LOST 6.13 The Last Recruit

Who is the last recruit?  By the end of the episode we find out.  And it’s not at all who we expected.

This episode was about reunions.  The candidates meet Locke’s company, Sawyer and Kate meet at the police station, Jin and Sun meet on island, and Jack and his sister Claire meet off the island.

LA X Timeline

Claire Littleton Shephard

Sawyer brings Kate back to the police station.  He semi flirts with her but says he can’t be nice to her because she is a murderer – she denies it.  Miles is tracking a killing at a restaurant.  They check the survelliance camera and see Sayid leaving the scene.  Kate tells Sawyer he didn’t arrest her at the airport because he was hiding something about his trip to Sydney.  Miles and Sawyer arrest Sayid at Nadia’s house.  Nadia knows that Sayid did something wrong and now he needs to get away.  But Sawyer is waiting at the back of the house and captures him.

Claire shows up at an adoption agency and bumps into Desmond who is there to visit his lawyer.  They both go to the 15th floor where Des convinces the pregnent Claire to meet with his lawyer before signing any complicated adoption papers.  The lawyer is Illana who has been looking for Claire Littleton – you see her name is mentioned in Jack’s fathers will.  Jack and David show up to hear the reading of the will at that exact moment.  Jack meets his sister Claire for the first time.  Just then he gets a call from the hospital its and emergency.  Jack rushes back to operate on a man he recoginizes from the plane –  its John Locke who was a paraplegic before he was run down by Desmond.  Jack is a spinal surgeon.  Will Jack cure his paralysis?  This will be interesting because John had a chance to be cured by Jack before but turned it down.

As Sun is being wheeled into the hospital, she sees John Locke, and says “It’s him”.  That’s interesting because she has never met him in this timeline.  She is healed at the hospital and wakes up to find Jin watching over her.  He says something interesting.  “It’s over”.  This sounds like something he would say at the end of the series.

Island Timeline

Jack and Locke are in a standoff until Locke requests a side meeting.  Hurley gives Jack the okay.  In the side meeting, Locke tells Jack his people were forced to the island by Jacob to serve his purposes.  But now Jacob is dead and they all can leave.  Zoe shows up at the camp, she wants Desmond back, and threatens to blow up the camp with missiles if they don’t comply.  So Locke decides to head to Hydra island to get the plane now.  Sawyer pretends to go along with Locke’s plan, but really is just going to steal Locke’s boat and take Kate, Hurley, Sun, and Lapidus to the island with him, where they will commandeer the submarine.  He recruits Jack to help him.

Meanwhile Locke recruits Sayid to go and kill what Widmore wants so badly.  Sayid finds Des in the well still alive.  He is about to shoot him, when Des asks what Locke promised him.  He promised Sayid would be reunited with dead Nadia.  But Des asks him what he will tell Nadia when he sees her.  Will he tell her he killed some people to get back to her?  Next we see Locke finding Sayid. Sayid says he shot Des, but I don’t believe him.  Locke gets back to find Jack, Saywer and the rest gone.

Sawyer’s plan works and they are about to board the boat, when Claire shows up.  Kate convinces her she can get her back to Aaron.  I am not sure Claire totally believe this but she goes with them.  Earlier Jack asks her why she went with Locke in the first place, she replies “he did not leave me”.  On the boat Jack tells Sawyer they need to go back to the island to complete the mission Jacob put them on.  Saywer is not interested and forces Jack to the jump off the boat.  He swims ashore only to be captured by Locke’s team.  When Zoe sees that Locke is still on the island, she gets orders from Widmore to fire the missiles at Locke.  How he knows he’s at the beach is beyond me.  Jack and Locke are nearly hit by a missile so Locke pulls Jack to safety.  Jack let Locke talk to him and according to Claire, it was a that moment that Jack became Locke’s new recruit.

Things I noticed:

Jack should have died when the missile detonation threw him across the beach.  But the island wasn’t done with him yet so since he’s a candidate he is still alive.

Jack has become old Locke by telling people (Sun and now Sawyer) their destiny is with the island.  Flocke tells him that old Locke was chosen because he was dumb enough to believe the island had a destiny for him.

Why didn’t Locke’s group just hold Zoe hostage.  Would Widmore have killed her to kill Locke?  Would Widmore have risked killing Desmond, not knowing where he was?  This part of the show bothered me.

