LOST 6.10 The Package

In this episode called The Package, the Sideways world reveals some surprises involving our favorite Korean couple Jin and Sun.

Sideways – Off Island

We find out that Jin brought the watch and the money onto the plane to pay off the guy who was hired to kill him, namely Martin Keamy.  Mr. Paik, Suns’s father was apparently not too happy to find out that the bodyguard he hired to protect his daughter had fallen in love with her.  From previous episodes we know that Sun’s parents wanted her to marry a rich and influential person (like Jae Lee), so whether Jin is a fisherman or a bodyguard isn’t going to make them happy.  Of course killing her suitor is just possibly a little bit extreme….  Anyway while Jin is guarding Sun’s body they get caught in the same hotel room together after Sun pulls the moves on Jin by revealing what’s beneath the button’s he told her to button on the plane.  They tell Keamy that the money they brought was taken by customs but they can use Sun’s secret bank account to pay him.  This account was part of her plan to run away with Jin to elope.  This is the opposite of what happened in Season 1 when she tried to escape her husband by learning English and then flying to America without him.

Since the couple only speaks Korean, Keamy brings in an interpreter, our favorite “energizer bunny” Mikhail who speaks like 9 different languages.  He goes with Sun to the bank where they tell her the secret funds have been transferred out her account by none other than her father.  Obviously he knows about them and now Sun knows it too.  Sun has lied to her father for many years (of course if your father shows his displeasure by killing people you might lie too).  When they get to the restaurant where they have taken Jin they find a bunch a dead bodies which is the same scene we saw in Sundown when Sayid killed them.  This continues on from the end of that episode.  Sayid takes pity on Jin and gives him box cutters to untie himself.  Jin then points a gun at Mikael who accidently shoots Sun.  Jin kills Mikhail and finds Sun shot where she reveals that she is pregnant.

On Island

On the island we find out “who” not  “what” the package is.  But first… Sun goes back to her garden which she planted three years ago.  Everything there is dead (almost).  Jack tries to convince her that her candidacy is just as important as finding Jin.  She responds by getting angry and tells him to shove off.  A few minutes later  Locke comes to get her to take her back to Jin.  She knows he really is Smokey in disguise and runs away hitting her head on a tree.  Locke goes back to his camp to find everyone tranquilized.  The nerd herd from the sub came and got Jin because he was leaving the camp.  Widmore wanted to get him but they acted sooner than planned by a few days.  Jin gets taken to Hydra island where he is put in Room 23.  Zoe (aka Tina Fey) tells him that room was where Dharma did subliminal message experiments.  Jin’s name is also on a map (created by Radzinsky most likely) showing where the pockets of electromagnetism is located on the island.  Jin wants to be taken to Widmore (he probably knows Widmore is the leader because Sawyer told him).   Widmore shows him pictures of his daughter Ji Yeon with his wife Sun from her camera. Jin has never met her because Sun left the island before she was born.  Widmore seems very sincere and probably can be trusted now.  He even meets with SmokeLocke and it appears he is aware that Locke is Smokey.  Widmore tells Jin that SmokeLocke must not leave the island, or everyone will “cease to exist” in the world.  He tells Zoe to take the package to the infirmary.  On the way there Sayid (who is on a recon mission for Locke) sees that the package is Desmond, who is still woozy from drugs they gave him for the sub ride.  Sun agrees to help Jack find Jin so they can leave the island together.

Things I noticed:

The sideways world was opposite of what happened in the first season for Sun.  This time she wanted to run away with Jin, not run away from him.  This time she was pregnant and not trying to be that way.  One thing hasn’t changed, Mr. Paik is still up to no good.  Also Sun looks into the mirror like all of our characters during the flashsideways.  She doesn’t seem too happy with what she sees.

Mikhail is back and he shot in the eye by Jin.  He seems dead but with Mikael you never know.

Mikhail and Keamy know Danny.  Is this Danny Pickett from Season 3, the cage tormentor of Sawyer?

The tomato from the garden “should have been dead”.  Richard said that he saw all of Jack’s people “dead”, but clearly they are not.  Or are they?  Sayid says he feels dead, no emotion at all.

