LOST 6.05 Lighthouse

Jack wants to break something

Jack eyes something to break

This was a Jack centric episode and the companion to Season 1’s White Rabbit.  In that episode Jack was told by his father that “he just didn’t have what it takes”…. “when you fail and you will fail, well, you just don’t have what it takes”.  This has haunted Jack his entire life.  Jack always wants to fix things to show his father he does have what it takes.  He led the Losties off the island to show he could do it, but even after accomplishing this he felt “broken” and he himself needed the island to “fix” him.  At least that was his hope.  But now after his failure to change history by exploding the bomb in the Incident, Jack is an empty shell.  He didn’t even save Sayid from dying.  His faith in others is tested when he is asked to kill Sayid and his love Kate goes after his rival Sawyer.

On the Island:

Hurley is told by Jacob to go with Jack to the Lighthouse in order to bring someone to the island.  Who that someone might be is a mystery.  The last time a ship came it was bringing people sent there by Charles Widmore including Daniel Faraday.  Is it Widmore coming to the island?  He may know where it is if Faraday could have given him a message when he returned to Ann Arbor in 1977, but then the island changed again at the time of Incident.  Could it be the parents of the Losties coming to find their children?  I guess I really don’t know who it will be.

The second mystery surrounds Claire.  She has become a mirror image of Roseau who lost her child and spent many years searching for Alex (her baby) on the island.  Claire has spent 3 years doing this while at the same time trying to avoid the Temple Others who she thinks are her enemies.  What is really strange is that it was Claire who seemingly abandoned Aaron which forced Kate to take him off the island when she left.  Claire has been living mostly alone but has a friend.  She has been shot and had to do her own medical surgeries. But above all else she obsessed with finding Aaron and blames the Others.  She captures Jin and that other guy.  Jin tells her the truth (that Kate has him) but when she kills the Other, Jin changes his story.  And its a good thing because Claire would kill Kate if the story were true.  Claire’s friend comes to make a visit.  It’s UnLocke, which is ironic because the real Locke famously made a crib for Claire in Season 1.  But  then again Locke (who I think may have been UnLocke) was mad when Claire had Aaron baptized in Season 2 and beat up Charlie.

The Mirror shows the past present or what might beThe third mystery is the Lighthouse.  By the way, did you notice that mirrors are factoring in to every episode this season?  Each time a character looks in the mirror he remembers something about his time on the island.  Jack remembers his appendectomy scar from where Juliet operated on him.  Two weeks ago, Kate remembered Aaron’s toy Orca after standing by a mirror.  In LOTR the Mirror showed viewers events in the past, present, or future. But Jack smashes the mirror because he does not want to be left in the dark by Jacob, also Jack is prone to react when he should think (according to Sawyer).

Off the Island:

The big reveal was that Jack has a son named David.  (For you Bible students, King David had a son who is called the Good Shepherd by the way).  But the son and father don’t see each other very much.  In fact, Jack can’t remember the last time he saw his son play the piano which he excels at.  Jack has been seen playing the piano also.  First at his wedding to Sarah and then on the island when Kate tries to free him from capture in Otherville.  His son visits him once a month, but on this occasion David is upset after just hearing the news about his grandfathers death in Sydney.  He runs away from Jack to play in a recital.  Jack meets our Temple friend Dogen in one of Lost’s famous “crossovers”.  Jack also met Desmond in an LA crossover in season 2.

David explains that he did not want Jack to see him fail to which Jack responds he just wants to be part of his son’s life – failure or not.  In fact Jack says, the son can’t fail because he will always be proud of him no matter what.  Of course we were all waiting patiently to see who David’s mother was.  There may have been some clues at David’s house, but I was not able to pick up on any.  Next I thought we would see her at the recital.  No luck there either.  I guess we will have to wait.

