All About Lost Eps 6.05

In 6.05 Lighthouse we reflect on mirrors, Wallace, why Jack is cranky and other mysteries. Please tune in for our recap, analysis and Jeremy's theory of the week.

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O’l Blue Eyes

What do Frank Sinatra and David Shephard have in common?  They both have blue eyes and are musicians.  Well David is a musician and Frank is no longer with us.  Anyway in this totally random post, I discuss how David got his blue eyes.  Being a man of science and faith I must investigate.

On my long long Metro ride home, I was thinking whether we could eliminate the possibilities of who David’s mom was just by using genetics.  Someone mentioned in Lostpedia that the only way to get blue eyes was to have a blue eyed parent.  But it turns out that eye genetics are more complicated than that.

This site shows how someone who has two parents with brown eyes could have a child with blue eyes.  The trick is to have a least one parent with the recessive gene for blue eyes as shown in this diagram.

Believe it or not there is a website I found that could tell us the probablility of what eye color Jack’s son might have given a certain set of parents and grandparents.  I just need the eye colors of the following people related to Jack and his possible spouse.

Jack’s dad and mom.  Spouse’s dad and mom
Jack’s.  Spouse’s

But after reading this thread on the Fuselage I realized you can’t trust the eye colors at all on this show.  Guess what, their eye colors are changing from one scene to the next and are sometimes different colors on the promotional posters.  So I am foiled again.  Why do I even try to contend with the Lost writers?

Anyway it might be fun for you to check out the probability of your kids or yourself getting a certain color.  Just go here and play around with the inputs.  It’s kind of fun.

I have blue eyes btw.  Must mean I am swedish or something.

LOST 6.05 Lighthouse

Jack wants to break something

Jack eyes something to break

This was a Jack centric episode and the companion to Season 1’s White Rabbit.  In that episode Jack was told by his father that “he just didn’t have what it takes”…. “when you fail and you will fail, well, you just don’t have what it takes”.  This has haunted Jack his entire life.  Jack always wants to fix things to show his father he does have what it takes.  He led the Losties off the island to show he could do it, but even after accomplishing this he felt “broken” and he himself needed the island to “fix” him.  At least that was his hope.  But now after his failure to change history by exploding the bomb in the Incident, Jack is an empty shell.  He didn’t even save Sayid from dying.  His faith in others is tested when he is asked to kill Sayid and his love Kate goes after his rival Sawyer.

On the Island:

Hurley is told by Jacob to go with Jack to the Lighthouse in order to bring someone to the island.  Who that someone might be is a mystery.  The last time a ship came it was bringing people sent there by Charles Widmore including Daniel Faraday.  Is it Widmore coming to the island?  He may know where it is if Faraday could have given him a message when he returned to Ann Arbor in 1977, but then the island changed again at the time of Incident.  Could it be the parents of the Losties coming to find their children?  I guess I really don’t know who it will be.

The second mystery surrounds Claire.  She has become a mirror image of Roseau who lost her child and spent many years searching for Alex (her baby) on the island.  Claire has spent 3 years doing this while at the same time trying to avoid the Temple Others who she thinks are her enemies.  What is really strange is that it was Claire who seemingly abandoned Aaron which forced Kate to take him off the island when she left.  Claire has been living mostly alone but has a friend.  She has been shot and had to do her own medical surgeries. But above all else she obsessed with finding Aaron and blames the Others.  She captures Jin and that other guy.  Jin tells her the truth (that Kate has him) but when she kills the Other, Jin changes his story.  And its a good thing because Claire would kill Kate if the story were true.  Claire’s friend comes to make a visit.  It’s UnLocke, which is ironic because the real Locke famously made a crib for Claire in Season 1.  But  then again Locke (who I think may have been UnLocke) was mad when Claire had Aaron baptized in Season 2 and beat up Charlie.

The Mirror shows the past present or what might beThe third mystery is the Lighthouse.  By the way, did you notice that mirrors are factoring in to every episode this season?  Each time a character looks in the mirror he remembers something about his time on the island.  Jack remembers his appendectomy scar from where Juliet operated on him.  Two weeks ago, Kate remembered Aaron’s toy Orca after standing by a mirror.  In LOTR the Mirror showed viewers events in the past, present, or future. But Jack smashes the mirror because he does not want to be left in the dark by Jacob, also Jack is prone to react when he should think (according to Sawyer).

Off the Island:

The big reveal was that Jack has a son named David.  (For you Bible students, King David had a son who is called the Good Shepherd by the way).  But the son and father don’t see each other very much.  In fact, Jack can’t remember the last time he saw his son play the piano which he excels at.  Jack has been seen playing the piano also.  First at his wedding to Sarah and then on the island when Kate tries to free him from capture in Otherville.  His son visits him once a month, but on this occasion David is upset after just hearing the news about his grandfathers death in Sydney.  He runs away from Jack to play in a recital.  Jack meets our Temple friend Dogen in one of Lost’s famous “crossovers”.  Jack also met Desmond in an LA crossover in season 2.