In room 23, Jin sees a subliminal message that “everything changes”.  In season 2, Jin tells Hurley (in English no less), that everything is about to change.

What did you think of this episode (drop me a comment below).  I thought it is was okay but not spectacular.  Seeing Sun get angry in Korean was just a bit scary.  Maybe she is the one who “has a temper” and not Jin.

9 Responses

  1. Locke says he can’t leave without all the candidates. Which could mean he needs to elliminate or take all of Jacob’s potential candidates off the island with him before he can leave the island also.

    Jin needs someone to fill out the necessary paper work before he get’s the money back. Why didn’t he use Mikhail to do this, since they already tried with the bank. Good thing for him he wasn’t successful as Keamy said, it was money used to pop him. Seems like the island’s influence or fate extends not only off the island but also in the alternate time line. We see Jin is not supposed to die.

    Widmore’s goons tranquilize everyone in the camp, but only take Jin. I think that’s ridiculous how they did that. I remember Sayid was tranquilized in season 5 when helping Hurley.

    How can anyone not see a tree coming, when running away from someone? I don’t know why Locke didn’t turn into smokey to chase her. Even when she passed out because of the blow to the head, he didn’t take her back to his camp.

    So many questions in the flash-sidways time line: Is Jin fertile? Is it Jin’s baby? Did Sun have an affair? Does Sun know English? I love how Jin was still standing in the bathroom still as a statue, when Omar looked for him. He could have al least hid himself.

    We see Room 23 again, did Dharma create the video? or did the Other’s edit it? If it was Dharma, how did they know about Jacob in their subliminal messages?

    There’s something about the translators in this show, the translation only goes one way. The same way with Dogen.

    If Keamy revealed that no one is supposed to touch his daughter, does this explain who was responsible for Jae Li’s death? I think so.

    Zoe is a geophysicist. She must has been brought to investigate the electromagnetism of the island. Possibly tapping into the limitless energy and manipulating Desmond.

    Widmore is just as manipulative as MIB or Jacob, by showing Jin the photos of his daughter and finding common ground in talking about their daughters. This seems to be the key in manipulating someone, find something that they can both relate to and exploit it. Widmore says that if MIB gets off the island, then everything we know will cease to be. Makes me think that he did in fact get off the island and hence the flash-sideways world that we are seeing. Widmore seems to have a secret weapon, which is Desmond. ?????

    I like the calm and believer Jack. What was the significance of the tomato? Jack seems more genuine than Jacob.

    Seeing Desmond again was great. But it brings me back to a scene in season 5, at the lamp-post when Eloise had that conversation with Desmond and Jack’s crew. I’m trying to dissect what happened here.
    1. Eloise wants Jack to go back to the island and bring Locke as a proxy for Christian Shepherd, which makes me think she is working for MIB as it was MIB’s chance to walk around and be an influence on the island people.
    2. Eloise tells Desmond the island isn’t done with him, which makes me think this was part of Jacob’s plan to foil MIB’s escapade. Will Widmore use Desmond to change the past? So which side is Eloise or Widmore siding with?

    It seems Ben and Widmore both wanted to serve Jacob, in who they gaves their lives to. They just had differences in views and attachments. Doing things their own way to better the lives of those they were in charge of. But due to their differences, grew apart and a certain rivalry developed which caused them to become enemies, even for the same ultimate cause. I can see the same difference in religions. How different religions are formed because of differences in beliefs and points of view, but they all originated from the same God. We all claim to serve the same God but in different way, so different that we battle over who can be more dominant and superior. During the show LOST, only when it comes down to the war, a war which is against a common enemy MIB, that the differences are put aside and common agendas combine to unite the servants to defeat the common foe. In religion we battle the common enemy the Devil, in times of trouble such as earthquakes, and natural disasters, we unite in a common cause for humanity. If these sufferings happen in the world, is it such a bad thing if it re-unites faiths? I think God would be pleased at seeing mankind working together, and for those that suffer death, he has given us the gift of eternal life. Is it such a bad thing to die?