Who will David’s mom and Jack’s one-time spouse be?  There are only two real choices I can propose.  It’s either Sarah, the woman he married and divorced, or Kate the woman he proposed to.  I guess you could throw in Juliet, but that’s not likely.  Of course I favor the Kate idea.  I have thought from early on that Kate and Jack had some sort of connection even before they crashed on the island.  Plus Kate is a brunette and so is David.  Yes I am grasping for an answer, why does Lost always make us wait?

Things I noticed:

The Lighthouse reminded me of the Beacons in LOTR.  In the LOTR movie and book the beacons summoned an army used to defeat the evil forces.

Jack saw a church.  Was that Eloise’s church where the Lamppost station is located?  Does the Lighthouse connect to the Lamppost some way?

I thought the Lighthouse was a place that Jacob may have used and that the Caves are where UnLocke lives.  Unlocke probably copied the names from the Lighthouse and wrote them in the cave (including the numbers and the cross outs).  When you think of Light being Jacob and Dark being Locke this makes sense.

In truely Lost fashion we have a chance to find out answers, but a character ruins it for us.  Jack smashes the mirror and all I could think of was “turn it to the other numbers, so we can see what the mirror shows us”!

Please write down your ideas in the comments below or send them to me at “tlepodcast@gmail.com”.

41 Responses

  1. I noticed that the degree that Hurley wanted jack to turn the mirrors to was 108. Obviously matching the time limit of the button pushing back at the hatch in season 2. Luckily with my dvr I was able to replay this seen to notice that the last name at 108 on this timetable was Wallace. I wish I could answer who that is. But I honestly either forget or had too many beers today to recall. Sorry. Anyway. I would love to hear back on a Wallace theory. Bc I’m sure that was the name at 108.

    • Of all the names that are listed in the caves, we don’t see any above 360. So does each degree respresent a number and a person?

    • Wallace. Never heard of him. Except for Wallace and Gromit, my favorite animated scientist. http://www.wallaceandgromit.com/

    • Oh, I just thought of a Wallace theory. Remember that Faraday was the son of Hawking and Widmore and yet his name is Faraday. Could he be using another alias this time as Wallace? Could it be that Faraday is coming back to the island and Jacob is leading him there through the lighthouse?

  2. Having not watched the episode yet. I love your take on the lighthouse being Jacob’s and MIB is the cave. I originally thought the caves was a conference room where they would have meetings about the next recruits. But I do love theory of it being MIB’s, and that he was crossing off the names of those who would not cooperate with him. That would explain why Kate isn’t listed because she’s already working for MIB, as she keeps on spoiling Jack’s/Locke’s/Sawyer’s plans.

    Anyone have any ideas on how Saywer and UnLocke are able to climb back up the cliffs when the rope ladder broke? Is there a rear entrance to the caves, if so, why not take that route?

    • Good question, Jay Jay.. Maybe Sawyer didn’t make it up. We haven’t seen him since he was in the cave, have we?

      Mirrors and water reflections have been used alot in Lost since Charlie went thru the looking glass, like Alice (as both David and Aaron learned from Jack). Have no memory of any Wallace in the story. I like the options listed here.

      I still say the Dark Tower figures way up there, especially the temple corridor with the doors to different realities and the light house with its ability to tune in to many places and times.

  3. The name was Wallace, but we’ve never seen a character who has that last name…

    …that we know of.

  4. The Lighthouse wheel shows #51 as Austen.

    • Sawyers number was 15 and Kate’s 51. Coincidence, I think not. The good news is that her name is not crossed out. Good news for some but not for Juliet I guess.

  5. Initial thoughts:
    Can’t wait for the Claire vs. Kate “cat-fight”
    Jack, Did your father ever mention a Claire Littleton?
    Jack’s ex-wife’s house number is “23 or 23?″
    A match made in heaven or maybe hell: Not-Locke and Not-Claire as best friends.

  6. I’ve seen the episode now.

    Jacob mentions to Hurley about getting someone to the island, is it the same way the blackrock got to the island and also Oceanic 815?

    What if David is MIB?

