All About Lost Eps 6.05

In 6.05 Lighthouse we reflect on mirrors, Wallace, why Jack is cranky and other mysteries. Please tune in for our recap, analysis and Jeremy's theory of the week.

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  1. This is a link to LostPedia music from the show page.

    I just realized I confused two things. Jack did play at the piano at his Dharma house, but it was not the same song that his son plays at the recital.

    That song was played by Faraday when his Mom (Eloise) tells him he needs to give up piano to study science. Faraday says he can do both.

  2. TLE, check out the 25:34 mark of the episode for the picture that looks like Kate. It’s the one about shoulder height behind Jack as he peers over the answering machine.

    There are a few other pictures that depict women on the wall there, one of which has 2 blonde women (near the top).

    Now, whether any of these are David’s mother, or supposed to be anyone in parictular, remains to be seen.

    • I checked it out. Thanks for the link. The pictures are a bit blurry and so I can’t tell who it is exactly. May be Kate, but maybe not. Kate must be a few years younger than Jack. If David is 12 then he would have been born in 1992. If Kate was born in 1977 she would be 15 in 1992. That seems a bit young. However John Locke’s mom was 15 when she had John.

      I wonder if the father could be Tom Brennon, Kate’s old flame and Jack adopted him. Seems unlikely as the kid looks just like Jack.

  3. It can’t be Kate, why wouldn’t they say anything when Kate came out of the rest room on the plane and took his pen. But then again it would explain why Kate looked at Jack so weirdly when driving away in the cab. There’s definitely some inconsistencies.

  4. I am confused. Why are people looking for a different father for David? It goes back to KISS – isn’t it easier and more likely that Kate was not David’s mother than that Jack isn’t his father.

    Given that the music was the music Faraday played as a child I wouldn’t be surprised at a Faraday connection – his mother as young Ellie or maybe his girlfriend/lab assistant. Charlotte had brilliant blue eyes, too.

    I always loved the annotated Alice. It does seem to be the story (stories) associated with Jack’s episodes and I bet we could find a number of Jack related answers in it. I always loved the white queen who ran out of breath runining in place as fast as she could just to stay in place. And she said OW! before she pricked her finger to get it all over with. The idea of a living chess game in which the players didn’t know they were in a game always fascinated me. Although Alice knew she kept forgetting and a number of characters seemed to be totally unaware of the checkerboard squares.

  5. Oh yeah, that’s right there is the chess game in Alice. I really like how the writers keep referring to chess throughout the series and how each character is making a move. It looks like now the characters are lining up behind the black side (Locke) and the light side (Jacob). Jack is a bit of wild card because he does not really trust Jacob but he sees that he now has a destiny on the island. I am looking forward to seeing what move Jack makes next.

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