LOST 6.12 Everybody Loves Hugo


Hugo Reyes is a very happy man.  He owns multiple companies, has tons of friends and his humanitarian work brings him countless awards.  But for all his accomplishments the one thing he lacks is confidence around woman.  So his mom sets him up on a blind date.  But the person he meets is not the one he expects.  The woman comes right up to him a little bit agitated and says she seems to know him from somewhere.  When he asks her where she says he won’t believe her.  Just then her doctor comes to take away… to take her back to Santa Rosa Mental hospital.  She’s a patient there.

Hugo later goes on a chicken binge, it’s what he does when he’s upset.  He meets Desmond who we know is on a mission to make sure the Oceanic 815 passengers remember there alternate lives on the island.  Hugo tells him he met a woman he likes but she’s crazy.  Des encourages him to find out how she knows Hugo.  So he goes to the mental hospital.  He asks her on a date after she says she remembers them being together after a plane crash on the island.

On the beach they have a date picnic – the one they never got to have an island because Libby was killed by Michael.  She remembers this too and when she leans in to kiss Hurley suddenly it all comes back to him.  He remembers the love he had for Libby and now he knows she is not crazy.  Hurley the one who was crazy on the island finds Libby the one who is crazy off the island.  And Libby the one who was loving and kind on the island finds a loving a kind Hurley off the island.


Hurley visits Libby’s grave and Illana insists that they follow Richard’s plan to blow up the plane before Fake Locke can escape.   But Hurley meets Michael who died years ago.  He tells Hurley what to do.  Illana has the dynamite in her bag when Hurley warns her that her plan is dangerous.  Sure enough she blows up just like Arzt did in Season 1 when he carried unstable dynamite.  Ben says she died because the island was done with her after she told the candidates who they were.  As Richard takes the group back to Black Rock to get more dynamite, Hurley is there reprising a scene from the end of Season 1.  He blows up the dynamite and the Black Rock.  Hurley convinces Jack to follow him to go and visit Fake Locke.  Jack finally gives up his controlling streak and follows Hurley there.  They end up in Locke’s camp.  All the candidates are there, just like Fake Locke wanted.

Before Jack and Hurley’s arrival, Desmond is brought to Locke by Sayid.  Desmond very calmly tells Locke he was drugged and brought to the island by Widmore, Locke’s enemy.  Locke takes Des to a well where he explains about the pockets of magnetism on the island.  He says that is why Widmore is there to exploit the island.  Locke wonders why Des is not afraid of him.  Des says there is no purpose in being afraid.  Locke then throws him down the well.

Next we see Des back in LAX.  He is waiting outside Locke’s school.  Ben confronts him there.  Des lies he is there to scout out a school for his son Charlie.  When he sees Locke wheeling his way to the parking lot, Des accelerates and runs him over.  Ben calls for help but Locke is seriously injured.  Is this the evil Locke having escaped from the island or is Des trying to kill him before he can get to the island providing a MIB the body he needs?

What I noticed:

Libby is back.  Excellent.  She looks really really good, even if she is a bit older.  Back when she was killed by Michael the fans very quickly wanted to see why she was in a mental institution.  Also we wanted Hurley to have his date with Libby, because if anyone deserved to be happy it was Hurley.  The producers said she would be back in Season 3 and then Season 4 (she made a brief cameo).  Then they said they couldn’t negotiate a return for the actress.  But now she is back for this episode and I’m glad that her part of the story is tied up at least to my satisfaction.

Michael’s return surprised me.  When he left at the end of Season 4 there was little hope for redemption for him.  But in a scene that actually made me choke up, Michael told Hurley to tell Libby he was sorry for killing her.

Michael said he is trapped on the island after he died.  And the voices we hear in the whispers are the others that have died and are trapped.  Why do they show up right before something dangerous is about to happen?  Maybe we will never know.  How will they be released from their own purgatory on the island?

Jack has finally decided to stop fixing things.  He was going in that direction is Season 5 until he got the idea to blow up the bomb.  But since Juliet died, he has stopped the fixing for good.  But now Hurley needs Jack to show his true leadership skills.  Jack does by trusting Hurley which is payback for all the times Hurley trusted Jack in past seasons.

Is Desmond dead in that well?  Why did he trust Locke so easily?

Chang spoke from the museum Charlotte works at.  Hurley got a Jurassic Park dinosaur trophy.

Overall I was very happy to see Libby again.  The episode took it’s time like a lot of Season 1 episodes did, which made it seem very slow in comparison to last weeks episode.  It wasn’t as funny as I thought it might be, but it was still good.

