All About Lost Eps 6.12

In Everyone Loves Hurley we cover the welcome return of crazy girl Libby, Locke's nasty bump on the head, and a short Wonka rant.

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  1. I’m pretty sure the bag Hurley picked up from Ilana’s stash is the bag containing Jacob’s ashes. Check the episode where Ilana gives it to Miles to divine how Jacob died.

  2. That makes sense. Thanks, LISS. I wonder if he got some “direction” from Jacob by examining the ashes.

  3. Rosalita:

    It’s the story of a young man growing up and falling in love. He is facing the challenges of starting his own life and taking a chance. He’s begging to take a chance and he’s asking for her to take that chance with him “together were gonna go out tonight and make that highway run.”

    This story is aimed at the 20 something year olds, but I think the line “I’m comin’ to lend a hand I’m comin’ to liberate you, confiscate you, I want to be your man” applies to all ages.

    It is a song that transcends age, gender and time, and ultimately it is a great love song that captures all the thrill, fear, risk and courage that falling in love takes.

    I also thought the bag Hurley took from Ilana’s “stuff” was the bag containing Jacob’s ashes.

    • Thanks Buzzmeg. Well put. I went to a Springsteen concert in the early 80’s. It was amazing. He and the band played for like 3.5 hours. I had never been to a concert that long then or since. I wonder if they would ever play this on Lost “Got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack”.

  4. Why is the assumption that Des running over Locke is a form of revenge when it could happening the other way around.? We see UnLocke pushing Des down a well in 2007, when Des ran over Locke in 2004. Maybe Locke is remembering that Des ran him over in 2004, and UnLocke takes revenge on Des be pushing him down a well. From the order of what we viewed on screen, is different in to the actual time-lines.

    • Good point, JayJay
      If the timelines are correct, Des ran over Locke in 2004, so that would mean that Locke must survive this accident, so he then get back to the island to become FLocke.

      I was thinking that somehow the two timelines are actually happening simultaneously and are beginning to converge. Soon they will intersect and who knows what terrible things are about to happen.

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