LOST 6.01 LA X Parts 1 & 2

Okay it’s been 24 hours since the show so here is my recap from memory, and then my thoughts about LA X the Season 6 premiere of LOST:


The TV screen is all white (which ties into last years finale ending when Juliet detonated the bomb).  The camera pans back and Jack is looking at the clouds outside the window of a jet plane.  We are thinking, “it worked” he is on Oceanic 815 and the lives of the Oceanic passengers have reset to before the plane crash on the island.  It must of worked really well because the same events are repeating (but not exactly in the same way).  Cindy the flight attendant gives Jack his drink, but the dialog is a bit different and Jack spills his drink.  The plane shakes a bit (because it’s near the island), but this time it does not crash.  And we see why.  A long crane (overhead God’s eye view) shows that the island is underwater.  And it’s recently underwater because Dharma village is still there (including the swing set where Annie and Ben used to meet).

I assume it’s underwater due to the Incident.  But maybe not (Darlton interview). When Juliet detonated the bomb she caused the island to sink. Now the electromagnetic properties can’t bring flight 815 down and cause it to crash.  So they just fly over it.

But…. after the commercial, we are back on the island.  We see Kate’s eye.  She is up a tree (Evie Lilly) loves to climb trees.  She has that ringing in her ears (I can relate) from the detonation of the bomb, aka the Incident.  She finds Miles and then the door to the swan hatch, which is weird because there was no Swan hatch side door in 1977.   She then finds Jack and Sawyer unconscious lying on the ground, she hesitates but decides to help Jack first.  They are all still alive, including Juliet who is buried under the wreckage inside the bomb crater.  Sawyer gets to her and before she dies she says she needs to tell him something important.  It takes Miles’ ghostbusting powers to determine she said “It worked” meaning that things have been reset.  Does this mean there are two versions of our characters operating at the same time in different years?

Back on the plane.  Jack is called to rescue a man knocked out in the bathroom.  It’s Charlie who has swallowed a bag of heroin.  Kate is a fugitive, but the events with the marshall seem different.  Does the marshall order coffee?  Did Kate tell him about Ray’s reward money?  Sawyer is there too, and warns Hurley not to brag about his lottery winnings because he might be conned. Hurley’s not worried because he is always “lucky”.  Locke and Boone talk about the walkabout that John was on.  And Boone says he left Shannon behind in Australia.

They leave the plane and Jack is told his father’s body is missing.  The coffin was not loaded onto the plane.  So the body must still be in Australia.  But is Jack’s dad alive or dead there?  Jack thinks he’s dead because he wanted to have the burial as soon after the plane landed as possible.  Kate uses a pen to unlock the handcuffs (not likely in my opinion) then takes down a federal marshall (also not likely).  Although you can see why the marshall once said that Kate was dangerous and not to believe her.  She runs into Sawyer in the elevator and he helps her escape from the cops.  She ends up in a cab with a pregnant Claire (probably on her way to sign the adoption papers for the soon to be delivered Aaron).

So back on the island.  Sawyer wants to kill Jack because his “reset” plan did not work and Juliet is dead.  Hurley gets a visit from Jacob who tells him he “died” an hour ago. So are we now in 2007?   Juliet is buried and Miles “reads her” thoughts at death.  But Sayid is taken to the Temple for healing (although he is dead too) per Jacobs instructions.  At the Temple wall they lower Sayid inside the hole were Montand was captured by Smokey.  They find Montand dead and missing an arm.  Kate finds matches to light a fire and disappears.  Jack goes after her, but now everyone else is gone too.  Finally Jack is captured by the Temple gaurds and they are all dragged to the Temple to meet their punishment by a mix of Others.  There is some American accent guy, Cindy, Zack and Emma, and a bunch of Oriental speaking folks.

They Losties talk them out of killing them when Hurley mentions Jacob’s name and shows him the Ankh he has inside the guitar case (no one could have guessed that).  The Ankh is snapped in two by the Oriental leader who finds a “list” of names that Jacob has left for him.  The list has the name’s of all of Jack’s group including the dead Sayid.  They take Sayid into the Temple for his resurrection.  Sayid is submerged in the Temple pool, but is not resuscitated.  Jack is distraught because his entire plan has seemingly failed, Juliet and Sayid are dead and Sawyer blames him for the tragedy.  But then Sayid comes to life and we know that Jack’s plan has worked, but in another timeline’s alternate reality.