What did you all think of this one and what did I miss?

22 Responses

  1. Libby is a “hottie.”

    FYI: She’ll be on “House” in the very near future.

  2. What if Michael was actually Smokey? Ilana said he can’t change any more but I have no other reason to believe he can’t. Michael got Hurley to get rid of the dynamite so the plane couldn’t be destroyed and bring his group of candidates to Flocke. Seems like exactly what Flocke would have wanted. Now Flocke just has to get Jin back from Widmore and he’s got his complete set of Lost Candidate action figures.

    Did Desmond kill Locke to line up the alternate universe with the island universe? Is he going to try and recreate the Al Gazeera flight? He’s taking some pretty interesting actions for someone Eloise said “wasn’t ready yet”.

    I’m hoping we’ll get an episode showing Eloise and Widmore’s stories. They both left (were kicked off) the island, have two kids together that have played big roles in influencing Desmond’s actions, and both have power/knowledge/obsessiveness in regards to the island. Eloise is the person with the greatest insight that we know the least about. We need that episode!

    If the island is purgatory and the cork in the bottle metaphor is correct, will we get to see what is on the other side before the season ends? Hell? Heaven? Both? Did Smokey get kicked out of Heaven/Hell into purgatory whereas the Losties and everyone else came from the Earth side? When Flocke says he wants to get off the island and go home, does he really want to go back to hell taking the Losties with him?

    We got to see the kid standing in the jungle again. No new information so no point in going over theories of who it is, but it’s apparent that the producers want to remind us he’s out there.

    • Lee

      It does sound like a Flock move by getting them to use up the means of blowing up the plane. I hope it really is Michael however because he made a very nice and touching speech about how he was sorry for killing Libby.

      Yes and when he does get Jin (which he will because Jin is trying to find Sun) then his plan will be complete. Will he really try to leave by plane, or is that just a lie to get the candidates together in one place?

      I thought that island Des now realizes that island Locke is evil (since he was tossed down the well) and now off island Locke would need to be destroyed. Des can see both timelines and so is motivated by what happens on the island.

      Yes Eloise is the key. She seems so cold hearted, but maybe we will find she is really trying to help. She lost her son, so she has no reason to be underhanded. Same with Widmore.

      The producers insist that the island is not purgatory, but Michaels story sure seems that way. Maybe it only works for people who die on the lsland. If Flocke leaves everything ceases to exist – still not sure if that means the whole physical world or just the lives of the Losties.

      I think it could be a reborn Jacob or Aaron. Not sure if there are really any other options. He acts like Jacob, but we know that Aaron is important. I wonder is Aaron is dead off island, like John Locke died and was brought to the island so that MIB to continue.

    • We wondered why Eloise remember so much. Maybe she was close to death at some stage and she remembers her previous life.

    • I think Dez hit Locke in _X world, to get him (and prob. Ben) to the hospital where Jack is. Mirroring the island where Locke is gathering his flock, I think Dez is gathering the same flock to him in this world to counteract it all and reawaken everyone (as opposed to putting everyone into a sleepwalking state.)

      I found Dez behavior at the well a mirror of Jacob when Ben came at him. (and I am pretty vocal about not trusting Jacob, I sure hope we can trust Dez, in this uber-Zen or uber-Zombie state.

      I’d love to see a Charles and Eloise flashback, too. I doubt we’ll get one, though. BTW, they only had one child together. Penny’s mother remains unknown. I think she is either of no importance or of major importance and her identity is being saved for a finale reveal.

  3. We stil don’t know how LIbby got the boat she gave to Desmond. Was she rich or did she marry rich? Some people think Libby was a gold digger after Hurley’s money in the original timeline. I think she really liked the big lug. And she certainly liked him in the LAX timeline.

    • I loved this episode. It really built up from a sentimental Hurly centered episde to a thrilling and tense drama with Hurly taking center stage as a leader and Jack backing him up based soley on trust (and Jack’s new found ability to ‘let go’ and support others when they take the lead). I loved Jack’s face off with F-Locke when they walked into F-Locke’s camp. And I especially loved Desmond walking off with F-Locke and telling him “what’s the use of being afraid”. I think that really pissed off F-Locke who wanted to inspire some dread in Desmond. Desmond is so acting like he knows what’s coming. I am still puzzeled as to why Desmond ran over John Locke in the flash sideways that was incredible! 2 possibilities: in Stephen King’s Dark Tower books, one of the characters is transported to another reality after he is ‘killed’ in his own reality. So maybe Desmond is trying to move him to the Island’s reality? Second possibility is that if John Locke is dead in both realities maybe F-Locke’s hold on his physical form will be weakened? Really enjoyed your last podcast! Thanks

    • Originally, she gave Dez the boat her husband , Dave, had bought shortly before he died. He named it after her.I don’t think Dez ever went on a race in the _X world so didn’t need the boat to prove himself to Widmore.

