All About Lost Eps 6.06

In 6.06 Sundown we theorize that the sideflash world may be MIB's part of the deal, we discuss Nadia's goodness and Sayid's badness, and plan to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the show.

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  1. Ok I had one more thing to say, really rant…so here it is. I think Sayid has hit a bit of a rough patch.

    Let’s be clear, Sayid is a Good Man! In fact he’s a great man. Great at mindlessly taking orders to murder people.

    Let’s see, he’s murdered for: the Republican Guard, the CIA, back to the Republican Guard, in defense of the Losties, Ben, then he just starts killing first and asking questions later, he follows his own voices to try and kill young Ben, then Jack pulls an intervention and gives Sayid new direction to kill everyone on the Island with a nuclear bomb, then Dogen gets him to stab Locke, then Locke returns the favor and gets him to kill Dogen and when he saw Ben, he gave that mass murdering Ben, A look that sent Ben scurrying for the nearest rat hole.

    He may give smokey a run for the highest body count.

    And let’s give a shout out for his revenge rematch against Keamy. I was hoping for a full out smack-down like the earlier Dogen/Sayid kick-ass, full on terror in the Temple. But, Sayid just quietly shed a tear for the last shred of his soul, as he sent Keamy on a bullet train, one way trip to the next dimension. Maybe the next flash sideways reality rematch will take place in Thunder Dome.

    I just wished that Sayid would’ve just followed dogen’s instructions simply and clearly. But no he has to leave a shred of doubt–To my theory that Flocke is possessed (yes I still think that John Locke walks the Island-just not under his own moter control) and not a completely invulnerable creature. If you are going to blindly follow the orders of the guy who just tortured you and tried to poison you and are going to murder someone you know and have no particular reason to kill, then just DO IT and don’t F it up!

    So here’s to Sayid for keeping us LOST!

  2. whoops, I seem to have lost my earlier comment. Just wanted to say thanks for 3 years of excellent podcasts and a really great blog. I always come here to check out TLE’s notes and thoughts after the show. You guys should definitely get design some t-shirts to celebrate.

  3. Yeah Jin couldn’t walk, but mentioning Jin, it brings up another point. I thought the island heals faster than normal, why would Claire say, “It’s it’s one thing that will kill you out here, it’s INCECTION”, We’ve seen many instances where the island will heal an ijured person, why has this all of a sudden changed?

    • Good point. Things seemed to have changed with the episode where Jack had his appendix removed. Suddenly the island was not healing people.

  4. JayJay, I’m pretty sure: a.) Claire isn’t privy to the enitrety of the island’s healing properties and b.) That line was meant to point to a more figureative infection by MIB.

  5. Hey TLE you may have seen this already but here it is anyway.

    I am looking forward to this, although I have not preordered my copy yet.

    • You know I have to get that! My family may have to order it for me as a Christmas gift. I will put it on my book shelf next to my encyclopedia and visual guides for each of the Lord of the Rings movies. Thanks Jamie for letting me know.

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