How could Jack just leave Claire behind after she told him he was her brother?  Luckily Claire followed them.

Okay I really need to know who Jack is married to.  It looks like David is not too anxious to get back to his mom.  At this point I think it has to be “blondie”.

How did Sun recover so quickly?  Was she just shot in the hand?

What did Jin mean by “we” are all right now, it’s over.  This sounds like something you would say at the end of the series (or end of the time loop).

Will Jack really join Locke’s team?  Only Sayid is left of the candidates.  Even most of the redshirt henchmen are dead.

Overall I thought this was a pretty ho-hum episode.  We got the Jin Sun reunion, but I felt nothing at all.  I guess seeing them reunited with the sonic fence nearby threw me off. I kept wondering if the sonic fence was on and Sun would be fried like Mikhail in Season 3.  The Claire Jack reunion was a little better, but I kept wondering why the lawyers office was on the same floor as the adoption agency.  I know fate is bringing everyone together, but didn’t Des need to find Claire and by chance they ended up in the same building at the same time, just as Jack was showing up there.  Humm “how convenient”.

What did you guys think?  I hope you liked it more than I did.  What about Sawyer kicking Jack off the boat?  Will Kate go back for him as she was prone to do in previous seasons?

11 Responses

  1. I liked it. but . . . . . . too many new questions at this stage of the game.

    Jack jumping off the boat was a mirror image of Sawyer jumping from the helicopter.

    Funny how Dr. Linus didn’t know Locke’s first name even though they are co-workers and have talked to each other.

    If MIB appeared on the Island as Christian, how do we account for seeing Christian off the Island?

    Did Sayid kill Desmond or did he lie to MIB?

    What’s up with Desmond kissing Ilana, the lawyer when they meet in her office?

    Perhaps Sawyer and Kate are Adam & Eve. Although Eve is supposed to give the apple to Adam. (lol). And what’s up with those leather jackets. They looked like they came from a re-make of Blackboard Jungle.

    • Buzmeg
      Your Blackboard Jungle reference had me laughing.
      Good catch on the image of Sawyer jumping out of the helo. I thought something was weirdly familiar with the way he jumped but I didn’t make the connection.

      Some people are saying Christian off island was just a hullicination, I don’t really buy that because Jack had yet to get on the pills and booze when he saw him in the hospital lobby.

      He lied to MIB about killing Desmond. Des got to him with his “what are you going to tell Nadia” line. Des will return to save the day.

      Illana and Des must be friends, but they haven’t told us yet how they know each other.

      I agree with you on Sawyer/Kate probably = Adam/Eve. The apples are a dead giveaway.

      I was wondering if all the castaways are going to be able to see their flash sideways soon leading them to have to decide which reality they would rather be in either a. The Island Reality or b. The Sideways LAX reality.

  2. This is an episode where worlds collide.

    When Claire explained to Jack “You decided the moment you let him talk to you”, is it connected to the fact that you don’t let MIB talk to you before you attempt to kill him?

    Kate wears a cap similar to her original flashbacks.

    I wondered why they let Zoe go also, but I guess it’s the same reason Widmore let Saywer go. They took Desmond from Widmore, but he also took Jin from UnLocke. So they are even now.

    The war has begun, I’m ready for an all out slaughter from both teams.

    It’s funny how Jack the Doc is heading for the Dock.

    I’m not sure what side the island is helping. If the island doesn’t want Jack to leave then why does the island give Jack the opportunity to split off UnLocke’s main group.

    I imagined that well to be deeper than what it was shown. Mabe they didn’t reach the electromagnetic anomoly judging by how deep they dug.

    It does seem like Sayid hasn’t told Locke the truth, and seems like Desmond might have made a bargain with Sayid himself, and Sayid’s soul is back with him. I wondered if it was Sayid’s soul that left him, that made him become Zombie like. If UnLocke can detect fear, how come he can’t tell if someone is lying?

    There seems be some deals going down every which way. Claire seems to be normal after she made a deal with Kate to see Aaron again. Just like Sayid is now. Maybe love redeems the soul.

    Jack acted the same way when he first discovered Claire was his sister in the Attorney’s office.

    It’s funny to see Jack at the front of the boat when travelling to the Hydra island. Kinda like the Titanic movie which Leonardo DiCaprio played a character called Jack.

