LOST 6.14 The Candidate

Okay !  Now we’re talking!  I really liked this one.


So Jack has healed Locke from his car accident and can give him a special new surgery that can repair his paralysis.  But Locke turns him down.  We find out later why.  Locke had just learned to fly a plane and was so proud he took the man he loved the most (his dad Cooper) with him on his maiden solo flight.  But just after takeoff the plane suddenly crashed.  Locke blamed himself even though he swears he didn’t do anything wrong (sounds like Fate might have leant a hand).  Jack tries to console him.  And points out that Locke’s father is gone, just like Jack’s father who died in Sydney of alcoholism.  Jack tells Locke to “let it go” just as everyone has told him so many times.  But Jack doesn’t know how and he wants Locke to lead.  (On the island Locke told Jack that he was the leader).  Still Locke refuses to believe Jack, and Jack tells him he can fix him and he’s sorry that Locke didn’t “believe” him. Which is the same thing Locke tells Jack about not leaving the island.

Also at the hospital, we see Claire.  She has come to talk to Jack about a gift left her from their father’s will.  It’s a music box that plays “Catch a Falling Star”.  It was the song her father sang to her when they were kids.  Jack never knew about Claire so he can’t help her remember.  But as they look into the music box, their faces are reflected in the mirror.  It’s like the island versions of Claire and Jack are seeing themselves “on the other side” in the flashsideways world.


ABC photo - The CandidateMeanwhile on the island, Jack wakes up on Hydra island.  Locke and Sayid are there to release the candidates from Widmore.  He has locked them up in the cages.  Arggh No more cages, ever!  Sorry I had to rant for a second.  But we get a very beautiful scene with Sun and Jin talking about their daughter Ji Yeon and Sun brings back Jin’s ring and puts it back on his finger.  I thought that was very touching scene that had me a bit teary.  Suddenly they power goes out and Smokey wrecks havoc killing some of Widmore’s crew.  Jack comes to let them out of the cages and leads them to the airplane.  At the airplane Locke discovers the plane is booby trapped with C4 explosive claiming Widmore intended to blow them all up.

So they go with plan B and head to the sub.  Sawyer leads them in but tells Jack not to let Locke on the sub.  Jack knocks Locke into the water, but Locke does not melt (like the Wicked witch did in Wizard of Oz).  I am thinking that Smokey does not like water but in the form of Locke he can experience the water without ill effects.  Anyway they all get on the sub but Locke and Claire.  Kate is shot and Jack drags her into the sub also.  But Jack says he did not want to leave the island but gets on it to save Kate.  Once onboard they realize that Locke has placed a time bomb (why do these bombs always have countdown clocks?).  Locke’s plan is not to kill them (because he knows Jacob has forbidden him from doing so).  Instead his hope that because of fear, the candidates will kill each other.  Jack knows this so he tells Sayid not to diffuse the bomb.  He asks Sawyer to trust him too.  But Sawyer can’t trust Jack (remember that Jack detonated the H bomb that killed Sawyer’s girl, Juliet).  So Sawyer tries to diffuse the bomb which only causes it to tick faster. Sayid saves the day by taking the bomb to the rear of the sub where it detonates.  Sayid is killed instantly and Lapidus is crushed by a watertight door that buckles under the pressure.

Jack has Hurley carry Kate off the sub and while Sawyer is trying to help Jin, he is knocked out so Jack has to save him also.  But Sun is trapped and Jin refuses to leave her behind.  Okay I teared up at that scene too.  Jin and Sun are drowned when they refuse to be parted – this one last time.

Jack pulls Sawyer onto the beach.  He is alive and Hurley and Kate meet him there.  There is a sad moment when they remember that Jin, Sun and Sayid are gone (Jeremy yelled – what about Lapidus, does no one care about him!).  Jack looks to the heavens as he realizes that he could not save them all.

Locke tells Claire that the sub exploded, killing some of them (how he knows that only some died is a mystery).  And that he is going to finish the job with Widmore.  What he doesn’t know is that Jack was told by Sayid that Desmond is alive and hiding in a well, and that Locke is not aware of this.


Overall a really good episode.  I got a bit nervous when I saw the cages.  I hate the cages, did I ever tell you that?  But the rest was really good.  Seeing Locke’s dad Cooper in a vegetative state was a real twist and knowing that Locke was responsible for it (causing a serious injury through a fall) is the flip side of what happened to him when Cooper pushed Locke out an 8 story window.

Jack saves Sawyer’s life again (he saved him in Season 2 when he was shot by Friendly).  Kate is still stuck with these guys.  I am guessing Kate is going to be okay, much to the chagrin of the Katers (Jeremy included).

The Candidate is Locke in that Jack believes he is the perfect “candidate” for the experimental surgery that will heal his paralysis.  But Jack is also the “candidate” as he had faith enough to believe that he would not die and was willing to let “whatever happens happens”.  Three of the other candidates are dead, Jin/Sun and Sayid.  Only Hurley, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer remain.

What will happen next and what did you think of this episode.  I can’t wait to see your comments.  TLE

8 Responses

  1. I’m glad to see them killing some of the main characters again. It makes things more interesting. I was expecting the candidates to start dying off but it was sad to see Lapidus go.