    • Great points, JayJay:
      I like the new Jack also, he is back to being season 1 Jack but with a new purpose – to serve the island and to protect it, not to leave it.

      I don’t know what it means but Sun was hit on the head when Charlie grabbed her in S1, Jin was hit on the head by the freezer door, and Sun runs her head into a tree.

      It just has to be Jin’s baby at this point. Will a certain doctor from her past come to save the baby?

      Jae Lee apparently committed suicide because he felt dishonored when confronted by Sun’s husband.

      I have a new theory… Mr. Paik may the one who hired Keamy and the mercenaries to the island to kill the inhabitants. Since he hired Keamy for this hit on Jin, why couldn’t he hire him to get on the freighter?

  2. Paik, could have had something to do with Keamy on the freighter. But I do believe it was Widmore’s boat.

    In my last paragraph, I meant to suggest that maybe MIB and Jacob are on the same side, they just see things differently.

  3. I think the biggest “reveal” in this episode is the fact the the 2 timelines are indeed the “mobius strip” theory where they are bleeding through into each other. To wit:

    -Jin was strapped to a chair in both timelines.
    -Sun could only speak Korean in both timelines.
    -Sayid was involved in a mission to free Jin.

    Other items:
    -Room 23 looked different from when the Losites broke Karl out. Was it a reproduction?
    -Given that Sun in the flash sideways has the last name, Paik, is that a clue that Jin is indeed the Kwon on Jacob’s wall?

  4. So far all the candidates have seen themselves in the mirror. In this episode, Jin sees himself reflected while in the freezer and Sun sees herself in the hotel room mirror. Sun looked at herself as if she had just done a time travel moment. She noticed that something about herself seemed a bit different. On the island she had short hair while on the “other side of the looking glass” she had short hair.

  5. Speaking of mirrors, TLE, I rewatched AB Aeterno and there was a couple of mirror moments in that episode too. There were 2 shots after the Black Rock crashed where you could see the Black Rock name reflected in pools of water behind the ship. It was crystal clear and clearly purposefully CGI-generated. Perhaps this implies that the Black Rock timeline also had a mobius-strip quality, and could potentially account for the different weather conditions of it’s arrival?

  6. Because of a family emergency, (all is okay for now) I have fallen way behind in email and podcasts. I have over 5 pages of unopened gmail – it is more frightening a sight than Smokie.

    Anyway, I didn’t realize you had started new threads, let alone released a new podcast. I also find the topic of mirrors in Lost, especially looking glass opposites, and I would have loved to join in this conversation. However I have been thinking about a theory – no not a theory, really, but just an observation. I wrote it down and would like to share it, even though your blog has moved on (a little Dark Tower humor, there).

    In “The Package, Charles Widmore said that if a Demon-Locke got off the island every one would cease to exist. He did not say that everyone would die – he said that every one would cease to exist. They are very different things. I think that the characters are already disappearing. We saw several instances of this in “The Package”, and I bet a rewatching of earlier season 6 episodes would imply or show even more signs of disintegration and erasure.

    It is like certain parts of The Dark Tower series – especially with the conflict between Roland and Jake prior to Jake’s reemergence in Roland’s world (“There was a boy, there wasn’t a boy”, “I died, I didn’t die”; the strange disappearance of The Man in Black as Roland slept and near the end, both in a special
    “school” and at the hands of a child, 2 very important parts which I won’t reveal, but all who have read the series will remember.)

    Last season, Hurley forshadowed this possibility when he started examining his hands waiting to see if he was going to disappear. In this episode alone, (with the often quoted Miles/Hurley discussion on time/space) there were several instances-on island and off island in both universes – of the beginnings of a disappearances.

    1. Ji Yeon – (who might be the missing Kwon candidate) – In the _X universe, if Sun dies, Ji Yeon ceases to exist. Will that roll over to the Ji Yeon we watched be born?

    2. Sun – Sun’s bank account and all its money ceased to exist. The money taken at customs disappeared. and one could say Sun’s sweater disappeared in extreme
    closeups if one wanted to “go there”. Will Sun’s ownership of the Paik company disappear while she is on the island?

