All About Lost Eps 6.07

In Dr. Linus, Jeremy and TLE discuss unfreak out Jack, better than Ben Linus, and how Widmore got to the island. Theories, the recap and your comments included as well as the intro song True Believer by Dragonette.

MP3 File

2 Responses

  1. Hey TLE just to let you know the slave trade in the British Empire was abolished in 1807, although Slavery itself was not outlawed until 1833. So I guess Richard Alpert must have come to the Island either in the mid to late 18th Century or early 19th pre 1807.

  2. I don’t think Jin killed anyone, in fact he gave Jae Li a chance to run and start again. What about Lapidus, wasn’t he responsible for his Co-Pilot’s death?

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