Hey Everyone,

The cone of silence is finally lifted and I can now peak out from my cocoon to revisit the wonderful place known as the internet.  We watched the premiere last night and thouroughly enjoyed it.  The recap episode was one of if not the Best.  I especially liked how they framed the themes of fate, free choice and the human spirit near the end as huge aspects of the show we love.

I will have my recap and analysis up by tonight, Lord willing.  In the meantime please leave your comments below and let us know what you thought of the episode “LA X Part 1 & 2” in the comments section or via email at “”tlepodcast@gmail.com””.

And you can also answer today’s poll question if you would please.

2 Responses

  1. Hey TLE when will the podcast be avaiable? We get it here on Friday evening but I would like to send something in probably on Saturday afternoon, morning your time. So I was just wondring what day you plan on recording?



  2. Jamie
    It won’t be recorded before Saturday afternoon Eastern Time so please send in those comments. TLE

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