LOST 6.03 What Kate Does

“What Kate Does” is Run! Except when it comes to helping Claire deliver Aaron. That’s just about the one thing that keeps her from moving.

This episode was somewhat short on plot so I think I will just focus on the characters:


He is brought back to life by his immersion in the dirty stream, which could have allusions to the fountain of youth but in my mind its more like Pet Sematary where the dead return but somehow have become infected with evil intentions. In the end, they regret being reborn in this way and end up killing (or trying to kill) the ones who refused to let them die. The temple folks do a test on Sayid by applying a covering of ash to his body and then electrocuting him. Poor Sayid he is always getting tortured by someone, first it was Rosseau then that Iraqi woman’s husband and now this. The temple folk determine he is infected with a darkness that will slowly make its way to his heart, so they tell Jack to give him a pill.


He refuses to give Sayid the pill unless he knows what is in it. Well, I guess the “man of faith” is back on hold for a while. So in typical Jack fashion he “reacts” as Sawyer would say and takes the pill himself. The temple guy Dogen has to apply the Heimlich maneuver on him, but I guess he swallowed the pill anyway, which by the way was poison. They need to get rid of Sayid but he has to take the pill voluntarily (why, I have no idea!). Maybe this ties into the scene where Richard refused to shoot the MIB-Locke-Monster. If you shoot the “infected” ones, they replicate or something, maybe? Anyway Jack admits that he did not fix Sayid, and so Sayid owes his life to Temple folk meaning I supposed that he will follow them (like he followed Ben after he saved his life from Nadia’s assassin). Jack tells Kate to be careful, but Kate is more interested in following Sawyer.


He refuses to be held by the Temple folk and makes his escape. Even though they told him he should not leave (because the Smoke monster is out there). He is followed by Kate, who tells Jack and Jin that she is just going to bring him back (which is untrue). He makes his way to Dharmaville leaving behind a fake trail so no one follows him. But Kate is a tracker and has seen fake trails before (in Season 3 Naomi left a fake trail). He finds his old house and buried in the floor boards is a box with his keepsakes. Kate finds him and is embarrassed to see him in there crying. He tells her its his fault Juliet died because he would not let her leave on the sub to go home, because he did not want to be left alone on the island. But he is really putting himself down needlessly, because Juliet could have left anytime on her own and obviously wanted to stay with Sawyer. He tells Kate he was going to ask Juliet to marry him and he had an engagement ring hidden in that box of keepsakes. But with Kate sitting down next to him he throws the ring away and says some people were just meant to be alone.


She is the focus of the story so we see her on and off the island. On the island she pretends to follow Saywer to bring him back to the Temple because “she can be very convincing when she has to be”. Instead her and JIn are escorted by two of the Temple guards including a certain Aldo guy. Kate does not recognize him (or pretends to not) and when he tells her the story of how she rifle butted him, she knocks Aldo down again and uses a trap set not by Rousseau to knock down the other guard. She finds Sawyer in Dharamaville and tells him she is after Claire. She (like Jack) wants to set things straight and she is hoping Sawyer will help her find Claire so she can be reunited with Aaron (Kate took Aaron off the island and Claire was left behind). Sawyer is not interested in any of this. When he tells about the ring he got for Juliet Kate eyes it carefully, expecting or hoping that someone will give her a ring (Jack did in Season 4, but their engagement ended due to her doing a secret errand for Sawyer and Jack’s addiction problems). Instead Sawyer throws the ring into the lagoon, just like Desmond did in the episode Flashes Before Your Eyes. Kate is heartbroken. But Sawyer act is not very surprising, he has been with Juliet for three years. Juliet stayed with him and Kate left him, what does she expect to happen? Besides it was Kate who talked Juliet into coming back to the island when they had left on the submarine together in the Season 5 finale.
Off the island we see Kate escaping the airport when she finds herself in Claire’s cab. She pushes Claire out at some point, but takes her luggage. She meets some mechanic who inexplicably helps Kate for no clear reason. Well maybe there is a reason but they certainly dance around it. After he breaks her handcuffs, Kate opens the luggage on realizes that Claire was pregnant and she now has all her possessions including her money. So feeling guilty, she finds Claire and returns the luggage and offers her a ride.