Meet the Locke Monster

Finally, Ben realizes he was used by MIB to kill Jacob.  He is directed by MIB (in the guise of Locke) to get Richard, but RA shows him Locke’s dead body outside the Temple.  Ben lies and says Jacob is just fine so Brahm goes to investigate and is killed by the Smoke monster even though he keeps him away for awhile by a ring of ash.  Ben survives the Smokey onslaught and notices that Locke has disappeared.  He realizes that Locke and Smokey are one in the same.  Welcome to the Locke Monster.  The Locke Monster takes a bit of tapestry from the Statue and heads outside.  He is very disappointed in the Jacob followers and then storms out into the jungle dragging Richard Alpert with him.


I loved the line that Bernie tells Rosie…  “Next time I will hold it”;  instead of going to the bathroom during turbulence.

What was Desmond doing on the flight?  He was supposed to be on an around the world boat race.  How did he suddenly disappear?  We do know that with time travel the “rules” don’t apply to Des.

How did Kate find the swan hatch door in 1977 when it wasn’t built until after the Incident?

Did Charlie want to die by swallowing the heroin?  He tells Jack he was supposed to die (just like Desmond told him back in Season 3).

Was Locke lying about the walkabout?  I mean he couldn’t walk.

Neil Frogurt was great playing the annoying guy waiting in line for the cabs at the airport.

Why didn’t they take Juliet to be healed at the Temple?  I thought the Temple set was awesome by the way.

Jacob’s list is the true list.  I am thinking the previous lists were drafted by someone else, probably MIB.

Ben was probably resurrected the same way that Sayid was resurrected.  The procedure (or ritual) reminded me of how Ed Harris was restored to a new creature after drowning in The Abyss movie (with a little touch of the creepy Pet Sematary thrown in).

We got a hint last Season that Fake Locke was Smokey when he disappeared just a minute before Ben was judged by Smokey.  So MIB = Smokey = Fake Locke = Yemmi = Dead Alex and probably a few other unburied dead people.  It’s a good thing Juliet is buried.

Who are these Oriental people?  My guess is that they appeared on the island before the Black Rock landed there.  And that when Locke Monster mentioned seeing Richard in chains, he saw him on the Black Rock slave ship.

So we will have two timelines to follow this season.  An island timeline with our characters having experienced the events on and off the island;  and our LA X characters who seem to have missed the maturing the island has brought them.  The producers call these alternate realities the Flash-Sideways.

Jeremy has some great comments for the podcast, so please tune in for those.

Please join us on the All About Lost podcast this weekend.  Send in your comments and questions (which you can leave below this post) and we will answer them “on air”.

14 Responses

  1. Desmond’s race started 3 years before the plane crash. It is very possible that he finished the race already.

    Kate didn’t find the hatch in 1977. The castaways were transported to 2007 when the bomb went off. Also the hatch was created before The Incident because we saw them etch the Numbers on to it.

  2. Hey Justin,
    Excellent comment about Desmond having finished the race. You are right.

    Sorry, I meant to say the Swan “exit” door. You know the one where Faraday met Desmond last season. I think that door being in existence and Jacob’s appearance to Hurley seals the fact they are now in 2007 after the Incident.

  3. Also, both groups saw the firework that was set off.

  4. I don’t know if Desmond finished the boat race. After all he didn’t recognize Jack from the training he did in the stadium. My guess is he didn’t go on the race because there was no Widmore to push him into the race.

    The other thing that sealed the time jump to 2007, was the fact Jacob said he died just an hour ago to Hurley.

  5. I don’t think Juliet’s “It worked” comment meant that the reset per se worked as she just finished saying that it did not work because they were still on the island.

    I think she meant that Sawyer truly loved her, as evidenced by the passion in his kiss. That was her “real” motivation behind the reset, to rid herself of the pain of losing Sawyer to Kate.

  6. How can it be a flash-sideways, when they aren’t even on the same year in time. It would work if this flight is actaully flight 815 in 2007.

  7. Yes. I wonder if that is possible. I mean could it be 2007 on the flight they are on? Do we even know that they are on flight 815? Locke said he did do the walkabout already. Maybe he wasn’t lying. Time for me to study Lostpedia and see what other folks are saying / theorizing.