David explains that he did not want Jack to see him fail to which Jack responds he just wants to be part of his son’s life – failure or not.  In fact Jack says, the son can’t fail because he will always be proud of him no matter what.  Of course we were all waiting patiently to see who David’s mother was.  There may have been some clues at David’s house, but I was not able to pick up on any.  Next I thought we would see her at the recital.  No luck there either.  I guess we will have to wait.

Who will David’s mom and Jack’s one-time spouse be?  There are only two real choices I can propose.  It’s either Sarah, the woman he married and divorced, or Kate the woman he proposed to.  I guess you could throw in Juliet, but that’s not likely.  Of course I favor the Kate idea.  I have thought from early on that Kate and Jack had some sort of connection even before they crashed on the island.  Plus Kate is a brunette and so is David.  Yes I am grasping for an answer, why does Lost always make us wait?

Things I noticed:

The Lighthouse reminded me of the Beacons in LOTR.  In the LOTR movie and book the beacons summoned an army used to defeat the evil forces.

Jack saw a church.  Was that Eloise’s church where the Lamppost station is located?  Does the Lighthouse connect to the Lamppost some way?

I thought the Lighthouse was a place that Jacob may have used and that the Caves are where UnLocke lives.  Unlocke probably copied the names from the Lighthouse and wrote them in the cave (including the numbers and the cross outs).  When you think of Light being Jacob and Dark being Locke this makes sense.

In truely Lost fashion we have a chance to find out answers, but a character ruins it for us.  Jack smashes the mirror and all I could think of was “turn it to the other numbers, so we can see what the mirror shows us”!

Please write down your ideas in the comments below or send them to me at “”.

All About Lost Eps 6.04

From Jacob's cave I recap and discuss LOST 6.04 The Substitute. I
discuss whether Mib is lying, Sawyer's possible long con, and what has
changed Locke's fortunes in the new reality. Note the unintentional
"cave" sound effects disappear at about minute five. Audio intro part is a little better.

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ALL About Lost Eps 6.04

From Jacob's cave I recap and discuss LOST 6.04 The Substitute. I discuss whether Mib is lying, Sawyer's possible long con, and what has changed Locke's fortunes in the new reality. Note the unintentional "cave" sound effects disappear at about minute five.

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LOST – The Numbers in Season 6

I love numbers. In my real life job I get to crunch numbers a lot, which to me is much more enjoyable than going to meetings.

So here we are in Season 6.  The Numbers in LOST are a bit of an enigma.  Why do 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 keep showing up on and off the island?  Why those particular numbers?  Do they really bring luck or are they just a curse as old Hurley used to think.

Now in Season 6 we get our first real glimpse at the numbers again.  This time they are part of a huge list of numbers which are joined together with names from people who have been to the island.  If the person has died, that name and number are crossed off the “list” so to speak.

Here is a list of Name-Numbers from this awesome website. Thanks buzmeg for finding it.

The Numbers as displayed in cave:





4 Locke

8 Reyes

10 Mattingley

15 Ford

16 Jarrah

20 Rousseau

23 Shephard

25 Reynolds

29 Brennan


42 Kwon

55 Burke

64 Goldstein

90 Troupe

115 Bargas

119 Almieda


161 Faraday

171 Straume

175 Costa

195 Pace


222 O’Toole

226 Carlyle

232 Aguila

233 Jones

272 Kalingo

285 Je(…)

291 Domengo

301 Mars

313 Littleton

317 Cunningham

321 Fernandez

335 Hen(…)

396 Grant

The list of names include many of the characters we have seen in Seasons 1-6.  But why are some of the names crossed out of people who aren’t dead and why are some names missing?  One obvious explanation for the missing names is that the cave goes much deeper than we can see, so the names are there but we have not found them.  But what about the dead who should not be dead.

Dead who aren’t dead (maybe)

Littleton – Claire perhaps or Aaron.  Claire could have died when her house was exploded in Season 4.  Aaron was last seen alive in Season 5 but that was “weeks” ago.  Could he be dead now?  Did we just see Aaron on the island when he confronted the MIB not to kill Sawyer?

Straume – Miles.  Miles is still alive and kicking.  In fact he was last headed for the food court at the Temple.  His parents names are Chang, so they don’t count.  Could his name be crossed out for another reason?

Sayid – He is dead, but alive again.  Although he may not be the same Sayid we once knew for much longer.

Missing names:

Austin – Kate.  Kate was one of the people Jacob touched and is considered a candidate (at least in my book).  Where is her name?  My theory is that the cave names are not Jacob’s list of names at all, in fact the cave names were written by MIB.  Kate’s name is left out because MIB wants to recruit Sawyer as his replacement (or substitute) so he can go home. If Kate’s name were there Sawyer wouldn’t buy into the lie that he should leave the island.  Sawyer would want to stay for Kate.