    Maybe Jack is right about MIB, he wants everyone to leave so he can have the island to himself.

    Desmond does seem like Jacob, slipping in and out of people’s lives.

    Did Jack die and come too after the missiles where launched? Similar to how Claire was revived, and Sayid also can back to life.

    This was definitely a setup episode, I sense a big ending, I only hope it rings true.

    What happened to Walt’s dream of Locke in a suit? He doesn’t have a suit now, and no one wanted to kill him when he was in a suit.

    • JayJay
      I forgot about Walt’s dream. I wonder how the writers will pull that off so that Locke is in a suit. Maybe it will happen in the flashsideways at his wedding with Helen.

      Flocke has always hated what people would do to the island, so maybe he does want to stay there alone. But Jacob said the island was built to contain him and he invited people there to prove Flocke wrong about their evil nature.

      I thought Jack might have died too. I have to rewatch, but I hear that Jack has the scars on his neck now, that we saw in the premiere LAX episode.

  3. I thought this was a good episode. It was great to see the Losties move an on island mission forward as that’s the best drama the show provides. There are still some glaring logical storyline conundrums though:

    What was Sawyer thinking when he thought he and Widmore still had a deal? That was contingent on Sawyer duping Locke into coming to Hydra island thinking the coast was clear but Locke and Widmore have already met face to face and are well aware of each other by now.

    And what purpose did Widmore have in taking Jin a few episodes ago? He’s done nothing with him at all and now that he and Sun are reunited and they are under capture by Widrmore’s people what possible purpose can he have?

    Lastly, why would Widmore think that missiles could kill MIB when he obviously knows about him as the Blake Smoke and brought the sonic fence as a result?

  4. I think Walt’s dream about Locke in the suit has already happened. It happened when Locke first came out of the crate reanimated by MIB after Ajiria 316 crashed and Casear et al were interrogating him.

  5. The pacing and level of tension were moved to another level in this episode. Perhaps it was due to not being singularly character centric. This is more the format I expected season 6 to follow.

    Although, we were given a direct answer to MIB’s appearance as Christian to Jack I don’t believe this is the sole answer for Christians’ appearances. This season we are led to believe that MIB is restrained to the island yet Christian appears to Jack off island at the hospital and to Michael on board the Kahana. Christian appears to Hugo in the cabin but we know a circle of ash prevents MIB from entering a structure. We have not only seen Christian as MIB but could have also been an island apparition, a ghost, a whisper, and possibly Jacob (despite the writers’ comments).

    Jack tells Claire that he hasn’t decided to join MIB but Claire says he decided to join the moment he let MIB talk. Does this mean that Widmore is also a recruit? The bombs make me think no but remember, this is LOST. And what about Vincent? I’d hate to think he is a recruit but he did meet with Christian in the jungle.

  6. I’m tired of the way they’ve been answering questions the last couple of weeks. Last week Hurley asks Michael directly about the whispers and this week Jack asks F-Locke about being his dad. Either it’s poor writing (which I don’t want to believe) or they’re both lying. When writing scripts there’s the old saying, show – don’t tell, which Lost tends to follow. I would love to see a Smokey flashback episode (which we probably won’t get) where we get to see a flashback of him changing into Christian before walking up to Jack. That’s the way to reveal it, not some face-to-face question and answer session.

    My daughter’s theory about Christian’s (and other) appearances off island is that they were Jacob. She thinks we’ll find out that Jacob can change into white smoke (and other people) just like Smokey. Even if the writers said that’s not the case, during season 3(?) they said they would never have any time travel. They also said early on (Season 1?) that the island wasn’t heaven/hell/purgatory but this season they’re pushing things back to those ideas. They’re probably doing it just to mislead people but regardless they have no problem feeding misinformation to keep their secrets.

    I agree that Sayid didn’t kill Desmond. It will be fun to see how pissed off F-Locke gets when he finds out.

    It’s fun seeing Jack become more and more like old Locke, always trusting the island, everything happening for a reason, and all that since Jack was always frustrated with Locke being that way.

    When Desmond was on the elevator with Claire it would have been nice to have the lawyer’s office on the 16th floor so they could have used two of the numbers instead of just one. The way Desmond is tracking down everyone so well I’m thinking one of the Widmores is helping (Eloise, Charles or Daniel). There’s no way he’s finding these people so quickly and showing up in just the right spot otherwise…unless (this just popped into my head) he’s Jacob. In the flash sideways timeline Ben never killed Jacob. Jacob could have died when the bomb went off but none of the Losties did so why would it have killed Jacob? The way Desmond is popping up at just the right spots at just the right times is very Jacob-like.