    Justin says Claire’s going to kill us both, he doesn’t know that Claire wasn’t going to kill Jin. It’s the same excuse Richard gives to Sawyer about MIB killing everyone on the island. Ben said the mercenaries sent by Widmore would kill everyone on the island. What is this thing about killing everyone on the island? The purge was a type of mass killing.

    What if Jacob wanted Jack to get to the lighthouse to destroy it so MIB couldn’t use it to summon poeople.

    Claire says “This is not John, this is my friend”. This reminds my of the the old testament reference to Jehovah, as he’s referred to as “I AM”. Ceasar and Bram would always use that term “my friend” when speaking to people.

  7. I forgot about a few other candidates for David’s mom (his ex wife). Jack met an Italian woman when he did surgery on her father; he met Anna Lucia at the airport bar prior to takeoff; and of course we can’t forget Bai Ling from Stranger in a Strange Land. Boy would that be funny if (for a joke) they revealed it to be her. Maybe they could put that one in the blooper reel.

  8. William Wallace was the famous Scotsman from Braveheart who fought to set his people free. Could this be an homage to our favorite Scot on the show…DESMOND.

    • Whoever she is, she has to have blue eyes. The boy has brilliant blue eyes. Since blue eyes are recessive, at least one parent needs to have them. Since Jack does not, the mother must have the blue eyes. That rules out Kate. I can’at remember the others. I think that Sarah has blue eyes, but the fact that they are hiding her identity, kind of makes that unlikely.

      My guess would be Libby – Her husband was named David in the previous reality, so why not her son in this one? I can’t remember her eye color though, although it doesn’t really have to be the same in both worlds, or does it?

      Juliet murmered something about getting coffee to James. Maybe in this world they will meet like Des and Libby did before – I just hope that Juliet gets to him before Sawyer gets in any deeper with Unlocke. However, in the enhanced show at 8 pm, the official comment is that Sawyer is Locke’s firsts recruit, 😦

      And the most brilliant blue eyes are Charlotte’s and Juliet’s. I sure hope she never marries Jack. Actually, I think Juliet is the 3rd player on the island – the woman goddess of fertility and all that is female.

    • I was thinking about the blue eyes on my long train ride home tonight. Here is a comment from Lostpedia theories page for David:
      David has blue eyes. Since the blue eye allele is recessive, the only way to have a blue eyed child is if the father and the mother both give blue alleles. Jack has a brown allele (from mom) and a blue allele (from dad, Christian), and since Juliet has blue eyes, that means she has blue blue. Therefore Jack can only have a blue eyed child if his wife was blue eyed. This rules out Sarah who has brown eyes and Kate who has green eyes.
      This sounds right to me, although I last took Biology in 12th grade.

      However according to http://www.sciencekidsathome.com/science_topics/genetics-a.html it’s also possible for two parents with brown eyes to have a 25% chance of having a child with blue eyes if both parents have the recessive gene for blue eyes.

      Who out there knows the definitive answer to the blue eyed mystery?

    • LISS,
      In may haste come up with a theory of who Wallace might be I totally forgot about Desmond. He is probably the guy because the number associated with his name was 108 and Desmond had to push the button every 108 minutes. Also a lighthouse exists to direct boats. Who sails a boat… Desmond. The only problems are why would Desmond come back to the island? And why is his name (aka Wallace) crossed off Jacob’s list?

  9. If Dogen is off island in Jack’s flash sideways, and living in 2004, does this dispell the theory that he is OLD OLD? Some say’s he’s from the black rock. So if he’s in the real world he would be a fairly new recruit from the 70’s

    • I don’t think that is necessarily the case. If the island drowned in the seventies, 80s or 90s, he could have gotten out into Jack’s world and had a son. I don’t know if he is married now or not, but there is time for that too.

      I kept expecting to see young Daniel Faraday at that piano audition. That would be an awesome 3 way connection.

    • Yes, thanks. I saw that last night during the show. Even alien beings love Lost. How great is that!

