LOST 6.07 Dr. Linus

Okay I like happy endings, so even if there were a few rough spots in this episode, the ending easily made up for that.  This episode actually had a lot of comedy which is a nice contrast to last week’s horrifying (in a good way) episode.

Off Island

Ben is teaching European history and during the break he talks with Doc Arzt and substitute teacher Locke about his desire to fix the many problems the school is having.  Locke suggests that Ben become the principal since he cares so much for his students and the institution.   Ben goes home where he takes care of his father Roger, who is very sick and on a respirator.  Possibly he is sick in the same way that Diane Austen, Kate’s mom was sick. Anyway Ben is frustrated that he is a Doctor of European history and yet is forced to watch misbehaving kids in detention.  He wonders whether he might be a bigger loser than those kids.  His dad reassures him that Ben could have been a great person if only they stayed on the island with the Dharma Initiative.

Some of Ben’s scheming personality comes to the forefront when his student Alex Rousseau tells him that Principal Reynolds (played by the bad reporter in Die Hard) is cheating on his wife with the school nurse.  Ben devises a blackmail plan using the nurses’ emails.  He confronts Reynolds and orders him to make Ben principal in exchange for his silence. But Reynolds has a request from Alex to write a recommendation for her to Yale, so Ben relents on his blackmail plan.  Alex gets her recommendation letter and Ben gets his history club back.  But poor Arzt who helped hack into the email system does not get the prize parking space he wanted.

On Island

We witness the aftermath of Smokey’s devastation to the temple and its people.  Ben has escaped the temple and meets up with the group led by Illana.  They decide to head back to the beach.  I wonder why Miles does not even mention that he saw Kate (this is a bit of a plot hole). Anyway, Illana seems to know that Miles can “read” the dead to determine how they died.  She does not believe that Smokey killed Ben so she has Miles read Jacob’s ashes.  Man I know Miles was good at reading bodies, but ashes? Seems like a stretch, but hey this is Lost so let’s go with it.  He tells her that Ben killed Jacob, and not only that Miles says that Jacob was hoping Ben would change his mind up to the very last second.  Illana misses Jacob, and she says that he was the closest thing she had to a father.

Meanwhile Jack and Hurley meet up with Richard.  He leads them to the Black Rock.  He says everyone at the Temple is dead, but he did not see Kate or Miles.  He goes inside and says this is the first time out of many, many years since he visited the ship.  I find that hard to believe, but I guess it adds to the drama. He says Jacob gave him eternal youth and that he could not kill himself even if he wanted to.  He asks Jack to do it using the old dynamite.  Richard says he trusted that Jacob was telling him the truth and that he would tell him about the secrets of the island. But Jacob is dead and now Richard believes the touch that revived him was really a curse and so he is ready to die.  Jack lights the fuse but is willing to die also, except he believes Jacob has a bigger plan in store for him and therefore he can’t die.  And the fuse goes out.

Illana and the group make it back to the beach and when things are somewhat calm she forces Ben to leave the group and begin digging his own grave.  It’s hard to tell if she is bluffing or not, but she threatens to kill him once he is done digging. Smokey Locke shows up after Ben tries to bribe Miles.  He promises Ben that he can have the island, once Smokey Locke and the rest of his group escape the island.  He tells him there is a hidden rifle.  Ben goes after the rifle, but instead of shooting Illana, he asks for a chance to explain.  Illana and Ben are quite alike both respect Jacob, but Ben was tired of following his orders and just wanted the island to himself.  In fact he allowed Alex his daughter to die for the island.  Illana forgives Ben for killing Jacob and says he need can go with her (otherwise he would have joined Locke).

There is a nice reunion on the beach. Sun has forgiven Jack for what happened on the freighter.  She knows that Jin is alive.  Out in the ocean tide, we see a submarine commanded by Charles Widmore.  He sees the survivors but instead decides to follow his original plan and meet at the rendezvous point.

Please let me know your thoughts and questions about this episode in the comments.  Overall there were a few bumps but it was nice to see Alex and Arzt again, both in my group of favorite characters.