She accepts Kate’s offer reluctantly (I mean she was holding her at gunpoint!). And they go to the house of the adoptive parents, who stood Claire up at the airport. Maybe that’s why Claire was sitting so long in the cab that the driver fell asleep. They get to a very nice house in an affluent neighborhood and open the door to find a surprised and distraught woman. The woman’s husband left her for reasons unknown and was so upset she couldn’t bring herself to let Claire know which led Claire to fly from Australia seemingly for now reason. The woman can not go through with the adoption which upsets Claire and starts her contractions. Kate rushes her to the hospital. The presiding OBGYN is none other than Ethan Rom, who was a doctor on the island, but was killed by Claire’s boyfriend Charlie after he abducted Claire for fertility experiments. He tells her he does not want to shoot her with needles unnecessarily (which is an inside joke, because that is what he did to her on the island). He treats Claire and then the police show up looking for Joan Hart, which was an alias Kate used when on the run back in Season 1, I think. Claire lies and says Kate’s gone but she knows not where. Kate thanks her and says Claire should keep Aaron (clearly Kate has a soft spot for this kid). Claire gives her a credit card and Kate leaves.
But on the island, we learn something disturbing about Claire, she too must have been treated in the Temple (after she died, which we did not get to see). However when she woke up after Sawyer found her in the ruins of her burning house, she also seemed a bit like Sayid. Unaware that is of what had just happened. Dogen the leader of the Temple people said what could happen to Sayid heart (i.e turning dark) is what did happen to Jack’s sister. Just then we see Jin’s temple guards being shot by an unknown assailant, who turns out be creepy Claire. LOST.


  • How did Dogen know who Jack was and that he had a sister (Claire). No one knows that except Kate. Did Christian Shepherd bring Claire there to the Temple and if so, why were Christian and Claire in Jacob’s cabin later?
  • What caused the “infection” to occur. Is it the muddy water?   The Temple people would not risk the “infection” unless Jacob told them it was important that Sayid live. Did Jacob know this was going to happen to Sayid and it needs to happen anyway for events to unfold according to his plan?
  • Will Sayid try to kill Jack for bring him back from the dead? Was Rousseau talking about this exact sickness when referring to Robert (who she ended up shooting last season) when he tried to fool her into dropping her weapon? But then she was able to kill him, but Richard was not able to let anyone shoot Locke.
  • Will Kate end up delivering Claire’s baby off island, just like she did on island? Will Kate run back to Jack (it’s whiplash time again, my neck is already starting to hurt)?

9 Responses

  1. Someone came up with a great theory on the spring inside the temple, and said it contains the essence of the islands most powerful being. Who at the time Ben was healed, was Jacob. Then when Jacob was killed, MIB became the one in charge, so the waters became murky, and containing the essense of MIB. Once the healed recipient is healed they become a disciple of the one in charge. So Ben became a servant of Jacob and now looks like Sayid will be a servant of MIB. Ironically, it is the disciple who is able to act as the loophole and kill the one in charge like Ben did with Jacob. So Jacob’s plan is to have Sayid kill MIB, as this is the only way it can happen.

  2. Here’s a theory. I believe Cuse and Lindeloff are fans of All About Lost, and wanted to give Jeremy another reason to not like Kate by bringing back Aldo. It was interesting to hear Aldo give Kate a piece of his mind about their last encounter. Too bad it ended badly for Aldo again.

    As for the “sickness”, it looks like Rousseau wasn’t as crazy as thought before. So Sayid will get the sickness, but for what purpose. The temple people want him dead, but Jacob clearly said Sayid had to live. So where does Sayid fit into this war web?

  3. Did you pick up on the shout-out to the AllAboutLost podcast during the episode? Not only was Aldo present, but he even said the words “Prison Break”. How awesome, the writters are listening and reading these blog pages.

  4. What I got from it is that maybe Rousseau was the infected on after all and not her team-mates. She was the one infected who wents nuts and her team knowing she was infected was trying to kill her because they thought it might be contagious. The infected person thinks that everyone else but them is infected.

