LOST 6.06 Sundown

Sayid takes the forefront in this episode.  To Dogen he tells him “I am a good man” and to his brother Omar he says “I am longer a torturer”.  But in this episode he is tested both on the island and off, and in the test of good over evil, evil was allowed to endure, at least for now.

Off Island

Sayid has flown from Sydney to LA to visit Nadia.  But now she has two children, a son and a daughter.  Sayid brings her flowers which surprises her husband Omer, Nadia’s brother.  Sayid says that for 12 years he has been trying to forget the evil deeds he has done in his past.  He brings his niece and nephew boomerangs as presents.  Boomerangs are lethal weapons which as you know are built to return to the one who uses them.  For Sayid has always believed he must be punished for the hurt he has caused others.  Only Nadia has believed that Sayid is truly a good man, and that is why Sayid has loved her practically his whole life.  But she is married to someone else.  In fact she tells us the Sayid pushed her to marry Omer.  And the reason Sayid says is that he never felt worthy of her, he never deserved her love.

Omer approaches Sayid to ask his help in shaking loose some loan sharks.  He has already paid them back with interest, but they want more.  Omer asks Sayid to use his interrogation skills on them to frighten them away.  But Sayid refuses, saying he no longer wants to do those dark things.  But fate has a way of drawing Sayid into the conflict.  The sharks arrange to have Omer mugged and then later come to his house to kidnap Sayid while threaten to take the children.  Sayid meets them in a butcher shop (which looked a bit different to me than the one we saw Jack visit to put the shoes on dead Locke).  He meets the loan shark and its Keamy.  Keamy wants more money, but Sayid gets the upper hand and kills his henchmen.  Keamy begs for his life, telling him he can forget about the debt.  But Sayid says he can’t forget so he kills Keamy with a shot to the chest.

Sayid then hears a noise.  A Korean man is being held captive in the meat locker.  It’s Jin, but Sayid says he does not know him and Jin does not know English.  Was this the person that Paik wanted the watches delivered to in Season 1?

On the Island

Claire gets instructions from MIB to enter the temple to deliver a message.  Somehow she  just walks right in the front door, even though everyone suspects someone is coming.  I don’t really get how they captured Jack’s team at the temple wall but Claire just strolls in (and so does Kate later).  Claire tells Dogen that MIB wants to speak with him outside the temple.  Dogen throws Creepy Claire down a pit and refuses to go out.  So instead he sends half dead Sayid out with instructions to kill the first person you see by putting a knife in his chest.  So Sayid goes out and sees Kate and stabs her.  Just kidding.  I guess woman are exempt.  He eventually hears the wind and MIB shows up.  Sayid does what he is told and stabs him, but he does not die as Dogen said.  He speaks to Sayid (which Dogen warned him about) and convinces him to join him and in exchange he will grant Sayid’s wish to see Nadia again even though she died.

Sayid delivers a message to the Temple people.  Leave by Sundown and join MIB or die.  He then confronts Dogen and wants to know why he tried to have Sayid killed twice (first time by poison pill then by MIB).  Dogen does not answer, but we guess its because he believes that Sayid is infected with the darkness.  Dogen does tell him of his son, who was killed in an accident that was caused by Dogen getting drunk at his promotion celebration.  The baseball he has reminds him of his son who died at 12 years old.

In a total shock to my system. Dogen is sympathetic to Sayid, but Sayid grabs Dogen and drown him.  When Lennon comes in he tells Sayid that Dogen was the only one protecting the temple from MIB, to which Sayid replies, “I know” and then he kills Lennon as well.

Now that Dogen is dead and the sun is down, MIB becomes Smokey and enters the temple killing everyone it touches.  But Kate is saved when she goes to help Claire, not knowing that is, that Claire is working for MIB and does not need saving.  Out of nowhere, Illana’s group rescues Miles, and Ben goes to rescue Sayid.  Illana pushes the secret button to enter a room behind the wall.  Very cool.  And Smokey misses them altogether.  Ben goes to save Sayid who still holds the bloody knife in his hands from killing Lennon.  Ben says its not too late for him to be saved, but Sayid says “it is to late, for me”.

