I don’t know.  I found this episode to be a bit unsatisifying.  It’s main function, I think, is a setup for the next episodes coming up.


Sawyer is no longer a con man.  He went to the Academy and then began his pursuit of the man who killed his family.

Sawyer’s partner on the force is Miles.  Which explains how Miles knew about the drug deal that led him to do a psychic reading the first time we saw him in Season 4.

Sawyer meets Charlotte and they hit it off (so to speak). She is an archeologist just as before.  Somehow she met Miles who set her up on the date with Sawyer.

Sawyer made a mysterious trip to track down the Other Sawyer.  In the original 2004 timeline he killed a man in Australia by accident.  This time it appears that it did not happen that way (or Sawyer forgot to tell Miles that tiny detail).

Sawyer is trying very hard to find a way off the island.  FLocke gets him to go to Hydra island where he meets Tina Fey of all people.  She is one of Widmore’s people but pretends to be an Ajira flight survivor.

They bring him to Widmore’s sub where he makes a deal to bring FLocke to Widmore.  I still think those two are in cahoots.  But it raises the question as to why they have a sonic fence.  And why Widmore seems to be playing dumb when it comes to the mercenaries he sent to the island.


Kate follows Claire back to her old camp where she sees the dead squirrel baby.  Soon after Claire tries to kill her for taking Aaron.  Claire was told by Locke that she should hate the Others for taking the baby.  When Kate admits she took him, Claire tries to kill her (Sayid looks on without moving a muscle).  FLocke saves her.

Later Flocke explains it was his fault that Claire attacked Kate.  He takes Kate to the beach and explains that Claire is crazy just as his mother was crazy and that Aaron needs protecting.  The MIB seems to have had a crazy mom just like the real Locke had a crazy mom, unless he is remembering Lockes memories.

Kate and Sawyer meet both on the island and off.  Sawyer tells her he has a secret plan to get both of them off the island.  He is going to double cross both MIB and Widmore, and as they fight each other, he will steal the sub and leave the island with Kate.

Kate seems happy at this prospect.  She can get back to Aaron and protect him from crazy Claire.  But we know Aaron is only supposed to be raised by Claire and not another.

Kate and Sawyer meet for a second time off the island.  The first time (at the airport) he knew she was a fugitive and he let her escape.  Which is really ironic now that we know he is a police detective (which by the way her ex-husband Kevin was also).

Their second meeting happens when Kate is being chased by the cops and her car slams into Sawyer’s.  He chases her down on foot and arrests her.  Everyone seems to have changed in the flash sideways.  Sawyer was a con man and is now a cop.  Miles was a psychic who stole from people and is a cop as well.  Ben and Locke are teachers although Locke was at the box company to start with.  Hurley is a successful businessman.  Jack is (I guess he is still a doctor since we saw him at the hospital Sayid’s brother was brought to).  So have things changed for Kate?  Why is she still running if she told Claire she’s innocent?

Here is a mind bender:  Sawyer’s emergency code during the stake out is LaFleur which was his name on the island in 1977.  If he remembered his name from 1977 why didn’t he remember Charlotte who he met while time traveling in the 50’s?  And why did he bring a sunflower to her to apologize?  He brought the same kind of flower to Juliet when they were together.

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  1. I can’t believe I feel so strongly about this, but it broke my heart to see Sawyer bring the sunflower to Charlotte and even more so, all his attention to Kate on island. It has only been a few days since Juliette died in his arms. Why is he fondling Kate’s dress that she had to wear when Juliette held Sawyer and Kate at gunpoint while they did heavy labor? Does he remember Juliette aws someone who held him a prisoner and does he love Kate still? I think Juliette was right to choose to breakup with him before the bomb. He was still carrying a torch for Kate. And then he further belittled their relationship in the sideways world by bringing the sunflower to Charlotte, a one night stand.

    What is most crazy is that I am so involved in this aspect of the story. I never could understand shippers, and now listen to me. I feel pathetic.

    One thing hit me, though, about last week’s show that relates to tonight. It was a new game started with all the pieces being rearranged and starting at “home” again. All the roles were still there, one of which has always been a crazy single mother – like Danielle, Claire, and I wonder if Sun will follow if something happens to Jin (or if he is the chosen and she is left behind and alone). Jacob2 (or Jacob’s nemesis ) said he had a crazy mother. Was he referring to Emily? Or to the ancient mother of the island? Was his mother Juliette? Was Juliette pregnant with twins – Jacob and Smokey (Essa)u, or with one dual personality child? If she is pregnant with James’ child when she died here and her consciousness returned to ancient days, who was the father back then? Or did she go crazy being out of time and pregnant? The prototype of fertility and of the single mother who has lost touch with reality? (just being a single mom is enough to make the sanest mom crazy.)