  • Ben mentioned that Napolean was exiled to an island, but what upset the General the most was that he lost his power.  This theme is echoed in this episode as Ben was a powerful leader of the Others until he killed Jacob and of course is stuck on an island.
  • Ben shows Alex a picture of a trading ship (most likely the Black Rock or something similar).
  • Alex says her mom works two jobs just to keep her and Alex going and she needs to do well in school to be able to get a scholarship to Yale.  Is her mom Danielle, and if so how did she leave France and end up in LA?
  • Ben finds Sawyer’s tent with all his old stash still there.
  • It seemed strange to me that Jack would believe in Jacob’s plan for him (via his visit to the light house) without ever really meeting Jacob.  Meanwhile he hears from Richard that Jacob knew him for many years and yet is dead and never told Richard really anything.  Why would Jack trust Jacob with his life knowing what Richard knew?
  • Richard walks into the beach camp the same way Juliet first did, that is with everyone wondering if they could trust him.
  • When did Miles have time to dig up the diamonds?  How did he know about Nina and Pablo?  I guess Sawyer must have mentioned it to him.
  • Will Widmore be meeting Smokey Locke? The last thing Widmore told Locke was that he needed to get back to the island or else the “wrong” side would win.

14 Responses

  1. Why did Flocke set up such a complicated escape plan for Ben? Great scene between Ilana and Ben (Michael Emerson is amazing in both realitie) but it seemed like Flocke arranged it? Didn’t Flocke say there was nothing special about the Island? If it’s just a plain ole Island why does Flocke want Ben to be the caretaker when they all leave? Why does anyone have to stay behind?

    • MB
      My guess is that Flocke was only using Ben to kill Illana, so he promised what he thought Ben really wanted (chief of the island). However we see that Ben is not so shallow after all. What he really wanted was a life of importance in other (pun) peoples lives. And particularly Alex’s life. I really liked how he told Illana the truth about what happened ( a first for Ben!) and that she readily forgave him. Although she is still a bit upset that Jacob is dead…

  2. Mile’s could have found out about NIKKI & PAULO, through his ability to talk to the dead.

    Maybe Widmore wanted Locke to go back to the island, so Charles could know who his enemy is going to be.

  3. So ironic that Locke would listen to Ben if he were in charge. Locke also says, “it sound like the care about this place, if the man in charge doesn’t, then it’s time for a change”. This mirrors the event of the island. And UnLocke even offers him the island. It’s as if MIB want’s Ben to take over from him when he leaves, that means Jack could be Jacob.

    Jack is starting to be a believer. I can’t determine if the dynamite went out due to fate, or if it was Jack really wanting it not to (magic box).

    Why doesn’t hesitate to be a medium for Jacob, but has to be forced by Sawyer to read Juliet. By the way, where is Sawyer?

    I thought Nikki & Paulo’s graves were on the beach, the way Mile’s was talking, it seemed like it was next to all the other dead losties. They had the decency to bury Locke, but no one buried Bram and his crew. There are also a heap of dead bodies in the temple.

    Locke looked like he had Jedi powers to release Ben from the shackles.

    If Locke is making his way to the Hydra island, this could explain who’s shooting at them in season 5?

    What a bombshell. Widmore finally found his way to the island. Why after so long? Is he going to kill Ben?

    • Yes, wasn’t it weird how Locke magically removed the shackles? That has never happened before on Lost as far as I remember.

      Jack’s motivation is very interesting to me. He is starting to take charge and demand answers (instead of waiting for the island to tell him what to do). But he is being very reckless by lighting the dynamite.

      Perhaps Jack was actually testing Richard’s faith. He was trying to restore Richard’s faith by showing him the island still needed both of them, and that neither one was supposed to die (at least not yet).

    • We can’t assume that both Richard and Jack are important. The fact that both of them were in the presence of the dynamite, it could mean Jack OR Richard was not meant to die or was important to the island, the dynamite would have gone out regardless.

  4. A big thing I noticed was when Lapidus and Ben were discussing Frank’s not flying Oceanic 815. As soon as Frank mentioned that he was supposed to be the pilot, Ben sat up and was very engaged and interested in what happened. I wonder if he has specific knowledge of Frank’s potential “importance” to Jacob or was he just amazed at the details of a time course correction taking place.

