Mirrors in Lost

I need to give credit where it’s due.  I have recently started listening to the ODI podcast and the nice Lost podcasters there pointed out how often Lost has used mirrors on the show to tell us something about the characters.

So I thought I should look at Lostpedia to find some of the significant instances of the mirrors.  Doing that research proved to be a little bit difficult.  Luckily I could use Google search to search all of the transcripts.  So here is what I found.


Episode 1 – Pilot

[Charlie looking into the mirror with a drugged out/relieved look on his face. We hear more knocking.] FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Open the door now, sir.

Episode 19 – Deux ex Machina

[We see Jack shaving in a mirror at the caves. Kate enters.] ….. He’s very angry and hitting the rear-view mirror, the roof of the car. ..

Episode 3 – Orientation

Locke splashing water on his face and looking at his kidney scar in the mirror. Cut to him sitting in his car in front of his father’s house. ..

Episode 10 – The 23rd Psalm

Sawyer looks at his haircut in a mirror and teases Kate. Jack interrupts their flirting to give Sawyer a pill.] [Charlie approaches Claire as she’s packing ..

EPISODE 1 – A Tale of Two Cities

She looks in a mirror and tries to smile as the song (Downtown by Petula Clark) starts to play. But she’s obviously upset and almost starts to cry. ..

Episode 17 – . . . In Translation

[Sun leaves the bathroom and Jin cries looking in the mirror. [Shot of Jin falling into the sand. Michael comes running (with Walt).] JACK: Michael! ..

Episode 1 – “The Beginning of the End Written by: Damon Lindelof 

He looks at the mirror in the interview room, which he then sees as an underwater window. A hooded man swims to the window, and touches the glass, ..

LOST-TV – Season 4 Transcript – Episode 7 – Ji Yeon [http://www 

She walks to a mirror and puts on more lipstick. A pain stops her. She continues but the pain gets sharper. She drops the tube of lipstick and picks up and ..

LOST-TV – Season 4 Transcript – Episode 9 – The Shape of Things to 

Bakir is sitting close by with his own drink reading a newspaper as Ben eyes him through a large mirror behind the counter. Suddenly, Bakir gets up and ..

LOST-TV – Season 4 Transcript – Episode 10 – Something Nice Back 

After looking back up at his reflection in the mirror, he sets the razor down, ….. Kate readies the mirror as Bernard injects the incision area with the ..

LOST-TV – Season 4 Transcript – Episode 11 – Cabin Fever [http 

She stops in front of a lowboy vanity, looks in the mirror, applies more red lipstick and continues dancing. As we watch her dance, we hear the following 

LOST-TV – Season 4 Transcript – Episode 12 – There’s No Place Like 

Locke removes a small mirror with a string attached to it from the bag.  [ Locke hands the mirror to Ben, who steps away from him and looks to Hurley as ..

LOST-TV – Season 5 Transcript – Episode 4 – The Little Prince 

Kate is checking herself out in the mirror – make up, smart clothes, hair straightened. The sound of an opening door. Cut to a view of Sun walking in ..

LOST-TV – Season 5 Transcript – Episode 5 – This Place is Death 

[Sun glances into the rear view mirror to look at Aaron sleeping in the back seat] I met a new friend for you in America. His name is Aaron. ..

Those above are from the transcripts.  I also remember:

Jack shaving while using the mirror in hatch.

Kate looking in the mirror and crying when she sees the pregnancy test results after marrying Kevin.

And recently the season 6 episodes which feature reflections in mirrors and water.  Mostly with Jack doing the reflecting (on his past life).  And there was Kate remembering something about Aaron while changing clothes at the auto repair shop.

Here’s a Doc Jensen article on Jack in reference to Mirrors.

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