All About Lost Eps 6.08

In Recon, we come up with all sorts of crazy theories about streams, mirrors, who's in the lock box, and what the brains from Ann Arbor want to do with Smokey. Includes episode recap, discussion and your comments.

MP3 File

3 Responses

  1. Skipped over my comments during the feedback section…I slink off into the corner licking my wounded psyche 😉

    • Sorry about that. Please don’t be wounded. Hopefully my throat will be a bit better next time. After we got past 55 minutes or so we decided to wrap things up.

  2. It’s all good, TLE, just havin’ a laugh.

    Get your throat healed because there’s a war comin’ and we need you at your best. Widmore nor Smokey takes excuses from redshirts.

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