Things I noticed

  • Keamy was shot in the chest, just as Sayid shot Ben in the chest.  Sayid also stabbed FLocke in the chest.
  • Sayid says he can’t forget. Does this hint that possibly Sayid remembers Keamy from the island?
  • We saw Dogen’s son last week.  If he was 12 years old.  Was David 12 also?  Why did Sayid say that he has been trying to forget the last 12 years?  Did something happen in 1992?
  • A baseball has 108 stitches.
  • I thought Dogen would somehow be revived by Lennon, since he died in the spring.  Maybe Dogen can still come back, but Lennon is dead now and can’t help him out of the water.
  • Some say the secret button Illana pushed looks like the symbol for the time travel machine in Stargate.
  • Kate follows MIB/Locke.  This is only the second time she has followed him.  The other was when he wanted to go down the hatch (and he ended up sending Kate down there first).
  • Where is Sawyer?  Did he stay with Jin at Claire’s camp.  I think Cindy and the kids are now on Team Locke Monster.
  • This episode was about Sayid mostly whereas the Season 1 episode at this time was called “House of the Rising Sun” and was mostly about Sun and Jin.  Although this episode is called “Sundown” aka the “Temple house of the Falling Sun”.

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19 Responses

  1. As we’ve seen, Jacob has brief encounters with the candidates asking seemingly innocent questions. Contrast this with the descripton of Dogen’s meeting with Jacob and it sounds more like Sayid’s talk with Smokey. Perhaps a temple master gets a different type of visit than a candidate or maybe it is yet another clue to the true nature of the island.

    • It seems Jacob likes to kill those close to you to influence you to the island. Just like the circumstance Sayid had with Jacob. If only dogen knew it was Jacob who was the cause of his son’s death, then he would never have come to the island.

    • I was thinking about this too. Does Dogen really know who he talked to off the island? Was it really Jacob? How did he get to the island if he is a contemporary with Jack? I originally thought he came there around the time of the black rock, but then we saw him talking to Jack in 2004. Which brings up another question. What ever happened to the real Henry Gale? Who brought him to the island and why did he not get the temple treatment or a visit from Smokey? Sorry for all the questions, there is much to consider with respect to Dogen.

  2. I believe Jack followed Hurley in the last episode because he believe this Jacob could be his dad. He wanted to see him, even when off island Locke told him his dad says hello, and he only shows up like ObiWan, just like his dad showing up.

    How does Sayid know that Dogen speaks english? I assume Jack told him at some stage. If Sayid is infected, I don’t know why Dogen didn’t try to get rid of him sooner. Maybe a corrupt Sayid is more dangerous than an innocent Sayid who hasn’t been manipulated by MIB.

    Sayid has had a bad past as a torturer, that’s why he shows signs of darkness, I belive if you kill, it will tip the scale to the dark side.

    I found it interesting that Dogen said if he speaks first to Sayid, then it’s already too late. And the first think UnLocke says is, ‘Hello Sayid’. Also Sayid knows he’s being played, when he asked what Locke was trying to manipulate him into doing.

    Nadia tells Sayid to give up chasing those responsible for his brothers attempted murder and go home. It’s the same as Rose & Bernard last year trying to influence Juliet, Kate & Sawyer differently. Maybe things change if you give up the chase.

    Is the alternate time line the gift given back to the losties for their alliance to the Man in Black? After all he has promised a lot to those who align with him. Is it that Sayid doesn’t deserve Nadia, or is he trying to protect her, as he knows what will happen if she stays with him.

    Another Massacre of red shirts. How is it that Dogen was what was keeping MIB out? I thought it was the ash.

    • I also was so surprised to learn that Dogan was such a recent arrival on the island. I can’t imagine him as a banker in the life he lives on the island. I had though he had been born there and had been there since ancient times – a thousand or more years before the Black Rock. He seems so much like a Samuri. He seems like a Zen master. Why would Jacob give him such an important position?

      Maybe he had been a samuri or priest of some kind in another life and maybe he really died in that accident with his son and Jacob pulled a switch or something? I do think Jacob gave him an awful choice – sort of like the one Ben gave Juliette about her sister and nephew – their happy life that she could never share. What a horrible choice for anyone. It is likely Be was unwittingly working for smokey believing it was Jacob (biut who knows on Lost?) I think whoever Ben was really serving (despite what he believed) is who went to see Dogan, and who probably went to see young James. I know I don’t like whoever it is. Just the thought of the brainwashing in room 23 about God loving Jacob as Jacob loves you gives me the creeps.

      It is interesting even Dogan’s son is so different in the 2 worlds we know he is in. In one he is a gifted pianist. In another he has the time to play on a school baseball team.

  3. Has anyone else seen this… Register candidate 23? WTF?


    • Awesome. This has all the makings of a new Alternate Reality Game! How did you hear about this John? I would really like to know.