    I think I have figured out Miles’ 1st onscreen debut when he went to the house of the woman whose son had died and went up to the room withn a vacuum cleaner. I wonder if that vacuum’s purpose was to pull toward him all the dead skin cells etc in the kid’s room, so he could do his thing. Since Miles’ was able to do it with Jacob’s ashes and not a “body” per se, I think this makes sense.

    • That’s a cool theory. I thought his reading the ashes of Jacob were kind of a stretch, but use the vacuum to pick up the dead skin cells of the deceased boy is way cool and a little creepy (in a good way).

  5. Just thought I’d answer my own question, why did F-Locke set up Ben to kill Ilana? Cause F-Locke isn’t supposed to (she’s a candidate, probably 108-Wallace). And F-Locke wants off the island which is why widemore is coming with the sub. F-Locke gets the sub and widemore gets his island back. Had Ben shoot Ilana, he would’ve got the shaft, AGAIN, but Ilana’s compassion and Ben’s transformatio foiled his mini plan

  6. I thought that was a well acted episode by Michael Emerson and his scenes with Ilana were good. It was nice to see Alex come back and the more caring side of Ben to emerge, although in the main time line I am not sure how long we can believe that Ben will stick with Ilana’s group, I think he will take up Flocke’s offer sooner or later.

  7. In the Sideways timeline, the Island sunk in 1977 when Jughead was detonated. This was the proverbial fork in the road that split off the Sideways timeline. We know Dharma went to the Island, because we saw Dharmaville on the sunk Island. But we learned in this episode that Ben and his father were on the Island at some point.

    However, in the “real” timeline, Young Ben and his father were still on the Island at the time of The Incident.

    All that being said, when did the timelines splinter?????

    • I don’t think we know when the timelines splintered. We saw what we assume is our main island with its Dharma village swing set, but we don’t know when that was. We don’t even know for sure that the sideways 815 flight was in 2004. The island could be fake – a mirror image of the fake oceanic plane and passengers. If it is our island, did it include the Hydra? If it is our island, we don’t know when it sank,

      We know that Dharma went to AN island, and that Ben and his father were on it.. But in this looking glass world did Dharma go to the SAME island? Maybe they went to Issac’s island or one we don’t know about yet.

      Perhaps the question isn’t “when did the time line splinter? But “when did each of the characters’ time lines splinter. I think that we have been seeing different parallel realities – or forks in timelines since the show started. Everytime we focused on someones’ eye. Everytime someone almsot died. (or did die and was apparantly revived). Every time we saw someone wake up in what I describe as the “chalk outline of the body in a murder investigation ” postion.

      Each one of our characters made a choice of which road to travel down many different times – like I believe we all do – creating worlds that diverge from one another each seeing what would happen if they made this choice or the other. We follow one road with them and assume that it is the real one. Yet each of us splinter off so many times in our lifetimes. Lots of times its choices made by a huge group of people, or society. Lots of time it is life transitions and ages that cause predictable divergences. We are no longer only the entity that we were as a baby. Like a lifeline on our palm, there have been many choices and many divergences.

      Still there is one constant – an oversoul, to quote Seth thru Jane Roberts – that knows all of our different divergent selves and unites all of our selves – in dreams, small voices and fantasies insde us, and thru bleeding through one self to another. I think our Losties are showing us their major life choices as they stand, knowingly or unknowingly at a crossroads.

      Perhaps that is what the island really is – a crossroads of sorts- a place where all timelines come together and where the curtain between them is thin.

      I find it interesting that people who understand and accept the concept of reincarnation. and karma – the balancing of experiences – and yet have trouble accepting the idea of these lives happening at the same “time illusion” than in a different past or future (illusion of) time.

      I agree that this episode was fantastic, and so well acted, directed,, filmed , and of course exquisitly written. I think that if we ever wanted an episode to show to people who want to know what Lost is about, it would be this one and The Constant.

      Sorry about rambling so long. I had originally wanted to post about concerns for Miles, but I have taken up too much space already. Another time. I just wanted to say now that he is very much becoming a “Charlie” character – a Charlie with his hood up character) and will sell himself to the highest bidder. His betrayal of Ben was consistent with his angry arrival on the island – the only one who seemed to be carrying a personal torch against Ben. I wonder why.

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