O’l Blue Eyes

What do Frank Sinatra and David Shephard have in common?  They both have blue eyes and are musicians.  Well David is a musician and Frank is no longer with us.  Anyway in this totally random post, I discuss how David got his blue eyes.  Being a man of science and faith I must investigate.

On my long long Metro ride home, I was thinking whether we could eliminate the possibilities of who David’s mom was just by using genetics.  Someone mentioned in Lostpedia that the only way to get blue eyes was to have a blue eyed parent.  But it turns out that eye genetics are more complicated than that.

This site shows how someone who has two parents with brown eyes could have a child with blue eyes.  The trick is to have a least one parent with the recessive gene for blue eyes as shown in this diagram.

Believe it or not there is a website I found that could tell us the probablility of what eye color Jack’s son might have given a certain set of parents and grandparents.  I just need the eye colors of the following people related to Jack and his possible spouse.

Jack’s dad and mom.  Spouse’s dad and mom
Jack’s.  Spouse’s

But after reading this thread on the Fuselage I realized you can’t trust the eye colors at all on this show.  Guess what, their eye colors are changing from one scene to the next and are sometimes different colors on the promotional posters.  So I am foiled again.  Why do I even try to contend with the Lost writers?

Anyway it might be fun for you to check out the probability of your kids or yourself getting a certain color.  Just go here and play around with the inputs.  It’s kind of fun.

I have blue eyes btw.  Must mean I am swedish or something.

3 Responses

  1. When’s the podcast coming?

  2. It’s ready for Download and/or listening now.

  3. Listening now, thanks!

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