    Widmore’s intention wasn’t to kill F-Locke. His intention was to kill/disperse his followers to make him less powerful. F-Locke can’t kill the candidates himself so he needs someone with him he can manipulate into doing so. Since Widmore had control over most of the candidates he could freely bomb the sh-t out of F-Locke’s people.

    I hope they start killing off some of the regular characters on the island pretty soon. They can all come back when the timelines get corrected but without the threat that some of them could actually die it’s not as intense. During the first couple of seasons there was the impression that they were willing to kill anyone.

    And I have to say that I’m totally losing interest in anything going on in the Flash Sideways portions. I feel the same way I did with all Oceanic Six stuff off island. It was interesting at first but then it just started dragging with little payoff..

  7. I loved F-Locke’s line to Jack “you were trapped on the Island even before you got here!” I think the flash side ways will be critical to a successful conclusion to Lost on the Island.
    Jack is definitely the hero on center stage.
    Jack steps up and accepts his fate and destiny as a hero (as he walks the plank).

    He leaves behind his friends and chooses his own destiny. The classic tale of the hero as he faces his true test alone agaist the dark side – Locke.

    1.) Just Wondering How will Lost end?
    Star Wars A new hope: conquering evil.
    Empire Strikes Back: barely surviving to fight another day, minus a limb with a hero frozen in carbonite?(or Jacob’s cabin?) or
    The Return of the Jedi: with Anakin redeemed? (Hurley’s chiice)

    2.) Will Jack saving Locke in the flash sideways awaken John’s memories and how will an awakenend Locke affect F-Locke on the Island?
    Will John have MiB/F-Locke’s memories? Will John and F-Locke swap consciousness?

    3.) What is Desmond up to? Is he a new found Jacob (like father like son?)
    Is he working for the light to save us all? Or for himself to save his life with Penny?   
    4.) who is that kid that F-Locke wants everyone to ignore? Is he the man behind the curtain?

  8. Wow. So many great comments. Thanks everyone.

    Lee, I am with you 100%. There are so many better ways to “show” the answers than to just “talk” about them. My guess is that the writers are “acknowleging” the most popular theories about the island, so as to let us down easy when we find out it’s something totally different.

    My theory (which of course is totally crazy)… is that the island is like the “ring” in lord of the rings. It embodies a character or maybe two characters “jacob” and “evil incarnate”. In LOTR it embodied the spirit of the dark lord, Sauron.

    The way I am making the flashsideways interesting is the potential that the candidates will have to choose which “reality” they would rather live in. Some will go one way, some another. I guess this might happen, but I really don’t know.

    Jack = Frodo. He has chosen his path even though he knows he will have to leave his friends behind to get there. Actually Frodo was cooler but anyway.

  9. I’m sorry I haven’t responded to your last podcast and videocast – they both were great. I’ve been home sick with stomach bug that is really beating me up. I know its not serious, but that doesn’t help when I am hurting. Anyway…

    These are really all my own ideas. If others have posted similar ones, I haven’t seen them. The only reason I say that is because I haven’t read as many blogs or listened to as many podcasts as normal, but I’m so surprised I haven’t heard these 3 things pointed out. Here goes,,,,

    What I discovered about Lost in “The Last Recruit”.
    the end of this episode corresponds to the beginning of the season premier. The premiere opened on the airplane and we see Jack. The camera shows us that Jack we notice he has sand on his thumb (and other spots). Jack is then joined by Desmond as they hit turnbulence while flying over The Island which is now under the sea..

    Jack gets up to go to the bathroom and looks into the mirror at a scratch on his neck. The camera focuses on Jack’s reflection as he studies the scratch with a puzzled look on his face. Then he washes his hands and returns to his seat. Desmond is gone and no-one saw him leave.

