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All About Lost Eps 6.09

Here is an encore to our Ab Aeterno podcast. And be sure to stayed tuned for a special podcast this weekend on a major theme of LOST – Heaven and Hell.

In Ab Aeterno we reveal the many comparisons between Richard's island of Tenerife and Lost island like Atlantis, the Roman gods, and the New World. This is one of the best episodes of Lost and we got some great comments so please tune in.

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All About Lost Eps 6.13 – The Last Recruit

Jack takes a dive, Claire meets her brother and Jin and Sun nearly get fried in this edition of the All About Lost podcast. Jeremy is MIA, so TLE takes on the podcast like Smoke takes on water. Music this week is Land of Confusion (Genesis).

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LOST 6.13 The Last Recruit

Who is the last recruit?  By the end of the episode we find out.  And it’s not at all who we expected.

This episode was about reunions.  The candidates meet Locke’s company, Sawyer and Kate meet at the police station, Jin and Sun meet on island, and Jack and his sister Claire meet off the island.

LA X Timeline

Claire Littleton Shephard

Sawyer brings Kate back to the police station.  He semi flirts with her but says he can’t be nice to her because she is a murderer – she denies it.  Miles is tracking a killing at a restaurant.  They check the survelliance camera and see Sayid leaving the scene.  Kate tells Sawyer he didn’t arrest her at the airport because he was hiding something about his trip to Sydney.  Miles and Sawyer arrest Sayid at Nadia’s house.  Nadia knows that Sayid did something wrong and now he needs to get away.  But Sawyer is waiting at the back of the house and captures him.

Claire shows up at an adoption agency and bumps into Desmond who is there to visit his lawyer.  They both go to the 15th floor where Des convinces the pregnent Claire to meet with his lawyer before signing any complicated adoption papers.  The lawyer is Illana who has been looking for Claire Littleton – you see her name is mentioned in Jack’s fathers will.  Jack and David show up to hear the reading of the will at that exact moment.  Jack meets his sister Claire for the first time.  Just then he gets a call from the hospital its and emergency.  Jack rushes back to operate on a man he recoginizes from the plane –  its John Locke who was a paraplegic before he was run down by Desmond.  Jack is a spinal surgeon.  Will Jack cure his paralysis?  This will be interesting because John had a chance to be cured by Jack before but turned it down.

As Sun is being wheeled into the hospital, she sees John Locke, and says “It’s him”.  That’s interesting because she has never met him in this timeline.  She is healed at the hospital and wakes up to find Jin watching over her.  He says something interesting.  “It’s over”.  This sounds like something he would say at the end of the series.

Island Timeline

Jack and Locke are in a standoff until Locke requests a side meeting.  Hurley gives Jack the okay.  In the side meeting, Locke tells Jack his people were forced to the island by Jacob to serve his purposes.  But now Jacob is dead and they all can leave.  Zoe shows up at the camp, she wants Desmond back, and threatens to blow up the camp with missiles if they don’t comply.  So Locke decides to head to Hydra island to get the plane now.  Sawyer pretends to go along with Locke’s plan, but really is just going to steal Locke’s boat and take Kate, Hurley, Sun, and Lapidus to the island with him, where they will commandeer the submarine.  He recruits Jack to help him.

Meanwhile Locke recruits Sayid to go and kill what Widmore wants so badly.  Sayid finds Des in the well still alive.  He is about to shoot him, when Des asks what Locke promised him.  He promised Sayid would be reunited with dead Nadia.  But Des asks him what he will tell Nadia when he sees her.  Will he tell her he killed some people to get back to her?  Next we see Locke finding Sayid. Sayid says he shot Des, but I don’t believe him.  Locke gets back to find Jack, Saywer and the rest gone.

Sawyer’s plan works and they are about to board the boat, when Claire shows up.  Kate convinces her she can get her back to Aaron.  I am not sure Claire totally believe this but she goes with them.  Earlier Jack asks her why she went with Locke in the first place, she replies “he did not leave me”.  On the boat Jack tells Sawyer they need to go back to the island to complete the mission Jacob put them on.  Saywer is not interested and forces Jack to the jump off the boat.  He swims ashore only to be captured by Locke’s team.  When Zoe sees that Locke is still on the island, she gets orders from Widmore to fire the missiles at Locke.  How he knows he’s at the beach is beyond me.  Jack and Locke are nearly hit by a missile so Locke pulls Jack to safety.  Jack let Locke talk to him and according to Claire, it was a that moment that Jack became Locke’s new recruit.

Things I noticed:

Jack should have died when the missile detonation threw him across the beach.  But the island wasn’t done with him yet so since he’s a candidate he is still alive.

Jack has become old Locke by telling people (Sun and now Sawyer) their destiny is with the island.  Flocke tells him that old Locke was chosen because he was dumb enough to believe the island had a destiny for him.

Why didn’t Locke’s group just hold Zoe hostage.  Would Widmore have killed her to kill Locke?  Would Widmore have risked killing Desmond, not knowing where he was?  This part of the show bothered me.

How could Jack just leave Claire behind after she told him he was her brother?  Luckily Claire followed them.

Okay I really need to know who Jack is married to.  It looks like David is not too anxious to get back to his mom.  At this point I think it has to be “blondie”.

How did Sun recover so quickly?  Was she just shot in the hand?

What did Jin mean by “we” are all right now, it’s over.  This sounds like something you would say at the end of the series (or end of the time loop).

Will Jack really join Locke’s team?  Only Sayid is left of the candidates.  Even most of the redshirt henchmen are dead.