      There was a theory about Libby’s stay in the mental hospital being related to her husband’s ghost visiting Hurley in Santa Rosa and also that he might have died from the broken bridge Hurley thought he broke.

      For the record, I don’t think Cynthia Watrous looks older, but much much sadder, in line with her character (and allowing for 4 years passage in the real world.) As a tailie she was cookie cutter thin – (this from someone brought up that you can never be too thin or rich. Never cared about rich but have spent a lifetime sadly obsessed with being thin). Now she looks like the actresses who play Juliet, Penny and Alanna. Real women with incredible beauty.

      Mr Badd, I like where your thoughts and ideas.

  4. Once again, Smokey is met in the jungle by a young boy. Desmond sees the boy and comments to Smokey but is quickly told to ignore the boy. During this sighting, the boy appears to be taller and has darker hair. It has been confirmed that it is the same actor playing the boy so I have to question the difference in apprearance. Could we be seeing an evil twin?

    With no dialogue, it is tough to tell the boys intentions but his appearance clearly has an effect on Smokey. Perhaps the boy can read Smokey’s thoughts and knows of his intention to toss Desmond into the well.
    The last time we saw him, the boy give Smokey a reminder. “You know the rules. You can’t kill him.” Having said that, I don’t think any of us belive that Desmond is actually dead.

  5. Just wanted to point out my favorite part of the show (which was excellent). It was the preview of next week’s show. I ussually try and avoid, but I caught the song from Willy Wonka and the Chocholate factory Gene Wilder Singing the song when they board his boat and go down into the tunnel.

    It’s so creepy and so exactly sums up our ignorance of what’s going on, in Lost as we rush toward a conclusion.

    • I didn’t watch the preview but did recognize the song and can only imagine that our LOSTies will meet Oldham in the next episode. The song also leads me to believe the series will end abrubtly, happy for some with disappointment for others. But, the discussion can continue for years.

      Does anyone else think Michael Emerson would be perfect for the Willie Wonka role?

  6. Sorry just a really crazy thought from Willy Wonka. The whole point of the golden ticket contest is to find an honest person who stays honest even after mistreated by Willy. It reminded me of the Lost ARG “The Dharma Intiative testing”. The cheats were rationalized because we wanted to believe the Dharma Initiative was evil and it was ok to cheat to get the better of it. But the point of the test (never quite realized) was to find people who were willing to play it straight and lose.
    Just wondering if that is the real end in Lost. To find those who will stick to their morality even when it means they ‘lose’.

  7. Hurley asked Libby, how she knew him. Wouldn’t she be able to know who he is by the fame he attracts and commercials?

    Libby was crazy on the original timeline, she is still crazy in this one. The only factor that has changed is Hugo. I don’t think he can talk to dead

    people in this alternate time-line, because I think that’s what drove him to the mental hospital.

    That boy we see is not the same blonde boy we saw. This boy had brown hair.

    If Jacob isn’t supposed to tell them what to do, then what was he doing telling Hurley to take Jack to the lighthouse? and convincing him to go to the island.

    Is it possible the dead become drawn to the island the same way magnets attracts metallic objects.

    I don’t think the side-ways Desmond has a son, but he sure remembers having a son from the previous memories. Either that or he choose Charlie because it was a name he knew from a previous encounter. It seems as soon as they start having flashes, it is the start of the memories coming back, unless the very act causes them to black out for much longer than what we are seeing. The kiss might have lasted days for Hurley. And it seems like the flashes come back to people in different ways. It was a kiss for Hurley, a handshake for Desmond, near death for Charlie, an image for Libby.

    The way Locke appeared when he got run over was similar to what he looked like when he fell eight storeys. Is Desmond trying to show Locke how to receive his flashes, or is it revenge for what Locke does on the island.

    They say our souls live on after we die. Is it possible when we die our consciousness moves onto another alternative time-line? But I wonder how many

    alternatives there are? According to Daniel Faraday an alternative time-line is created by an event as large as a nuclear explosion. Each minor decision doesn’t create an alternative universe because course correction fixes the mistakes you make. This is how different the time-travel rules are to shows like Back to the Future.