Artz, Frogurt, etc.  – If the names in the cave have been crossed out by MIB, then he might not know about certain people who died when Smokey was not around to witness the deaths.  Remember that Nikki who was on the cave list as the “crossed out” Fernandez.  She died when a spider was summoned by Mib/Smokey to sting her.  But Artz died when handling explosives and Frogurt died by flaming arrow.  Neither time was Smokey near by.

Eko is missing but we are not sure Tunde is his real last name or just an alias.

The Numbers:

The Valenzetti Equation

A more difficult question is why certain names are connected to certain familiar numbers.  Jack is associated with 23 which may signify Psalm 23 and the Lord is my Shepherd.  Other than that one I can’t really find a good association for the rest of the numbers.  Eko’s stick had other bible verses (than Psalm 23) so maybe you can find the association.

The one thing we do know is the Numbers are the constants in front of the variables associated with the Valenzetti equation.  If by nature or scientific experiment, those constants are changed, the world can be saved from destruction.  Is that why see alternate realities of our LOST characters.  By changing something they have done in the past to a new reality the LOSTIES can save the world, thereby saving themselves?

LOST 6.04 The Substitute

This episode of LOST was about moving on with your life.  For Locke it was about giving up his dreams of a future where he could walk again, for Sawyer it meant leaving behind Juliet and the island.

This is a perfect companion to Season One’s famous episode Walkabout.  That was the first time we saw John Locke in a wheelchair.  He planned his trip on the walkabout only to see it dashed in Australia where his paralyzed legs caused the tour guide to leave him behind.  He wasn’t ready to accept his fate, so he screamed “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”.

He begins to relive that experience after he gets back from his failed trip.  He gets fired from the box company where he works because he lies to his boss (he said he was attending a conference in Australia).  His frustration causes him to lash out at a man who parks to close to his wheelchair enabled vehicle.  That man is none other than the owner of the company.  A very confident and kind Hugo Reyes.

Locke returns home to Helen.  I was so happy to see Locke with Helen.  That was really a pleasant surprise.  Helen tells him that he should consider calling Dr. Shephard because it may not be a coincidence that a spinal surgeon was on the plane and offered a free consult.  Locke tries to call him but doesn’t.  Instead he tells Helen it’s time he moved on with his life and she should leave if she expects him to be able to walk again.  But Helen is a good woman and loves Locke for who he is and demonstrates it by tearing up Dr. Shephard’s business card.  Locke finally accepts his fate as paralyzed because he found someone to love him just the way he was.  He wanted to find someone in his life like this all this time and it sent him to try and find that love with his con man father, and in a commune, and by trying to get the respect of Jack, and the rest of the survivors.

Locke becomes a substitute teacher (hence the episode title) after talking to Rose who works for Hugo as a recruiter (interesting occupation as Locke is trying to recruit people in the other timeline). She has to convince Locke to accept his fate, as she has with her illness.  She gives him the job of substitute teacher and on his first day he coaches girls volleyball and teaches a science lesson, before he meets Ben Linus in the teacher’s lounge where they meet on friendly terms.

Things I noticed:

  • Hugo’s luck holds out when Locke’s wheelchair lift does not strike his car.
  • We see Ben making coffee in the teacher’s lounge.  If you remember there was a picture that Miles had in Season 4 of Ben that looked like he was near a coffee machine (wearing a vest like a teacher might wear).
  • Locke was the first number in the series (4).  On the ceiling of the cave we saw Locke, Reyes, Kwon (not sure if its Jin or Sun or both since they are married, which makes them one), Ford (aka Sawyer), Jarrah, and Shephard.  Kate is missing.  Was she crossed off perhaps?  Anyway each name corresponded to one of the Numbers: We have 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42; so there should be 6 names (like in the Oceanic 6).  Of course 108 is also possibly one of the Numbers, as is 815 and 316, so I guess there is room for a few more names.
  • Was the mystery boy Jacob?  And who’s body was he borrowing, Aaron’s perhaps?
  • Richard knows that MIB’s plan is kill everyone on the island.  But first MIB/Locke will try to gain recruits to help him in his plot.  His first recruit appears to be Sawyer. But Sawyer is smart and I am guessing is playing along for now.  But if Sawyer really does want to leave the island so badly (just like Juliet did) he may actually find himself on Locke’s side at some point.
  • Locke, the man of faith, becomes Locke, the man of science.  First by not believing that Dr. Shephard could be on his plane by fate/destiny, and second, by becoming a science teacher.  He teaches sexual reproduction which is ironic due to all the issues with pregnancy on the island.
  • Illana knows a lot.  Like for instance the MIB Locke Monster is now stuck with Locke’s image.  He can’t change into someone else (like he used to when he was Yemmi or Alex).

Overall I liked this episode quite a lot.  It’s one of the best of Lost.  Stayed tuned for our podcast this weekend and please let us know what you think and any cool things you noticed or theories about this episode.  Here is a question to consider.  Is Locke Monster telling the truth when he said Jacob brought them there to use them to protect the island?  Is this a half truth perhaps?  TLE