Overall I thought this was a pretty ho-hum episode.  We got the Jin Sun reunion, but I felt nothing at all.  I guess seeing them reunited with the sonic fence nearby threw me off. I kept wondering if the sonic fence was on and Sun would be fried like Mikhail in Season 3.  The Claire Jack reunion was a little better, but I kept wondering why the lawyers office was on the same floor as the adoption agency.  I know fate is bringing everyone together, but didn’t Des need to find Claire and by chance they ended up in the same building at the same time, just as Jack was showing up there.  Humm “how convenient”.

What did you guys think?  I hope you liked it more than I did.  What about Sawyer kicking Jack off the boat?  Will Kate go back for him as she was prone to do in previous seasons?

All About Lost Eps 6.12

In Everyone Loves Hurley we cover the welcome return of crazy girl Libby, Locke's nasty bump on the head, and a short Wonka rant.

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All About Lost 6.12 Video (Recorded Live)

Here is the link to the video podcast for Everybody Loves Hugo:

LOST 6.12 Everybody Loves Hugo


Hugo Reyes is a very happy man.  He owns multiple companies, has tons of friends and his humanitarian work brings him countless awards.  But for all his accomplishments the one thing he lacks is confidence around woman.  So his mom sets him up on a blind date.  But the person he meets is not the one he expects.  The woman comes right up to him a little bit agitated and says she seems to know him from somewhere.  When he asks her where she says he won’t believe her.  Just then her doctor comes to take away… to take her back to Santa Rosa Mental hospital.  She’s a patient there.

Hugo later goes on a chicken binge, it’s what he does when he’s upset.  He meets Desmond who we know is on a mission to make sure the Oceanic 815 passengers remember there alternate lives on the island.  Hugo tells him he met a woman he likes but she’s crazy.  Des encourages him to find out how she knows Hugo.  So he goes to the mental hospital.  He asks her on a date after she says she remembers them being together after a plane crash on the island.

On the beach they have a date picnic – the one they never got to have an island because Libby was killed by Michael.  She remembers this too and when she leans in to kiss Hurley suddenly it all comes back to him.  He remembers the love he had for Libby and now he knows she is not crazy.  Hurley the one who was crazy on the island finds Libby the one who is crazy off the island.  And Libby the one who was loving and kind on the island finds a loving a kind Hurley off the island.


Hurley visits Libby’s grave and Illana insists that they follow Richard’s plan to blow up the plane before Fake Locke can escape.   But Hurley meets Michael who died years ago.  He tells Hurley what to do.  Illana has the dynamite in her bag when Hurley warns her that her plan is dangerous.  Sure enough she blows up just like Arzt did in Season 1 when he carried unstable dynamite.  Ben says she died because the island was done with her after she told the candidates who they were.  As Richard takes the group back to Black Rock to get more dynamite, Hurley is there reprising a scene from the end of Season 1.  He blows up the dynamite and the Black Rock.  Hurley convinces Jack to follow him to go and visit Fake Locke.  Jack finally gives up his controlling streak and follows Hurley there.  They end up in Locke’s camp.  All the candidates are there, just like Fake Locke wanted.

Before Jack and Hurley’s arrival, Desmond is brought to Locke by Sayid.  Desmond very calmly tells Locke he was drugged and brought to the island by Widmore, Locke’s enemy.  Locke takes Des to a well where he explains about the pockets of magnetism on the island.  He says that is why Widmore is there to exploit the island.  Locke wonders why Des is not afraid of him.  Des says there is no purpose in being afraid.  Locke then throws him down the well.

Next we see Des back in LAX.  He is waiting outside Locke’s school.  Ben confronts him there.  Des lies he is there to scout out a school for his son Charlie.  When he sees Locke wheeling his way to the parking lot, Des accelerates and runs him over.  Ben calls for help but Locke is seriously injured.  Is this the evil Locke having escaped from the island or is Des trying to kill him before he can get to the island providing a MIB the body he needs?

What I noticed:

Libby is back.  Excellent.  She looks really really good, even if she is a bit older.  Back when she was killed by Michael the fans very quickly wanted to see why she was in a mental institution.  Also we wanted Hurley to have his date with Libby, because if anyone deserved to be happy it was Hurley.  The producers said she would be back in Season 3 and then Season 4 (she made a brief cameo).  Then they said they couldn’t negotiate a return for the actress.  But now she is back for this episode and I’m glad that her part of the story is tied up at least to my satisfaction.

Michael’s return surprised me.  When he left at the end of Season 4 there was little hope for redemption for him.  But in a scene that actually made me choke up, Michael told Hurley to tell Libby he was sorry for killing her.

Michael said he is trapped on the island after he died.  And the voices we hear in the whispers are the others that have died and are trapped.  Why do they show up right before something dangerous is about to happen?  Maybe we will never know.  How will they be released from their own purgatory on the island?

Jack has finally decided to stop fixing things.  He was going in that direction is Season 5 until he got the idea to blow up the bomb.  But since Juliet died, he has stopped the fixing for good.  But now Hurley needs Jack to show his true leadership skills.  Jack does by trusting Hurley which is payback for all the times Hurley trusted Jack in past seasons.

Is Desmond dead in that well?  Why did he trust Locke so easily?

Chang spoke from the museum Charlotte works at.  Hurley got a Jurassic Park dinosaur trophy.

Overall I was very happy to see Libby again.  The episode took it’s time like a lot of Season 1 episodes did, which made it seem very slow in comparison to last weeks episode.  It wasn’t as funny as I thought it might be, but it was still good.

What did you all think of this one and what did I miss?