    Is the blonde boy we saw Juliette’s son, Jacob or his nemesis (I call him either Jacob 2 or Essau)? Of course it is interesting Sawyer saw him. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the blonde boy was Sawye and Juliette’s son caught between times or dislodged from time?

    Gee, I feel better now, thinking about theories. The last time I got emotionally invested in a TV couple, it was Luke and Laura on General Hospital. There is too much mythology to explore on Lost to get so hung up on a couple, but I really loved James and Juliet together. Maybe before it ends….

    • Lucy
      I would love to see Sawyer back with the person who really cares for him, and that person is Juliet. My thought is that Sawyer only meets Juliet on the island, so sideways Sawyer is not cheating on her memory at all. Just like with Jack’s scar, the sideways folks only have a fleeting memory of what happened before.

      I wonder if Jacob’s nemesis was referring to his mother or was thinking of John Locke’s emily or both. If we go with Jacob and Esau from the Bible then those two would have shared the same mom, Rebekah. Rebekah helped Jacob steal the birthright away from Esau causing much animosity between the brothers.

      I thought blond boy was Aaron traveling through time, sorta like Walt did after he was captured by the Others and showed himself to Shannon in Season 1.

      Luke and Laura. I don’t watch soaps but even I remember that relationship. Started badly if I remember but later they were married. How about Maddie and David (Bruce Willis) from Moonlighting. My mom taped all of those shows.

  2. I just got it! Good catch, TLE! Miles being a cop does explain about Miles knowing about the drug deal and drug money. It probably explains the difference in the picture frames too. In one reality – the one we followed in s4 and s5, Miles is out for himself, but in the other reality he is probably in our sideways universe – doing psychic work for the police- or at least investigative police work. That is why he didn’t charge the woman extra – probably charged her only for undercover reasons. In the current reality he chose to charge her double.cos Miles is only out for Miles.

    So now we know why the photograph frames changed. Far out!

  3. Sawyer is running recon for MIB. Ben had Ethan & Goodwin run recon for him on the losties. It seems to me Miles is running a recon through Charlotte on him. Asking why he wanted to be a cop and she looks through his drawers.

    Sawyer looks through yet another mirror on the show and doesn’t like what he sees, and smashes it.

    I’m sure MIB is talking about his real mother, as he talks about before he looked like this. Which could mean anything on LOST.

    Maybe the reason why Charles didn’t want John Locke dead, and even said “I’ll do all that I can to make sure that doesn’t happen”, is because if he prevented the death of Locke, then MIB would have no way reincarnated himself.

    What will happen when off island Locke finds out that James Ford is going to kill his close father.

    • JayJay
      Good thoughts on all your points. The mirror is becoming a regular thing and when I think back it has been on many episodes.

      I like the “their trapped in a time maze” theory. Every time they see themselves as not who they want to be, the characters go back to the start and try and do another time loop to “fix” themselves.

      Which by the way, I just read this in Scripture today:
      For if you listen to the word and don’t obey, it is like glancing at your face in a mirror.
      This quote seems also to tie into the free will of our Lost characters and Jacob’s hope for them… there is only one ending, but everything before that is just progress (in developing a good character).

  4. I wonder if Mile’s still has his abilities in the flash-sideways. If he did he’d be able to pick up that Sawyer was lying, after all he did know that Charlotte was looking for her birth place, and Michael’s name wasn’t Kevin Johnson.

    How does Locke know that Widmore would be on the other island. It’s not like the smoke fly over to scan the island, or he has a spy over there. Or is he aware that Jacob is trying to summon Wallace to the island? if so, then there’s information coming from somewhere.

    Mile’s father works in a museum? Is this Pierre Chang.

    What was Kate’s dress doing in the cages? Did she get changed there? If so into what?

    Why does Mile’s care where Saywer went?

    UnLocke does seem genuinely concerned for the welfare of the children, the same way Ben is.

    • I totally missed the thing about Miles father working in a museum with Charlotte. Dr. Chang is a physicist and Charlotte and anthropologist. Are they working to find the island?

      Kate’s dress was there 3 years after their being locked in the cages. I think she changed when Tom brought her some new clothes. Remember the scene where she makes Sawyer turn his back (of course he peeks anyway).

