All About Lost Eps 6.01

Neither rain or sleet or the biggest snow fall in decades could stop our podcast of LA X, the final season's premiere episode. We try and figure out what's up with all the new timelines and I get to play a B-52 song (Locke Monster aka Rock Lobster).

MP3 File

3 Responses

  1. if you’re going to rummage the internet for fan theories check out ours:

    • Thanks, I liked the part about Sayid becoming ageless like Richard Alpert. I had never even considered that one. Do you have a twitter account? It’s easier to follow so I know when your blog gets updated. TLE

  2. thanks for replying, I was being semi serious, I just love your guys podcast but sure my twitter: @silverlake2soho

    keep up the great work!

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