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Movieline does a good job of answering many of LOST’s lingering questions:


LOST Mythology

Staci does a great job at explaining the mythology of LOST in this post.


Lost – More Answers Revealed

Kristin Dos Santos answers questions concerning the MIB’s real name and the audience figures out the motivations of Eloise Hawking.  We also learn whose eye we saw in Jacob’s cabin.

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LOST 6.17 The End – Analysis

The more I think about this episode the more I really love it.


Remember this season how Des was so calm cool and collected around Sayid and MIB, two of the most dangerous men on the island?  It’s because he was convinced that his role on the island was 100% correct.  He even feels a bit indestructible.  Now back in Season 2, Des and Locke argued over whether the button needed to pushed or not.  Des thought it had to be pushed because flight 815 crashed after he stopped the button pushing (he had done this job alone for three years).  But in a reversal from Season 2 and against my expectations, Desmond who was so confident in his mission to save the world, loses it instead.  He tries to “uncork the bottle” in the cave only to see it start the destruction of the island.

This is one of the most subtlest themes of LOST.  We can do what we think are the most meaningful tasks for years and years here on Earth only to find out they weren’t really that important after all.  In fact, the tasks are not the important thing, it’s what we do to take care of each other that’s important.

MIB and Jack have the ultimate argument to prove who is right.  MIB sees destruction of the island, and Jack sees destruction of MIB.  Who will be correct?  Actually neither and both.  Des nearly destroys the island, but in the process turns the MIB into a mortal which allows Jack (in one big epic “boss” battle) to do away with MIB – with a little help from his good friend Kate.  This ties all the way back to the Season 1 finale when Jack tells her that after they open the hatch they will have a “Locke” problem and does Kate have his “back” and yes, she sure did!

Again its friendship that saves the day.  Speaking of which Hurley saves the day and the lives of so many people in this finale.

  • He saves Charlie by bringing him to the concert to meet Claire.
  • He saves Sayid by telling him he needs to stop believing he is a killer because he really is a good man.  Sayid proves it, by getting Boone out of a fight, and thereby reunites with Shannon.
  • He saves Jack by taking over the role of protector which allows Jack to make the sacrifice to save the island
  • He saves Ben by making him his counselor / assistant on the island, so Ben can rule without having to resort to drastic measures when he did the job before alone.

The whole of Lost is about characters not what they do to save the world, but how they love and sacrifice for one another.

  • Charlie sacrificed so Des and Penny could be reunited.
  • Kate gave up Aaron so Claire would have a purpose to her life.
  • Des turned from coward to brave defender of the island so that they could escape (remember Des saying it’s all a bloody snowglobe and there is no escape).

But for Ben there was no sacrifice.  He was motivated by greed and lust for power on the island.  He lost the one thing he truly loved, Alex. He killed Widmore to get revenge for her death. Then he killed Locke because he never believed he was special.  Correction:  Ben did make a sacrifice (see comment below).

LOST 6.17 The End

Yes. It’s sadly here.  The last episode of LOST.

Please post your comments of the episode in the comments section below.  I would like to find out if you liked it overall and which parts you liked in particular.

Well LOST brought back so many wonderful memories tonight.  I know it did for me and I hope it did for you also.  LOST has always been a show about hope and love and faith.  Faith in one another and faith in fulfilling the role we are given.  Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Ben, Claire, and Locke…  they all played their part, not in service to themselves but in service to one another.  When one was lonely, depressed, hurt and in need, one of their friends would come to lift them up and give them hope and not just for this life but also in their future lives.  LOST shows that our life goes on even after we have left this world.


The final recap of the final show.  It’s difficult to type this.  I still have tears in my eyes from watching the beautiful memories of my friends the castaways brought to the island and into all of our shared experiences for this past six years.  I watched the show from the very beginning with a little bit of fear and a great deal of expectation.  And now it’s over but I know I will remember what LOST has taught me about life.

The episode begins with a montage of our characters in the flash sideways.  John comes to the hospital for his back surgery and Jack will do the operation.  Kate is being abducted by Desmond to attend the charity concert where Charlie and Daniel will perform.  Hurley is instructed to find Charlie and Sayid is with them.  In the background the lost casket of Christian Shephard makes its way to an unknown destination.

