New podcast

I have started work on the new podcast special for this week.  If you would like to get a preview you can check it out on the new blog I am making:

The new Life After Lost blog.

I hope you like this new series.

4 Responses

  1. It looks very good, Doug. It can continue on with the mind explorations (a walk-about in your mind) when the show is over.

    At first I was confused as to why you chose heaven and hell rather than life and death. I do not believe in either Heaven or Hell, although we may make our own prisons where we stagnate in repetative unfulfillment until we can give ourselves permission to move on and learn and create again. Life and death are more easily blurred than heaven and hell and perhaps that is my difficulty.,

    I am curious as to why you chose the story of the 1 lost lamb, rather than the prodigal son or the redemption of Mary Magdolin, They are very similar in nature and I always wonder,n in such cases, why the choices are made as they are.

    I think that a number of the books we were encouraged to read hy Darlton can provide all kinds of food for thought on heaven and hell. I do like the articles you chose as well..

    I am confused, though. I went to register so I could post a comment on one of the posts in your new blog and I was asked if I wanted a blog or just a member name. I thought it might just be trying to entice bloggers, except that on one of your posts it said something like “this could be your new blog and you can start by editing this post to fit your needs” or something like that. Are you looking to set up a blogging community with yours at the center of the hub, or are you looking at a new blog for you and maybe Jeremy, once Lost ends,

    BTW – I don’t like Micheal Emersons idea. I don’t think he should play the law abiding citizen to Locke’s bad guy at all. It should be the Ben character (type) vs the Locke character (type). The perfect odd couple – Though my favoirite spinoff that couldn’t be called a spinoff would be The LeFloures in Dharmaville.

    When are you making your podcast this weekend? Will it be on ustream or closed with your own software?

  2. Hey there Lucy,
    Thank you so much for your comment. I am going to do life and death as well. For some reason I was inspired to do heaven and hell this time.

    I normally do the podcasts on Saturday morning but I have company over this weekend so it may not come out until Sunday night. I want to get to the point where I can ustream the podcasts, but I need to figure out how to add in audio (from the show and music interludes) and that part has me vexed. I really like adding in the audio because it makes the podcast more interesting and keeps it closer to the source (LOST).

    I love the lost lamb and prodigal son stories. The prodigal son is actually one of my all time favorites, so I hope to discuss that one also. btw Jeremy is studying for AP exams and probably won’t make this weeks or even next weeks podcast. He should be back after the exams are over. He is also playing in our county’s tennis tournament.

    You are right about the comments section. The default settings were set so you had to register. No longer is this is case. You should be able to comment to the new blog now without having to do anything.

    I am so looking forward to doing this series over the summer. I do want people to come to my blog and leave lots of comments and interact with one another. I have a pretty intense regular nine to five job so this is what I do in what’s left of my spare time.

    If you can point me to heaven and hell references in Darlton’s book recommendations that would be helpful and I can mention that on the podcast.

  3. Doug, it is so late and I am so tired and I just erased everything I wrote. I basically said that I think this new board is a fantastic idea. There will be so many of us left Lost after LOST is over. It will be great to have an outlet to focus on what we have learned from LOST – a way of redirecting all this energy left with no place to go.

    I know there are many of the books dealing with aspects of heaven and hell on the reading list, all though the first that comes to mind is The Third Policeman and Stranger in a Strange Land, There are others and I will post ideas from some tomorrow .

    My husband is an awesome guitarist and he is always doing audio things with his computer. He posts on lotx of tracks and cover sites, and he also cuts out songs from shows and he just loves working with sound. So I imagine you, like him, getting lost in the software and and tools trying to get everything just “perfect” and doing it over and over even when it is already fine to everyone else.. Course I could be all wrong but the thought makes me giggle.

    Good luck to Jeremy on his APs. Is that Advanced Placement or Early Admission program tests? Either way I am sure he will do great. There is so much pressure on todays young men and women – Adding the pressure of athletic competition adds even more stress = although it is also an awesome outlet for it too. A good balance – as several Lost characters might point out, Anyway, I wish him lots of luck – even though I doubt he’ll need it.

    I am excited, too, about your new board and the chance to read and explore more of the LOST world. I look forward to learning, posting interacting and helping in any way. I also look forward to going through some of my collection of LOST books again.

    • Lucy,
      Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I am so looking forward to my own stress relief (the next episode of Lost). Yes I do like to make a good podcast if I can. I remember the Third Policeman is quite interesting and just a bit confusing as well. The other book on hell I remember is the Great Divorce by CS Lewis (and I don’t mean the redhead, lol).

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