    Sure it was cold of Robert to want to shoot her and the baby but it if was infected as well he would feel justified. This also ties in with the Others wanting both Rousseau and her child dead just the Dogen wants Sayid dead for the same reason.

  5. Ryan, I’ve been thinking that from the very beginning. But the question is, how she contracted it? Because I thought Sayid contracted it from the dirty spring. Although Sayid did make contact with Rousseau, so he could have caught it from her, that means everyone on the island is at risk.

  6. Did anyone get the point of why Dogen needed an interpreter? Because he didn’t want to be blamed for bad decisions. Is that why Richard needs Ben? Or why Jacob needs Richard. These advisors are being manipulated or being puppets by the man behind the curtain. My question is, who is the man behind Damon & Carlton?

  7. It’s amazing how much Stephen King’s stories, especially The Dark Tower series, keep popping up in lost. In the series – mostly in “The Wolves of Callah” but it is also in other books of the saga, we have alternate or parallel worlds – sideways flashes – that connect a man and his son with the last name of Hogan in their world. The elder Hogan writes a book about some incident and it ends up in a rare book shop in another universe (might be ours or one very close to ours) under the name of Dogan. I don’t want to spoil anything about the series, but this man was good and evil and had secret control of a robotic character that spied on everyone in the callah. Thus, Hogan/Dogan knew much of what was going on and reported it to the man in black so certain events that repeated in a cycle could happen most efficiently. He of course was well rewarded and lived to regret it. I won’t say anything more about the repeating events but they involve twins.

    There are also pools of mystical water in the series. In these pools live these spirits that you can capture and have under your control for a time but they will turn on you often as not. Roland goes to one with his ka-tet. These spirit beings want a body really bad. They are really into sex and I guess bodies are better than just mist for that. They devine the future, but often in riddles. They are immortal. One nymph that Roland needs info from gets into the body of the female member of his ka-tet (group) where she (the spirit named Mia) gives birth to a very interesting boy creature. Won’t say more. You have to read ithe series. –

    The biggest connection are to physical dogans. They are monitors very much like the ones Ben used through the island – groups of them all focused on various places, secretly spying. Some major characters in the story created dogans of the mind in which they were able to communicate with people they needed to or were able to stop or start or controle events. Some saw the screens as TV and others as monitors but it was really a special gift.

    I have predicted Claire as an alternate Danielle back in season 2. There were just too many similarities. I predict grown up Aaron (who died briefly in both worlds before being born when Claire was 8 months pregnant) will show up on the island with a group of either scientists, mercenaries, or crash survivors (probably airplane crash survivors all related to our Losties, now children but then adults) and refer to Claire as that “crazy Austrailian chick” who had her baby “stolen” on the island and has been alone ever since, living wild. We will see each stereotype represented by our Losties and our Others.

    A quick change of subject: I strongly disagree with you about Kate on the pier with Sawyer. It started when she confronted her mom in the restaurant with Cassidy and was really strong with Jack when she came to “rescue” him the night before he was was to go home (with Juliet, no less). I think it totally and completely hit home and changed her completely. She is the fixer – she feels that people need her to rescue them or complete them, but only ruins it for them. Like her mom said (and Jacob) we each have the right to our choices and Kate had no right to rescue or change anyone. Though he beat her, Diane loved Wayne. Jack did not want her to come back and had his own plan that she ruined (like when she followed him and she got held as ransom by Tom). I think this time she sees how she was not only not needed to fix things, but in trying to take away the free choices of others, she completely devastated Sawyer and killed Juliet. She cried the tears of the truely broken – the person at rock bottom, who now can begin to right her own life and clean up her own mess, instead of ignoring the messes she made cleaning things for others that did not need to be cleaned. It is back to free will again.


    Give Peace a Chance

    • Hey there Lucy
      I was just printing out the comments for the podcast and Boom your comment just showed up. I think your analysis of Kate’s motivations are really pretty good. Evie just said in an interview that Kate is done with both Jack and Sawyer, so your comment that she is going to begin righting her own life is spot on.

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