Jack and John:

John asks for reassurance before the operation, that everything will be alright.  Jack assures him that he is very confident about the surgery and John gives his okay.  Jack gives his son David over to his mother (Juliet! as we all expected) to take him to the concert.  She walks by Sawyer but they don’t recognize one another.  After the surgery Jack notices he is bleeding from the neck.  He wants to leave for the concert while John sleeps off the anesthetic, but John awakens.  Jack is amazed because the surgery has already brought about feeling in Johns legs and he can move his toes.  He tells Jack, “I hope someone fixes you like you fixed me”.

Hurley and Charlie:

Hurley goes to the FlightLine motel (where John tried to propose to Helen in S2).  There he finds Charlie in a very drunken state.  Hurley is overjoyed to find his friend who died on the island.  Now they are reunited, but Charlie doesn’t remember him.  Which is a bit odd because Charlie was the one who got Desmond to see his memories. Although Charlie seemed to be controlled by his near death experience on the plane more than anything.  So Hurley has to tranquilize him to bring him to the concert.  I was so happy to see the overjoyed look in Hurley’s face when he got to see Charlie again.  They then go to a bar where Boone is getting beat up and Shannon cries out for help.  Sayid is told by Hurley that he is good man, but Sayid doesn’t believe him.  But still he leaps out of the van and saves Boone.  When Sayid touches Shannon’s arm they remember their love on the island.  Sayid lost Nadia but is reunited with Shannon.  Does this mean that Nadia might be still alive?  This last question will make sense to you when we get to the end.

The Concert:

Kate arrives with Desmond who brings them to a table shared by Juliet, David and Claire.  Claire was staying with Jack so it makes sense he would invite her to the concert.  Right before the concert is about to start Charlotte has to awaken a drunk Charlie to go on with the show.  At first Charlie thinks she recognizes him as a famous rock star.  But in a funny twist, she only just read a note pinned to him that said wake him up.  As they are walking out she bumps into Daniel who has already noticed her at the museum, but this time he breaks his fear and introduces himself.  They seem to make a quick connection.

As Daniel and Charlie are about to start the show, Charlie sees Claire in the audience and immediately recognizes her from his near death vision on the plane.  He is so dumbstruck he just stares at her.  She starts to have contractions, but doesn’t say anything and leaves to go to the bathroom.  Luckily Kate knows something is wrong and follows her.  She is going into labor, and as Kate delivers the baby, all of her island memories of Aaron’s birth flood back to her and she starts to cry tears of joy.  Claire gets a quick flash too, but it’ when holds Charlie’s hand that all of their memories come back.  They recognize one another and are overjoyed to be reunited again.

Jack arrives late.  He missed everything but Kate is waiting for him.  She tells him he recognizes her from the plane (she stole a pen from him, which is very cute because when Oceanic first crashes on the island, Jack needs a pen and Boone gets him one).  Kate tells Jack she has missed him so much and touches his face (as she did when they kissed for the first time in S1).  But when Jack sees the island and his memory of Kate he pulls away.  Afraid because he does not understand what it means.  She promises him he will understand if he will just go with her.

On the island:

Jack has volunteered to be protector of the island.  He knows that he will have to stop Locke from leaving and destroying it.  Locke needs Desmond to carry out his plan.  They meet Miles, Ben and Sawyer at the well.  It turns out that Bernard is the one who pulled Des out and has taken him to his abode that he shares with his wife Rose.  They usually don’t get involved so they want Des to leave.  But too late, Locke has found them by tracing Vincent’s trail (Vincent is the dog brought to island by Oceanic 815).  He takes Desmond and heads for a meeting with Jack at the light cave.  Before they arrive Jack meets them and tells Locke exactly what he is going to do.  He will let Des enter the cave, but then he is going to kill Locke.  Locke thinks he will destroy the island and escape.  So again there is a battle of wills between the two.

When they get there Jack and Locke lower Des down by rope into the waterfall, which reflects the season 1 finale of the two men looking down into the hatch.  Desmond “turns the failsafe key” by removing an ancient stone from the “pool of life”.  I am not sure what he expected but the pool goes dark.  Locke thinks he has won, when the island starts to self destruct.  But Jack has a surprise for him. The island was the source of Life for Smokey.  And when it went out Smokey became mortal.  Jack got to him and punched him, but Locke hits Jack with a rock knocking him unconscious.  So maybe what Mother told young MIB was true.  You can never leave the island.

