All About Lost Eps 6.03

In this All About Lost we discuss the return of Aldo, the pill, Kate, Zombie Sayid, and Creepy "Feral" Claire. Please listen in as we recap, share our thoughts and theories on What Kate Does.

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  1. If we are to have the answers to what actually happened to Claire or Sayid, we need to ask Miles. Remember back in season 4 when her house got shot by an RPG, she said “my heads ringing, but I’ll live”, then Miles looked at her strangely and said “are you sure about that”. And I remember when Sayid died from the springs and Hurley made a comment to the dead Sayid, and Miles stared at him strangely. He even did the same in this episode. So I think Miles knows something.

  2. As to the question why they can’t kill Sayid by shooting him in the head. The same thing will happen to Sayid as it did to Michael. The gun will jam or the bullet will bounce of the skull. I truly think that to kill someone, it has to be a free-will decision. Ben’s decision to kill Jacob was based on a decision, and to have Sayid take the pill will also be a decision of free-will.

    • I have to listen to the mp3 yet – I’m excited to be able to download it now, I just wanted to quickly insert here that, without going into details to avoid any hint of spoiling anyone, Jack’s position on the Lost supper paintings isn’t the only one worth identifying. Sayid’s is very significant and it fits in with the whole Lost theme so well. Infact it might be a major part of the journey. He is also one of the small number who keep the same position in both paintings.

      Kate’s position changes, and the two positions are very interesting and wierd, especially in the one where she is sitting between Sayid and Locke.

      Making a choice where so much depends on a set of circumstances unfolding in a certain order is very tricky to understand. I can completely wrap my head around the parallel realities – I believe in their existence. It is very hard for me to wrap my head around the story this picture tells about all the key players, just as the Abraham, Issac and Jacob stories. I find these very real dramas too difficult to comprehend in any kind of totality.

      Instant Kharma is going to get you.

  3. Funny. The Instant Kharma is going to get you. That’s a quote from a John Lennon song. And since Lennon is one of our characters and Lucy in the Swan with Dharma is like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, we are really making a lot of connections here.

    The one thing I read (but don’t remember where exactly) is that Sayid is in Judas’ place. Will he betray Jack or maybe Ben (since he was in league with him and never really “paid” him back for convincing him to kill all those people?

    • I haven’t heard the rumor, but in both pictures, Sayid is sitting in the seat Judas was portrayed in. Another funny thing about the picture (if Judas isn’t a spoiler, than this isn’t either, I hope), but Kate (of all people) is sitting in the seat of Jesus’ beloved. Whether that is John, as traditionally assumed, or Mary Magdalen who is now being explored, seeing Kate there looking so sour is really jarring. Kate is sitting in the seat of Jesus’ beloved, but she seems to be attached to Sawyer. at least in one. I want Sawyer to be loyal to Juliet and reunite with her, but that is just the romantic part of me.

      There are 2 extra deciples in this picture. They look like Sawyer and Jadk.

      I keep remembering the dream of the airport that Boone (in some form) took Locke to. Hurley was the the person that you got your tickets from. Jin and Sun were speaking Korean and arguing, but Sayid who was next to them apparently had the situation in hand.” Claire is with Charlie and Aaron. They are all happy. Kate is in the boarding line with Sawyer behind her and they are smiling at each other. Jack is in front of Kate, and is being scanned and zapped by Ben, who is at the boarding gate. Oh, and Des is not with Penny but with 3 stewardesses. He is dressed as a pilot. I wonder if that is how the game will end or how it began?

      I think a lot is coming together, and not just through Beatle songs. I really think we saw scenes of Ethan and Claire – some of them at least. I wonder how many things we screamed discrepancy are going on here.

      I have a theory I am developing. It is too early to share. But I think that not only are we seeing separate realities, but we are seeing several separate versions of each of our characters. Will let you know when I have identified more.

      All you need is Love

  4. Hi Lucy
    Goo Goo Ga Joob

    I agree on your take about the false discrepancies. The writers are so intentional about things they do in each episode. I remember the dream Claire had of Claire and Ethan sitting together on the log outside the medical hatch. It so reminded me of Sawyer watching Kate helping Claire birth Aaron.

    On the dream thing. I am not sure how to read Locke’s dream. It was cool seeing Des with the flight attendants because that was so much outside his character. Now on the plane in the new reality he is wearing a ring, but who is he married to?

    Apparently the two new timelines we see this year are happening simultaneously and one timeline can change the other.

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