      UnLocke is really creepy. I kinda think UnLocke raised Ben in a way. They both were manipulators, although UnLocke is the master at it. Sort of like the Emperor in Star Wars teaches young Anakin the ways of the Dark side. I get the feeling that Ben thought he was getting orders from Jacob, but it really was the MIB.

    • I totally forgot about Kate changing, that would make sense.

  5. TLE, let me take a run at a few of your questions:

    1.) You know that wasn’t Tina Fey, right?

    2.) On the sonic fence: Since the fence was shown to keep smokey out of New Otherton, perhaps Widmore, even if in cahoots with FLocke, is trying to keep out the “Smokey” version as he is more powerful and unpredictable. I bet he has ash on hand too.

    3.) What makes you think this “cop” Miles would have fed into the other timeline where Miles got the drugs from the kid’s place? That’s quite a leap given what they’ve shown us of that timeline so far..

    I was a little disappointed in this episode too. They are taking a lot of time building up more mystery (i.e. the alt timeline) that I fear the resolutions we want to get will be too fast and come in spoonfed forced dialogue 😦

    • Hi LISS
      1. That woman who plays Tina Fey is really good at impersonating her 😉
      2. Good thought. So do you think that Widmore knows SmokeFlock is bad but needs him on his side? Maybe to get back control of the island after Ben banished him.
      3. Agree with you on timelines but what about this scenario… Miles becomes a cop, goes rogue or gets kicked out of the force, does freelance ghostbusting on the side, then heads to the island to collect his payment from Widmore. He still has some friends on the force that tell him about the drug money at the dead boy’s house, which he does before going to the island.
      I’m not sure that works with the timeline either but this time shift stuff confuses me.

      I am worrying too. Someone in a blog said the writer’s strategy may be to give us the resolution episodes after March madness basketball (when more people are watching). I hope that is the case, because time is running out.

  6. I haven’t commented for years and this doesn’t all apply to this episode but wanted to throw out a few things before next week.

    Last week Richard said that he can’t die because he was “touched by Jacob” and so wanted Jack to blow him up. This is similar to Michael not being able to die when he was off island and then blowing up on the ship. Does this mean that Michael was touched by Jacob? How? When?

    Has Jacob touched anyone else? I’m guessing that even though Ben was healed that he wasn’t “touched” because he still aged and got cancer, or did he? Did he touch Widmore?

    How does that compare to being “touched” by Esau?

    Kate is still running because she’s still a fugitive. Even if she’s innocent of murder, she escaped from federal custody. I agree that pretty much everyone has a better life than before except for Kate. Kate’s life doesn’t seemed to have really changed from what they’ve shown. Now that we know Sawyer’s a cop, why did he help Kate escape? I’d also like to know why it appears that Kate’s life hasn’t changed. Or has it changed but we’re assuming it hasn’t?

    I don’t remember catching that Miles’ father works at a museum but I don’t think it could be Pierre Chang. We all know the reality now that Chang is actually a puppet and presumably sterile. Also, Chang was still on the island when it blew up and so shouldn’t have a parallel timeline. Miles and his mother were evacuated shortly before then. Maybe Widmore will be revealed as his stepfather. Don’t know why they’d do that but it would be interesting. And if Miles’ father works at a museum that could explain how he met Charlotte.

    I think Widmore might want to capture Smokey and has the fence to be used as a cage (it seemed to be a pretty small fence compared to the original). Smokey has power that Widmore wants to use to his advantage.

    I don’t think that Sawyer using the name Lafleur means there are connections between the timelines. As a con-man (or cop acting as a conman) he probably has certain aliases that he likes to use. He used that name when first confronted by Dharma after time jumping because it was a name he liked to use.

    And Sawyer brought Charlotte a flower because he’s a guy and wanted more sex. Love didn’t need to have anything to do with it. The fact that it was a sunflower has to do with his own taste / reasoning more than any timeline connections.

    • Maybe the locked up room in the sub is the room the intend on locking Locke in.

    • Lee,
      I have wondered about Michael too. The only thing we have to go on is that “the island” wouldn’t let him die until it was finished with him. So I am not sure Jacob even was directly involved, but maybe.

      A theory I had about people getting sick on the island was if you were trying to “defeat” the island in someway, you would get sick. Naomi tried to bring mercenaries to the island so she had to die. Ben was using the island for his own benefit, so he got sick, etc.

      I was stuck on why Sawyer would let Kate get away at the airport until it was made clear to me that Sawyer wasn’t supposed to be on that plane (he was supposed to be in Palm Springs). So he probably didn’t want to arrest her and have people find out his secret.