  8. I did not read the theories on Lostpedia. All I had to do was read the first paragraph of the post comparing the two timelines. It mentions that neither the flight number nor the date have been identified. Please tune into the All About Lost podcast this weekend because I have a good theory as to what has happened. If you want to know my theory sooner than that please send an email to my email account.

  9. I did hear something about numbers changing, so if the variables have changed it’s possible the constants have changed. I haven’t noticed any of the old numbers popping up anyway this time around. We have to look out for numbers, and see if we can’t tally what the numbers will be, before they are officially revealed.

  10. The thing that strikes me is that obviously Richard knew about the Monster’s existence but NOT that it was Man in Black but the Temple people were freaked when they heard Jacob was dead and immediately went to defensive mode and knew about “Him”. (Is Smokie the him Kelvin was asking about?).

    The Temple guys “Kung-Fu” and “Lennon” talk about Jacob like he comes over for tea all the time so there seems to be some disconnect between their relationship with Jacob and Richard’s.

    Also do Jacob and MIB on the island mirroring the two men that pushed the button in the Hatch have significance? Was the Hatch a smaller version of events that would take place if MIB gets to go home? Does that end the universe?

    • Ryan

      Yes, they knew that once Jacob was dead that Smokey, who looks like Locke, (but the Temple folks may not know that) would be coming to kill them. They started throwing a ring of ash all around the Temple as protection.

      Jacob comes over for tea, and must protect them (but how). Does he have the ability to change into White Smoke and battle the Black Smoke? Or maybe he’s just a giant vacuum cleaner like the Oreck XL. 🙂

      I believe that Kelvin was looking for a replacement to push the button and he “hired” Desmond to do the job. Des was looking for “him” too and Locke took over as replacement. I wonder if Smokey has been wanting to replace Jacob as well, but not to push the button. Smokey Locke wants to be leader of the island. And watch it, he doesn’t care too much for us flawed humans. TLE

  11. Here is JayJay’s take on the episode:
    Did the Nuclear explosion create a hole in the island to make it sink? Is the Island Atlantis, which was theorized be lots of people? Was that a Dharma shark near the statues’ foot?

    What are Desmond’s circumstances that lead him to the Oceanic 815? Would Widmore be an influence on his life now that the island is destroyed in 1977, then there would be no Penny. No boat race to get him to the island. That’s why he didn’t recognize Jack. Jack has experienced some kind of dejavu, consciousness download. Why did he have that scar on his neck? Is Demond still unique, or was it the electromagnetism that gave him that ability.

    Hurely doesn’t like blood but did well with Sayid bleeding. It was a priceless scene when Hurley was approached by Jacob and he yelled, I know how to use a gun, and struggled to cock it correctly. Locke did go on a walk-about, or was he lying? The irony of Boone talking to Locke about not being able to survive 2 days without a cell phone. But he did last longer.

    It was MIB in the cabin, surrounded by ash to stop smokey from releasing him. MIB likes sourvenirs, as he also took another piece of tapestry from Jacob.

    He stuck the other one in the cabin, which Ilana found. We see this as Bram attempts to surround himself with ash, and what happens in the temple.

    If Dharma had known about the ash they wouldn’t have needed a sonic fence. But how was Smokey able to roam around the temple so free, in season 5 with the french team?

    Why is Ben the voice of the people. Jacob submitted to the knifing, just like Obi Wan submitted to Darth Vader, but Obi Wan became stronger than he would know.

    Jacob doesn’t answer Hurley’s questions , just like the producers don’t answer our questions, but try to avoid it all together. Jacob died 1 hour ago, that means Jack’s plan transported them to 2007. So Jin can be reunited with Sun at some point. But the hatch implosion looks different to season 3 and season 5 craters, so I’m convinced this crater is caused by Juliet detonation, because even the construction materials being sucked down the hatch are intact.

    There must be a mobious strip playing out, as there are mirroring scenarios, like Jack saving Charlie again in an alternate time line. Also the characters meeting again, like on the island.

    I never noticed it in season 5 finale, but what goes around comes around. Sayid shoots Ben, so Ben’s father shoots Sayid, and then the same circumstances happen, where he is healed in the temple.

    The end scene of part 1 felt like the feeling you have when you come home, when being away for a while. My thoughts are this will be the finale scene.

