have said that there will be no question of Lost returning after the end, So the children of our Losties and their peers (led by Walt) will prove either Lost or his nemesis (Issac.. or the light of one generation to the next) right about humanity and is ends its only end. However..

    Stephen King wrote in his novel “the Dome” that Lost will be replaced by a series called “The Hunted” after Lost ends. Who are the hunted? The “others” as they move from time and place to time and place, sort of like Dr Who upgraded from phone booth to Mayan/Egyptian temple. ???

    Other series that would be great:

    1. Dharmaville: the saga of a love beyond the grips of time and space: the story of James and Juliette – the ex con who is head of security married to the lovely doctor mechanic (a woman mechanic in the seventies was extremely unique.) who were brought by a skip of fate from 2007 to 1976 on an island outside of time/space. The challenges they face and overcome show us weekly that only fools are bound by time and space. The show offers great comedic relief and moments of deep insight by 3 friends who travel with James and Juliette. Hurley, Miles and Jin. Also featured are Dharmaville’s elected leader: a stoned out idealest, Horace, and his nasty unfaithful exwife Amy, the biting wit of James jealous assistant, Phil; an evil absentminded genius named Razinsky, a benevolent and earnest absent minded genius, Daniel (also from 2007) and a regular everyday genius named Pierre, plus an alcoholic father and his unhappy son,Ben, fill out the regular cast members of this award winning weekly comedy drama that people enjoy just because it is enjoyable.

    2. New Otherton: the comedy show that knows no bounderies. In a community beyond time and space where there can only be one leader, Ben and John are always in competition for that role. They try all kinds of unique ways to outdue the other in the eyes of the mysterious ageless Advisor. Their actions range from feigning assistance to evil deceptions to taking turns possessing one body. Ben and John, the odd couple that will have you laughing your way to health every week on abc.
    3. The Rose and Bernard show : a couple retires on a not quite private island with their faithful dog. Through memories and in situations with strangers who pass by, lots of warm fuzzies are abundant for all to share.

    wow, my hand is tired! that’s it. Looking forward to listening to the rest of your podcast and to your next podcast with all the season six ideas. Most of all, I’m can’t wait for LOST!

    • Lucy,
      I am so so sorry I did not get this sooner. I am not sure what happened. I will definitely get your theory on the podcast. Your new computer sounds awesome by the way.

  2. They are all dead: The island is Purgatory – they will relive aspects of their sins until they get it right, achieving redemption.

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