All About Lost Eps 6.11

In this most interesting Desmond episode podcast we discuss the meaning of the two timelines, how they are different, how they are converging, and how they will join; Desmond's powers, mirrors, eyes, darkened consciousness and your theories as well. Music: Vision of Love (Mariah Carey) and Alfred Hichcock's Vertigo (Bernard Herrmann).

MP3 File

4 Responses

  1. @TLE
    McCutcheon is 60 year old scotch.

  2. Thanks buzmeg,
    I am not much of a drinker. I used to drink rum and coke and that’s about it.

  3. @TLE I don’t know what you watched but there are no fracking aliens in The Matrix. Watch The Animatrix to find out exactly how The Matrix came to be.

  4. Thank you 1001101101101. I knew once the words left my mouth that I was misremembering the Matrix. I checked out the Wikipedia page on Animatrix and now know that it was sentient computers run amok that killed the humans except the ones used as their energy source.

    BTW The Matrix also uses the Through the Looking Glass and Mirrors motif throughout the films. That’s probably where the Lost writers got their idea.

    There is one thing that bothers me. 1001101101101 is a binary number like a computer would use. 🙂 You aren’t trying to tell me something I hope. I would be for a bad battery source.

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