      Pierre Chang is a puppet… priceless. Which reminds me I need to watch the new Lost untangled.

  7. Or the room is where they have hidden Desmond (probably drugged out like Juliet was before her sub ride).

  8. RECON crackpot theory:

    Here is my crackpot theory from RECON regarding the locked room on the sub that piqued Sawyer’s curiosity.

    Think: Sawyer’s ATL obsession with “getting” Cooper;
    Think: Man From Tallahassee;
    Think: Anthony Cooper is in the room (box).

    Widmore will then somehow use him (Cooper) as a bargaining chip with Sawyer in the negotiations against MIB/Flocke.

  9. Upgrade your theory, buzzmeg, to fantastically entertaining!

    BTW. I just saw flight attendent Cindy in a Supercuts commercial. No THERE’S an alt timeline 🙂

  10. I hadn’t heard that theory about the characters going back to “start” after looking in a mirror and not liking what they saw. Does the person in ALT who dislikes their image go back to square one on the island? Are there hints left for the losties to let them know where something went wrong? Sawyer did more than look in the mirror. He smashed it and then stood behind it adjusting his view – all shattered like a nightmare, or a clear image of his face when he looked into an uncracked portion of the mirror? He ultimately looked into a cracked and distorted and fractured view of himself that was particularly frightening and with alot of hate reflected in his eyes.

    I think we have witnessed a lot of returning to square one by the losties on the island, although whether or not by a glance in a mirror, I’m not sure. Does anyone remember if there were mirrors on the island that our losties used? I know they had no hairbrushes, but did that extend to mirrors and other things that required mirrors? (The men sure didn’t seem to have access to hand razors or disposable ones.)

    What about the DI, Ben’s group of others, and Temple others? I remember Ben using a small mirror to send a morse code message to Richard, but the mirror was amoung a few things hidden in a box near the Orchid. It had been packed away with the crackers for something like 15 years.

    If Jacob 2 (Essau or MIB) required a dead body, to be his replacement, does the ultimate candidate who is chosen to replace Jacob have to die as well. If not, why not? Perhaps the locked door in the submarine is a dead body of a candidate that will be named Jacob’s replacement. Would that person be from when the Oceanic 6 and a few others were off island, or is this also a bleedthrough from the alternate world? Perhaps Widmore is carrying the dead body of someone who is also on the island and will be used by Jacob? We don’t know which side Widmore is one, nor if Jacob is realy any better than UnLocke.

    I think it is likely that Miles used Charlotte for recon in the
    ALT. I think Miles is doing a number of recons on island. He is using his gift to get money again. He arrived on the island with lots of hostility towards Ben and he was quick to turn on Ben about his being Jacob’s killer. On island he seems to be back to the way he was when he arrived and may be using what he hears from the dead to get the upper hand with the living.

    I think things can go both ways between island and ALT. Miles was really hurt when he found out Sawyer was not his friend anymore. Sawyer didn’t want his friend with him, but someone to read Juliettes’ last thoughts, Maybe he was looking for some declaration of love, but all Miles told him was a cryptic “It worked.” He struck out at Sawyer because he felt used by someone he had trusted. I think his not giving Sawyer Juliette’s full message (I believe this) he may have started back at him home space. Hopefully both Miles and James will move ahead much quicker now than before,

    Doug, I agree that Sawyer wasn’t betraying his memory and love for Juliette in the ALT. However, on island, just a few days after her death, he is already appearing interested in getting back to Kate – unless he is playing on con on her to get her help with something or strike out at her. After all, it was Kate’s presence and James looking at Kate when Bernard talked of being with the one you loved. So I hope he is conning her – but will then let go of all the cons, somehow, as we moves on both the island and ATL towards a better version of himself,

    Re Moonlighting: I never have been much of a TV watcher. I was addicted to General Hospital back in the days of Luke and Laura (when I was working I set a tape recorder with TV audio to tape record the show – we didn’t even have vcrs – at least I didn’t., Anyway I never did watch Moonlighting – I don’t even remember there being this show. Too bad. I like Bruce Willis. I thing between Luke and Laura and Lost, I only watched Twin Peaks, Carnivale and Weeds on any kind of regular basis.

    • Season 2 had the mirror in the hatch. Jack used it once or twice.
      Kate looked into a mirror when she took the pregnancy test while living with hubby Kevin. I would have to look at Lostpedia for more.

      I will do a blog post on mirrors. The characters are usually doing some self inspection but not always. I remember Sawyer looking at Cassidy in the mirror when they discussed “The Long Con”.

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