Jack follows Locke to his cliffside home, where the sailboat is anchored close by.  They fight and Jack is stabbed.  Luckily he is stabbed where his appendix was removed in Season 4.  Locke is about to do away with Jack, but he is saved by his girl, Kate.  When she shoots Locke with the one bullet she saved for him.  Locke falls off the cliff.  Jack tells them he has to stop the island from destroying itself.  Kate wonders if she will ever see Jack again and then she tells him she loves him.  She decides to go with Sawyer to get Claire to leave the island.  They do the same jump off the cliff they did off the waterfall together in S1.  When they get to Hydra Kate has to convince Claire to go, and tells Claire not to worry, she will help raise Aaron with her.

The plane is readied by Lapidus, who survived the sub explosion.  Miles, Richard, Kate, Claire, and Sawyer are on board when Lapidus gets the plane airborne.  They clear the trees and depart the island.  Meanwhile Jack, Ben and Hurley return to the light cave.  Jack knows he might not come out alive and gives the job to Hurley, who reluctantly agrees when Jack says he believe in him.  {There was a scene a few years back when Jack told Hurley he was crazy}.  Jack goes in the cave and resets the fail safe rock.  The island river of life is restored, Desmond is pulled out alive.  But Jack seems to be stuck there.  Until the stream washes him back outside the cave.  He stumbles on and makes it as far as the bamboo jungle where he lays down near death.  Hurley and Ben realize that Jack is gone.  Hurley asks Ben’s help to run the island (Ben becomes the new Richard).  Ben is honored.  He gets the island like he always wanted but not as a dictator, more like a mentor/counselor to Hurley.

The Church:

At the church Ben and Locke meet each other outside.  Ben apologizes to Locke and tells him he was being greedy and selfish and that Locke was truly the special one.  Locke forgives Ben, but Ben won’t go into the church.  Hurley comes by later to thank Ben for being his number 2 guy on the island.  Apparently all worked out well while they ruled there.  Ben still won’t come into the church.  Hurley goes in.  Inside Jack touches his father’s casket and it awakens his memories of the island.  He opens it to find it is empty.  His father Christian appears and tells Jack that he is dead.  When Jack asks how his dad could be there, Christian asks the same to Jack and he then realizes he is dead too.  Jack reunites with all his friends from the island, they are there to meet him in his church.  His family that he made for himself from the survivors of this life will be his companions in the next life.

The Ending:

Jack lays down in the same spot where we started the show.  His wound is lethal.  He sees Vincent who comes to be next to him.  Jack looks up and sees the plane flying over head.  Apparently his mission has succeeded.  He saved his friends.  His eye closes.  Jack dies.  But he does not die alone.


We see airplane wreckage on the beach. LOST.


I will have an in depth analysis here sometime later on Monday or Tuesday.  For now, let me give you some possibilites for the ending:

  1. The Ajira flight crashed on the beach.  No one was supposed to leave the island and so Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Miles and Lapidus all died shortly after Jack did.
  2. Oceanic 815 is on the beach.  This could be a flashback to the pilot episode.
  3. Another plane has landed on the beach.  The cycle repeats itself for the island’s new caretakers, Hurley and Ben.

Personally I like the first choice because I believe this group of people (Jack’s group) were meant to live and to die together.

All About Lost Eps 6.16 – What They Died For

Our first ever initial and final reactions podcast of LOST. We stayed up to midnight which means Jeremy nearly passes out, but he does make it to the end of the podcast. We discuss Jack's anointment, Locke's death and destruction campaign, TLE's epic video fail, and much more about my never ending dreams about LOST.

MP3 File

LOST 6.16 What They Died For

First I apologize to those who turned out for the video.  I finally got it working but not until everyone had left (except one person).  So we did the audio podcast instead.

Lesson learned:  Don’t ever mix Garageband with Ustream.

It's not your fault. The Smoke monster made you do it.