    I don’t think Desmond is dead. We did hear water in the bottom of the well, which could easily break his fall. If Juliet can survive, I’m sure Des can too.

    If libby is there voluntarily, then why is the doctor trying to resist any visitors to her?
    What is the island?
    How come Minkowski is not drving Desmond around?
    When are we going to see the war?
    How does a Hurley flash turn into a Desmond flash, during the same episode?

    • My theory is that Libby started having flashes (what triggered them, we will probably never know). She thought she was going crazy so she voluntarily committed herself. When the doc saw her telling Hurley she remembered him, the doc got worried that Libby was having her flashes again. So he whisked her away.

      The island is ancient, and having a supernatural power. It’s not really part of earth, but is like a heavenly realm between worlds. It contains evil incarnate so he can’t contaminate the rest of world. People are brought to the island, but if they die there they can’t leave.

      Minkowski did drive him to Widmore’s office and then to the stadium after Des’s car was driven into the ocean.

      The war is on, baby! It’s just not overt but covert.

      When did the Hurley flash turn into a Desmond flash?

    • The final scene when Desmond ran over Locke didn’t have anything to do with Hurley.

  8. I thought this episode was very disappointing. Ilana’s death and the whispers reveal fell completely flat and were written terribly.

    Widmore said Desmond would need to make a sacrifice. Perhaps his death by falling in a well is that sacrifice. If it is, very anti-climactic. If it isn’t, how are they going to illogically wriggle Desmond out of this pickle?

    I think the brown-haired boy looked a lot like the blonde kid from earlier episodes. I think this is an allusion to the fact the Jacob and MIB are brothers, like the Biblical Jacob and Esau.

    If they’re rushing answers like in this episode I shutter to think what we’re in store for.

    • For whatever it’s worth, I didn’t like the whispers “reveal” either. I mean they just “told” us what they whispers were without really “showing” us anything cool about them.

      I got to think that Des is alive and well, and will make a last minute return to save the day! Deus Ex Machina.

      MIB made it seem like he knew the kid from before. But why the different hair color?

      I think we are in for a few more quick answers which we won’t like. Nothing ever totally lives up to our imagination. I thought the whispers were going to be explained scientifically. Like for instance, the Others spying on people through tunnels. It explained in my mind where Harper went after her short visit with Juliet and Jack.

  9. I agree. I wasn’t convinced that Unlocke was smokey. I still want to see a cgi smokey morph into Locke

  10. TLE I found a video you & jeremy might like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_eYDbXOhbM

  11. “Michael said he is trapped on the island after he died. And the voices we hear in the whispers are the others that have died and are trapped. Why do they show up right before something dangerous is about to happen? Maybe we will never know. How will they be released from their own purgatory on the island?”

    I think that Micheal revealed something major when he said the whisperers were trapped on the island. Who else is trapped on the Island? I think that Smokey is the sum total of all the whisperers plus more. I think that many of the Whisperers are damned inside the smoke monster – there for its beck and call to serve the needs of the dark. Before MIB could pull from this huge arsenal of shapes and memories, much as a person with multiple personality disorder has many different entities that dwell within its form and are called upon in different situations.

    However, while Micheal speaks of the damned whisperers, I think there are others who are not part of the damned. Lost is often veiled in partial truth, like many of its characters are skilled at. We know that some spirits must move on – Libby appeared with whispers when she tried to stop Micheal from detonating the bomb on the Kahuna. She obviously is not trapped on the island. now. While I am sure that the smoke monster and MIB took on forms or images of others without entrapping their souls (John Locke’s body is under the ground, not housing MIB. I doubt Yemi was amoung the damned not the choir boy who appeared to Eko in his final hour.)

    There are Whisperers, I think, from many worlds. There are people who did not even die on the island amoung them – like the man that Sawyer shot in Austrailia. – Frank Ducett or some name like that. Isabella is another example. Further I don’t think that MIB is the only shapeshifter and I don’t think that there are only 2 universes at play here.

    We saw the importance of burying bodies or sending them off to sea ( water drowns out smoke and earth smothers it.) MIB used bodies, but I think Jacob does too, as well as crazy “mother dearest” whomever she is.

    I have so many many thoughts about this episode, but I learn and I really am trying to keep my posts shorter. Only one topic this post from me about this fantastic and revelatory episode.

    Great blog as always. So much to think about in this episode!

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