    Way back towards the end of Season 2, there were all kinds of contests asking us fans how we thought the season would end. I wrote a very very long response, dealing with alternate selves coming together to fight off “the Others” (oh weren’t we so convinced that they were evil incarnate, back then? Our perceptions have been subtly and purposefully manipulated by thoese incredible writers over the past 6 years, forcing us to question our own definitions of good and evil)
    I predicted that we would be dealing with either differents alternate versoions of our losties joining together for one huge batttle OR that we would find role archetypes amoung our losties (single mom, drug addict, man of science, man of faith, betrayer, lottery winner, estranged couple, etc) and our losties would go thru their island experiences over and over again. Each experience would end in some kind of caticlysmic event, and then start all over again with the losties changing places – like moving through different homes in the astrological wheel.
    Just about everyone has heard the theory of Jack becoming Locke- even to looking into the mirror and seeing Locke (good catch!) But there are so many others. Tne one that hit me most from this episode is Jin promising Sun, in a robotic type voice ; we will never be apart again.” It sure sounds alot like “I’ll never leave you , Penn”. And look what happened to Desmond and Penny and little Charlie.”
    Des questioning Sayid about how he would explain to Nadia what he did to get her back, seems to have played out before between Michael and Walt.
    We have 2 new sets of half brother and sister. Will any follow in the steps of Shannon and Boone? John has taken on the role of Christian. Perhaps Sawyer is the new Jack- or is Hurley being prepped for that role? We have a new set of Others – Charles Widmore replacing Benjamin Linus. (one could make an arguement that Zoe and her team are the new Dharma Initiative. They certainly are replacing Daniel, Charlotte and Miles and the new science crew.)
    I’m sure there are many more examples. But Jin and Sun, both when reunited on the island and when; in the hospital when Sun awakes, were so so much a mirror of Desmond and Penny during season 5 that it was an instant “aha” moment.

    And like Eloise Hawkins, one can only wonder what will happen now that time has once again caught up with itself Last year it was when Elie shot Daniel when he was time traveling to when she actually killed him in her time. Suddenly, for the first time she didn’t know what would happen next. Now that time has caught up to our timetraveling others as the plane flew over a sunken island, and a bomb went off, perhaps sinking the island, or at least putting Jack and the other Losties on the way to the new imaginary alternate universe.
    Lastly (for now) – the LOST fandom seems to be abuzz with talk of the _X world being all messed up and sloppy in keeping time going at the same pace for each character. Or rather, the lack of any continuity of time. Perhaps it is easier to carry on about this than to deal with the dread of the approaching end of LOST, and all its community, podcasts, blogs, etc. The END. It really scares me now that it approaches. So maybe that is why the fandom is bickering about timelines not matching up with _X world characters.
    The world of the X-world was created by someone to lure the Losties away from the island. Even the stern time keeper Hawkins is happy in this timeline and wants to keep it in existance. It will crumble if the island world does not. Ok. So why would we imagine that each character’s imaginary world would run at the same rate in sync with other wishfull imaginary timelines? If Sun’s world doens’t take as long as Locke’s world to accomplish what it has to offer, well, why should it? Each character has a separate fork of time lines and they interesect with the timelines of the other characters, but that doen’s mean that they sync in calandar time. Why should it?
    Did anyone see Fringe last week? Great series and if you haven’t seen it I recommend you give it a try. Stephen King may have written that the next series to take the place of Lost will be call “The Hunted” but I have not seen a show by that name, so I predict that Fringe will attract the bulk of the LOST crowd. Anyway, it showed a diagream of a character and how it branched off. It branched off in so many places. With each major decision – some of which seemed very unimportant at the time – came a new fork in the timeline and a new world with it’s own forks was born.
    The _X world is filled with many different worlds. Different for each character and for each character – different worlds created by different events and choices. The choices were often instigated by another character, but that doens’t mean that 3 days for Locke was 3 days for Sun. Each story moves at its own pace and is not supposed to be in alignment with anything but itself. This is not a world of 2 or 3 time lines, but of many many timelines. It is a set of multi universes! Like the different books in written by Stephen King – they line up into different multiverses, but the time line of The Dark Tower doesn’t have to match up with The Dome, or Insomnia or Carrie or any other. This in no way, however diminishes the connection and the relationships formed within that multiverse.
    I just realized what I’ve said. I put the Lost writers in the same league as Stephen King. I can’t think of a bigger compliment to the writers of such an awesome show.
    Lots to think about! I love this show! Like the approaching end of a wonderful book, I anticipate and dread the final lines.

    Man’s reach should exceed one’s grasp or what’s a heaven for?

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