  10. OK, My husband and I just rewatched last night’s episode. When Kate is at the brook and almost shoots Jack by mistake, she seemed a bit Claire-like to me last night. Tonight, in addition, to super happy la la la Kate laughing “Hey Jack I almost shot you” like a happy little girl, I heard a distinct rattle like sound – as in rattle snake- as in smoke monster. Someone please check this out and tell me I’m not going Claire-loopy myself.

  11. Hey
    What do you all think of Hurley’s comment that the skeleton’s in the cave could be Losties? Are the powers that be trying to fake us out into thinking he is right or wrong or about his guess? If they are not people we know, then who can they be?

  12. I rewatched Lighthouse just now. A couple of things:

    1.) When Jack is in David’s room at his Mom’s house, there’s a picture over his shoulder that looks like Kate.

    2.) The key to David’s mom’s house is under a rabbit. An homage to “White Rabbit”, Jack’s season 1 centric episode?

    3.) The lighthouse mirrors show a pagoda (Dogen’s home?) a church (which I am almost sure is the one where Sawyer’s parents’ funeral was) and Jack’s house.

    • I think the pagoda image was the place where Jacob touched Jin and Sun after their marriage ceremony.

    • My thought was that the pagoda referred to Dogen also. But is his name on the wheel? I don’t know.

      Kate in the picture, awesome, I need to check that out.

      Yes and the rabbit also refers to Through the Looking Glass (Alice in Wonderland also).

  13. Hey TLE, we finally have a character whose initials match the Drive Shaft ring of Dexter Stratton. Wouldn’t that be something if jack’s son was Charlie’s great great grandfather. I am also hopeful now for a tie in with Geronimo JackSon, now that Jack’s son is shown to be a mucisian. Thought it was an excellent episode. Loved the lighthouse mirror and creepy, axe murderer Claire. Think you are spot on about the cave being Flocke’s lair and lighthouse being Jacob’s. Think that Flocke found that one piece of chalk in a dark cave floor very easily. Very interesting post, thought you have a good point about David shepard’ blue eyes. Juliet seems like a popular choice for his mom, but my genetic lottery money is on a blue eyed Jacob being Jack’s real daddy (might explain christian’s Aussie affair). Take it easy.

    • Cool catch Mr. Badd. So David Shephard and Drive Shaft and Dexter Stratton all share common initials. Yes it would be cool if he is in the chain of Shephard’s, so to speak.

      Juliet is a popular choice but I can’t believe she would leave Sawyer for Jack when she knows Jack loves Kate. Very soap opera-ish I know. I love going against everyone’s main theory anyway. My research (all 20 minutes of it) shows that you don’t need blue eyes to have blue eyed kids. So I am feeling better about the mom being someone else.

  14. Theory:

    The normal timeline that we know is one created by influences by both Jacob and MIB. MIB is the darkness that takes advantage of people’s weakness. He revels in creating weakness.

    The other timeline is the one that only has Jacob’s influence which is one that let’s people find themselves and reinforces strength.

    If it was all Jacob’s way the island would be finished as would his job and the world would be saved. MIB’s way in the regular timeline will end with the destruction of everything.

    • Ryan,
      Neat idea you have. So MIB’s timeline will end with the island underwater and MIB will be finished and done? Sounds good to me.

      I also like it that off the island Jacob has the influence and things go better for the Losties there without MIB to mess things up.

      Somehow I think your theory is even deeper than that, but I can’t quite grasp it. It reminds me of the final days on earth when all evil will be put into captivity and all that is left will be good (at least for a while).

  15. My candidate for the next dead character on LOST is A-Hole Jack for smashing the mirrors. Lighten up Dude. He asks Hurley questions that no mere mortal could possibly answer after he did his “smashing mirrors” act.

    Hurley called Randy a douche in the off-island timeline. Now he should call Dr. Daddy Jack a bigger douche in the on-island timeline.

    • Even though I generally think Jack is a good character for all he tries to do for the survivors, this particular eps made me angry at Jack also. But now that I have had a chance to think about it consider:
      Jack thinks Hurley really is crazy (some guy named Jacob told him to come to the lighthouse because “he has what it takes”, and then Jacob doesn’t show up?
      Jack seems overwrought from our perspective because we know that Jacob really exists. But Jack has never had a real conversation with him like Hurley did.