    – PATCHY – A part of Patchy ceased to exist (his eye),

    3. On Island, Sun began disappearing. Sun lost a very important skill that she had worked hard to gain, and paid dearly for it. It is a skill that she passed on to Jin. The ability to know English and Korean and numerous other languages seems to be valued on the Island. Regardless, an important part of Sun has been
    lost or ceased to exist. I think it is worth knowing that a part of her English communication skills was brought back into existence when she was offered – and
    accepted – the help and the hand of a candidate, just as it had all happened after she refused to trust or take the hand of Demon-Locke.

    4. Sayid – Sayid told Locke he did not feel anything. He is a shell. He has lost his humanity as all his emotions have ceased to exist (but after Locke’s small setback at the pylons, he seemed to have a glimmer of the DarkTower conflict and perhaps his emotions will begin to re-exist.)

    5) James/Sawyer – has ceased to be Locke’s chief recon man. He has already ceased to feel nurtured by Juliet and ceased to mourn her loss. Sawyer seemed to realize he has lost his flock whom he took care of. That was all he had left. Yet after Jin got taken (ceased to be within the group) Demon-Locke said that one of HIS (Locke’s) people were taken and he was going to get him back. That has been James’ job until now, but that role, that part of James has seized to exist. Without that part of him, James LeFluer ceased to exist and James Ford continued to fade rapidly,

    6) Kate – Kate looks like Morticia. Her purpose on the island has ceased to be (at least to her.) She has ceased to be Aaron’s mom and her forgiveness by Claire – if it ever existed – is gone.

    7) Jin’s freedom has ceased to be. That is both on island and in the _X world. It is long gone on the off island world he came from. It is interesting that he was taken to Room 23 where so many were brainwashed and their free will ceased to be. There is a chair in Room 23 where Karl was found long ago, and where Jin awoke as a prisoner. It is also the number of the Oceanic “chair” Jack sat in and the number delegated to “Shepard” – be it Grandpa Ray, Christian, Jack or David Shepard or any or all of them. Lets not exclude Jack’s mother, grandmother, Sarah and whoever his exwife is in _x world.

    8. THE HUMES FAMILY- It is highly unlikely Widmore also took Penny and little Charlie hostage.(an evil Penny might have helped in the _x world). The last time we saw them was in the hospital after Desmond was shot and operated on. Pen and Des promised each other they would never leave the other or go anywhere without the other. So this pledge has ceased to exist, even if without their consent.Do Penny and Charlie know what happened to Des or do they think he has ceased to exist? Did Widmore get Des to come by sending Penny and Charlie to another time on the island (telling Des to get them on the island and then making it impossible by not matching timelines?)

    9, Locke’s flock and future captives: Locke told Claire that he needed her and Kate to get on the airplane so he could get off the island. After that “let the pieces land where they may” and whatever happens, happens.” He knows that with Jacob gone, the island will cease to exist if none of the candidates remain
    and he leaves. I wonder if he knows that everything will cease to be. Is Smokie a part of Everything? At least by definition he is. Yet if the island exists outside of time and space, who knows, I do think however than death, even annilation (spelling?) is not what is at stake her. It would be the erasing of everything and everyone that ever has been, in this world and many others – perhaps no world would be exempt and we would be back to the days when nothing existed but darkness, Gives me the creeps and at the same time I marvel and the genius of the writers.

  7. Interesting theory Lucy. I hope the characters we like so much have a happy ending, but I can see things going a bad way for them also. Richard said he saw them all die and that hasn’t happened yet but it might.

    I think Back to the Future had it’s characters disappear (in photos of them from the future). I hope someone makes the Dark Tower into a movie so I can see what all the commenters keep saying about its tie-ins to LOST.

    That reminds me of the crazy “bad” photos of Ms. Hawking and Brother Campbell standing together. Do the photos mean something or is it just a bad job of photoshopping?

    With only a few episodes left to go we need to see how those characters and Des play into the end game.

  8. Richard said he saw them all die and that hasn’t happened yet but it might.

    Unless Richard was telling the truth when he said they all died in the plane crash when they first arrived on the island.

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