      Of course this could be fake, so I will investigate.

    • I checked it out and can’t tell if it is real or not. The embedded link asks for your name and email. Don’t give out any information.

      Some letters are italicized which could be a code, but I could not decode it.

      This web page does not show up in Lostpedia, but the GWC was part of the original 2005 ARG.

    • I hope it is a real ARG for Lost. There are going to be a lot of lost Lost fans going thru serious withdrawal in May. An ARG related to Lost would be awesome and needed!

  4. Satan took a thrid of the hosts of heaven and was cast out. Is this what we are seeing in the Locke exodus from the temple? And where are they going? Which leads me to my theory.

    Is the Ajira plane still in working order after Lapidus landed it? It might be the only means off the island, with a functioning runway and a pilot, that’s gotta be where they are headed.

    • I think the Ajira plane was pretty wrecked as far as the cockpit and the landing gear. I wonder if they could fix it without real resources to do so. But it is something to consider if you want to get a lot of people off the island. Of course they need gasoline too, and Jack once said there is no gas on the island.

    • I’m not sure if the oceanic landing gear still exists on the island they could salvage that and repair Ajira. I know the Oceanic cabin still exists. In terms of fuel, they still had enough fuel to get to Guam, so there should be enough to get to the closest island.

    • Good point. The Ajira plane should still have fuel onboard. I wonder if we will ever know who hired Illana to get Sayid and bring him on the plane. I am thinking now that it must have been Jacob.

    • At this point, it seems Ilana knows more than anybody apart from MIB that is.

  5. I don’t think Claire or Sayid are infected, they’ve just lost their innocense, and can kill willingly just like Ben could kill a freight load of people and not care.

  6. I’m starting to think that Sayid becomes evil Sayid when it’s Sundown, just like a vampire. Which shows which side they are truly on. Jacob was killed at night, Claire followed her father at night. It’s starting to become like a twilight movie.

    Kate appears to be confused about following Locke’s tribe, and doesn’t feel happy about it, all she’s doing is following Claire.

    • Agreed about Kate. She is confused, she knows Locke is dead, of course. I wonder if she got a good look at him since she was last to leave the temple.

      I still remember the first time they met. Locke was eating that orange stuck in his mouth. Kate gave him that I despise you look. I know I am beating a dead horse, but it seemed to me that Kate knew Locke was evil from the get go.

  7. A couple of things I noticed from the episode:

    1.) There was no blood on the knife after Locke pulled it from his chest.

    2.) Dogen describes the car accident he was in with his son. He said “I survived” but I wonder if he had acutally died and had this “conversation” with Jacob after death or after being revived. And in this vein, perhaps it was MIB and not Jacob that cut him this deal.

    3.) Any significance to Sayid’s brother and Keamy’s main henchman both being named Omar? And in this story, Sayid’s older brother needs Sayid to do his killing for him to avoid punishment from higher authorities, similar to Sayid killing the chicken for him when they were boys as their father commanded.

    4.) I’ll be really pissed if the next week previews overtly spoiled who’s going to die. Horrible idea if true, so hopefully it was cryptic or purposefully misleading.

  8. Agreed about ABC promo. I am so angry at that, and I think the show should sue.

    I think our Losties are living in a multiverse and are constantly weaving in and out of each other’s timelines, but not living in the same univereses, with the possible exception of the island. I think each room in the temple leads to a different time (like the Dixei Pig in the dark Tower series).

    II wonder about Miles. We saw him tied up with a live grenade in his mouth. Next time we see him, Locke is leading him into Ben’s house. Maybe he died and became a “sleeper” part of smokey, although the nighttime or sundowner image works well. I think something similar is happening to Sawyer. I just hope he doesn’t betray Juliette’s memory or love. Maybe she will save him.

    I think that the whisperers are the hordes that follow smokey. They are incorporated into him, somehow – mauybe he is his own dimension, and they commucnicate together. As they get bolder about rebelling (maybe led by Sawyer and Sayid) they start a rebellion from within – sort of a metaphysical version of Jonah and the whale or little red ridinghood and her grandma inside the wolf’s belly. But smokey is an evil universe and the whispers are the voices of those who are captured and stuck inside that nightmare world. Our Losties will lead a resurrection to bring him down again. As for Jacob, well maybe he is one aspect of smokey. He is something not so nice as well. I’m just not sure where to place him in the game. Is he over Smokey? Or one of the 3 rulers of Smokey?

    Yeah Yeah Yeah, they’re coming to take me away
    away, they’re coming to take me away 🙂

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