      But I really was annoyed (and still am) that he smashed a significant clue in the compass wheel with the names and numbers. I mean if he took but a second to look, he would have seen names of all the people he knew. Even he would have to admit something is up with that! Jacob or not.

      The good news is I think Jack has finally had his rebellious spirit broken. The scene where he stares into the ocean is a first for Jack. He did it to console the other characters each time, but never did it all alone. He is thinking things over for a change. Maybe he is done reacting and will start now absorbing what is going on and consider what the island can offer him (beyond fixing things that he thinks are broken).

  16. I have some experience with the blue eyed gene info. Not from school (except for Lost University, I can’t remember anything I learned in school. But that was the time when there were so many fun ways to forget

    However, I do have some insight based on my family and my ex’s family. On my side, my maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother have blue eyes. My grandmother had blonde hair and my grandfather had light brown. Both my parents have brown eyes and dark reddish brown hair. My brother has brown eyes and red hair (what’s left :p) I have blonde hair and hazel eyes (greenish, grayish, amberish ).

    My first husband hasbrown hair and blue eyes. Our son has brown hair and violet blue eyes to die for. Our beautiful daughter has blonde hair and gray-blue eyes.

    My ex had one parent w/ brown eyes/blondish hair and one with blue eyes and brown hair. They had 4 children – 2 boys and 2 girls. One boy (my ex) has brown hair and blue eyes. His older sister had brown hair and brown eyes. His younger sister has blonde hair and blue eyes. His brother has blonde hair and brown eyes. Talk about textbook genetics

    Sorry for all the off topic stuff.

    Claire’s “baby” was so freaky. Shades of Rosemary’s Baby. no? What a call back to Claire’s nightmare is S1, though, when John had one black and one white eye (don’t worry, no genetics discussion again 😉 and when Claire reached in the crib for the baby she found a bloody pile of who knows what. She had blood all over her hands – like Lady MacBeth and our Lost island boy,

    Kate is 51 and Sawyer is 15. Hopefully their numbers will cancel each other out,. Juliet is 55. I still think she is the female part of Smokey’s 3 aspects. Did anyone see anyone else that we know is a woman with 5s in their name – or the lack of 5. Do Jacob, MIB and what I predict is the female/fertility head part of the Island, have a different set of number? If so who had 4,8,15,16,23,42

    I remember that someone in some episode let themselves and a friend into another person’s home by looking under a white rabbit statue, Does anyone remember this and who it was?

    TLE, I agree. I think the lighthouse is reminiscent of LOTR, but even more so of the Dark Tower (hate to sound like a broken record). It is also a call out, I think, to Wizard of Oz (wicked witch watching what Dorothy et al were doing through the hour glass, and of course, the story of Alice that is so prevelent in all of Jack’s episodes (and Charlie’s).

    like Anna – in peace always

    • The Wizard of Oz tower was the coolest thing to watch on TV when I was a kid. They only showed the movie around Easter time where I lived and I really looked forward to it. Oh Ee Oh, Ee Oh. That ‘s what the tower guards used to chant.

  17. More and more I think Jacob is acting like a real smart ass? The way her smirked when Hurley talked about if Jacob wanted Jack to break the mirrors. Poor Hurley. Just like Ms. Klugh, Jacob used him to get to someone else he wanted.

    And Room 23 .. what does that say about Jacob? Who brainwashes people like that? What conceit.

    When Ben ordered Juliette branded was it like the way Sayid and Claire were branded in the temple – a mark of Cain or a mark of smokey’s infection?
    * * * * *
    Doesn’t anyone agree with my thoughts about Kate acting like Claire and the rattle snake sound around her now?

  18. Hi TLE and Jeremy just a quick translation of what Dogen said to Hurley. I have to protect all of you, but you are lucky this time I will spare you, normally I would cut your throat.

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