    Locke didn’t go to the toiler throughout the trip. Which is 20+ hour trip. No one knew he was a cripple. When I saw Locke & Jack together for the first I time, I thought about Jack fixing Locke.

    I’m thinking there are multiple time lines, and Jacob/Island’s purpose is to eliminate too many. Jack’s explosion eliminated one possible time line by sinking the island.

    I wonder if Christian Shepherd got flashed off the plane, with Locke’s knifes.

    It’s funny how Jack still wears the jumpsuit throughout while the others remove it.

    When Kate goes to the toilet, I’m suprised that the marshall didn’t suspect anything as he didn’t hear pee. And I thought toilet doors opening inwards, as she kicked the door outwards and hit the marshall.

    Are the hostiles, pirates? They look like it. Is the spring in the temple, a spring for everlasting life, like Shangri La. Sayid experiences a baptism.

    We know why Locke was the choosen one, as he was the only one that wanted to stay on the island.

    MIB want’s to go home. I wonder where that is exactly? Back in time?

    MIB seems to know Richard’s history, maybe a slave from the black rock.

    Sawyer got over Juliet quickly, as he comes to in the temple.

    I noticed many instances where the person asked a question and the question which the recipient thought it was, wasn’t referring to the actually even that were so obivous. Like when MIB asked Ben about someone being killed, Ben thought he was talking about Jacob, but MIb was referring to Locke.

    Juliet says it works. But did she conscious skip just before she died and didn’t tell Sawyer, and why is it that Mile’s resisted to tell Sawyer, the news wasn’t that bad.

    Jack says nothing is irreversible. He’s right, if he’s able to achieve the full reset.

    My prediction is Ben will Kill MIB. As he was able to do the same with Jacob.

    When UnLocke comes out of the foot. Richard yells don’t shoot him. Why? They had all the guns cocked and raised ready to shoot, but didn’t do anything, as he still kicked Richard silly. I find that weird and disturbing.

    This must be the war that is coming, the MIB against the island.

    Also the LOST closing screen has reverted back to black.


  12. Hey Jermey and TLE

    So we are here at the beginning of the end of Lost, it has been a good run but I hope that the writers and producers finally give us the answers that we want. The premiere did give some answers about what happened after the bomb went off. They are in the present now and it looks like that TLE’s theory about Kate being on the island maybe correct. However what will happen about the two different timelines if they will covverge at some point? That will be something compelling. The flash sideways are a good way to rediscover the characters although the question as to what year they are in is up in the air for now I guess. It was finally good to see the temple after waiting 3 seasons for it and it presented more insights into what the others did not Ben when he was a child as well as Sayeed. Also it was good to get answers about Smokey/Jacob’s nemesis/Man in Black, I believe that its home is Ancient Egypt as the symbols beneath the temple would suggest> Finally I do hope that there is a way for Jacob to come back from the dead as it would be nice to get some more answers about him.

    My rating for this episode is 9.8


  13. Another thing. Are the two worlds exactly the same up until the incident and then diverge or does time fracture further back? If the Flashies don’t flash around in time or the 316’s don’t go back in time does that mean that time travel happens in one world and not the other? Just a thought but then it gets too confusing.

    As for the island I think that maybe the incident happened and there was a button to push there as well but it just wasn’t as powerful a reaction. At some point the button wasn’t pushed and the island sank. I don’t think it happened in 1977.

    As for the MIB, Jacon and cabin. That was Jacob’s cabin at one point. Ilana confirmed this and Jacob’s knife was there. Someone else was using it. That being Christian. The Jacob we briefly see in ‘The Man Behind The Curtain’ and later that Hurley sees seems more like MIB than Jacob but if the ash is protective then why would MIB needed protection from Smokie is he is and always was him?

    Is it possible that wasn’t Jacob but MIB trapped and that Smokie was a seperate entity or MIB’s body but without it’s mind?

    Richard obviously knows about Smokie but not that it’s also MIB. Does that mean that it wasn’t always? People think that MIB is also Christian but Hurley saw the “Jacob” figure and Christian at the same time so how can they be the same entity? Possible but there’s nothing to confirm that is the case. Then there is the mobisode set before the shows begins where Christian calls Jack his son. If he isn’t the real Christian why lie to a dog? So until otherwise I have to assume that Christian is the real deal.

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