Okay.  This was the penultimate episode of LOST. Overall I liked it, but I can finally say that even I am getting tired of Kate’s lines on the show.  Can’t they give her anything to do?  The good news is she is going to the concert that Jack is going to in X world, and she’ll be wearing a black dress.


Jack’s eye opens at his apartment.  He has a mirror moment and this time his neck wound is even bigger and on both sides of his neck.  Is Jack going to be beheaded on island and so we are seeing the early stages off island?

Claire has cereal with Jack and his son.  Reminded me of scene where Ben said “Got any milk” in the hatch.  I was happy to see Claire being taken care of.  Jack is going to see his ex wife at the concert.  If you haven’t guessed who the ex is, well what can I say.

Des calls Jack pretending to be Oceanic Air who have located the coffin of Christian.  How did Des even find out about the coffin?  Illana may be doing some snooping for him.  So Jack is going to the airport before he goes to the concert.

Ben gets beat up by Desmond in order for him to remember his other timeline (when Des beat him up for trying to hurt Penny).  Don’t even think about messing with our Penny!

We find out that Richard buried Alex which is a good thing because Smokey became Alex for a short time to fool Ben into killing Jacob before that happened.

Ben was “told” how to summon the smoke monster by releasing the bathtub stopper in the secret room.  Who told him this?  My guess is we may never know.

Widmore rigged the plane to detonate, but didn’t detonate it.  I must have missed something he said.  Ben has a bunch of C4 in a backpack.  Will he use it in the finale?

Ben sees himself in a mirror after becoming aware of the sideways world.  He tells Locke he has to “let go” which he heard also from Jack.  So now Locke knows it’s his destiny to have Jack fix him and get out of the wheelchair.

Young Jacob steals the ashes from Hurley so that Old Jacob can finally die (once the ashes burn up in the fire).  Will young Jacob continue on or will he die too?

The Black Smoke slams Richard against a tree.  But Richard can’t die, or can he, and he just needed to be slammed against a tree to prove it?  Plus he said he saw all the Losties were dead (when did that happen or has it not happened yet?).

Ben looks like he might be pulling a long con against Smokey.  When Sawyer tried it the MIB figured it out.  Or maybe Ben really does want to kill everyone on the island.  He certainly had no trouble killing Widmore.

I like the scenes with Alex, Rousseau and Ben.  Ben seems to have found a family and likes Rousseau even though she “kidnapped” him to make dinner for him.  Did they have ham?

Jacob tells them all what they died for.  He made a mistake and Saywer points out that his mistake should not have brought them to the island.  But how did they survive a plane crash?  Could Jacob do that too?  Unless maybe Richard saw them dead after the crash and Jacob brought them back to life by touching them all.

Jack’s visit from Locke was like Locke’s previous visit to the hospital.  Both times he was hit by a car and Jack was the doctor. Both times Locke tried to convince Jack about something.  “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate” (just like Eko said to Locke in the hatch).  BTW we see a group picture with Christian taken at Thanksgiving on Jack’s desk, so they must have been a close family before Christian “died” in Australia.

Hurley is glad he is not the protector of the island when Jack steps up.  I don’t know but WHY protect the island, Jack? Anyway Jack drinks the special water, and so is he now immortal?  If so why does he have scratches on his neck in X world?  Now Jack is like Jacob, which reminds me of the Adam and Eve Bible story.  “If you eat of the apple you will be like God who knows good and evil”, says the serpent.

Anna Lucia is a corrupt cop (I guess) who Des bribes to drive him and Sayid and Kate to a location to meet Hurley (still driving his un-eco friendly Hummer 2).  Des takes Kate to the concert while Sayid and Hurley go somewhere else.  I am not sure why Anna gets 125,000 dollars.  That’s a lot of cash and it’s not one of the Numbers.  Kate gets a dress just like Ben gave her one in Season 3.  What will Des do to get Kate to remember?  Please please not the cages with Sawyer!!

Locke is happy that Sayid did not kill Des because now he can use his powers to sink the island.  Since we know the island has already sunk in X world we know that MIB succeeded.  Or maybe MIB is still stuck on the underwater island and never escaped.

This was a pretty good episode.  The best part was Alex, Danielle and Ben.  Please give Kate some redemption next week or something heroic to do.  And Claire better not be dead, or else there will be some beating to do.  TLE