    When Jack told Locke he was a candidate (for surgery) it was definitely an allusion to the candidates on the island. What if Locke still is a candidate on the island? It was Flocke that crossed his name out in Jacob’s cave, not Jacob so is he really eliminated from candidacy. Maybe flash-sideways Locke will crossover or his body will re-animate and it will be zombie Locke (Zlocke). There could be a big Flocke versus Zlocke battle. After all, he was always the one with faith in the island and Jacob.

    I think that when Flocke said not everyone is dead, he was referring to Desmond and might not know that anyone survived the explosion. I think he knew Sayid was lying about killing Desmond and is now taking Claire to him to finish what Sayid didn’t do. Claire started pulling away from Flocke but now that everyone abandoned her (again) I think her position as Flocke’s right hand woman is sealed.

    It was really touching that Jin didn’t want to leave Sun but I would have thought Sun would have told him to go because he needed to take care of their daughter. In situations of peril, parents always worry about their kids. It would have been even more emotional seeing Jin and Ji Yeon together later sitting by Sun’s grave the way Sun did by Jin’s grave last season.

    And it may have been Jack’s plan, but didn’t Juliet actually detonate the bomb that killed Juliet? I know that Sawyer blames Jack but I think your statement is slightly incorrect.

    Overall I enjoyed this episode more than the past several weeks. It would have been nice for them to have started earlier spread out killing off characters a little more rather than several in the same episode. I’m expecting the rest of the episodes to have multiple deaths as well. This is the final season and they need to go out Highlander style. I think they may even kill off all the candidates by the episode before the finale so everyone will watch the finale to find out what’s going to happen when there are no candidates left. That’s when we’ll find out that either:
    – Locke is still a candidate
    – The mysterious kid is Aaron and is a candidate
    – What happens when Smokey can get off the island
    – Jacob is able to come back somehow
    – Desmond is completely indestructible
    – It was all a computer simulation and millions of Lost fans issue a collective groan

    • Lee
      Liked your comment about Flocke going after Desmond. I thought he meant Widmore, but either is possible.

      You are right – Juliet did detonate the bomb. Of course none of them would have been anywhere near the Swan if it wasn’t for Jack bringing them there. That area was off limits and top secret. But you are right it was really due to both them that Juliet died with Juliet making the ultimate decision.

      Now that Sawyer is responsible for the deaths of some of the sub travelers he may cut Jack a little slack and realize that sometimes the leader makes the wrong choice even if he has the right intention. Which leads me to a plug for my new blog: http://lifeafterlost.wordpress.com . I have a post on Leadership in LOST as represented by a few of the characters.

      Endings… Or they could fade to black, or someone says Rosebud…. or even better it ends with a voice off in the distance…. WAAALT !

  2. My thoughts:

    I thought Kate knew how to get out of the cages, by slipping out of the top. Maybe she’s put on a bit of weight since the first time.

    I loved it how Smokey came in to take out Widmore’s team. Very reminiscent of the Dharma barracks and Keamy’s team being destroyed.

    Jack likes the Apollo bar candy. I thought it was going to jam.

    Claire says the flight was last week. And in another episode Desmond said it was a couple of weeks.

    Locke’s battle against Widmore is more like a fight, not a war.

    Does the captain of the sub never leave the sub. Is he destined to stay in the sub while docked?

    I didn’t think MIB liked technology but he knew how to rig a time-bomb, he entered the Ajira plane with no problem. He even shoots a gun.

    Couldn’t they put the bomb inside a torpedo tube and fire it out.

    Is it Kharma that Anthony Cooper be in a vegetable state? He still caused Sawyer’s parent’s to kill themselves. How ironic it was that an aircraft accident caused Locke to be in a wheelchair, and in the original storyline, an airplane accident caused him to walk.

    I thought it was a great line from Jack who said “If wish you would believe me”. It’s the same line Locke gave to Jack in a suicide note. And it seemed Locke had a dejavu moment when he heard it. Locke even whispered it when he was on his hospital bed. Even talking about pushing the button.

    The flash sideways are actually giving me hope for the character since they are dying off on the island. I feel sad for them dying but I have hope that I can still be part of their lives in the flash sideways.

    I just read up on how to play backgammon. It says each player must bring their pieces back home and then take them off the board. Does this sound like the game that MIB and Jacob are playing. They let the Oceanic 6 off the island to go home, now they return and it seems the pieces are being taken off the board. Jin, Sun, Sayid and of course Lapidus.

    Is it just me or is Ben, Richard & Mile’s going to play an important part to sabotaging MIB’s plan to kill the remainder of the candidates.

    • On Kate not climbing out of the cages… Sawyer must have affected her thinking. I too have that effect on women, NOT.

      Sub captains are notorious for staying underwater and in their subs. Remember CAPT Nemo. The one time he left the sub, he was shot !

      Supposedly Jacob hates technology (but he has no problem riding in a cab). I thought MIB was in the cabin, so I agree it would be MIB who freaked out when real Locke shined his flashlight on him.

      Torpedo tube to dispose of the bomb… yes I thought the same thing. They just ran out time I guess.

      Yes. I guess if they all die on the island their lives can go on in the flashsideways. But will they still end up on the island in 2007 and die anyway?

      Remember the ending to the movie Men In Black when the aliens pick up their marbles and the marbles are actually tiny universes. Maybe that’s how LOST will end with Damon and Carlton picking up backgammon pieces.

      I didn’t mention this because, well, I did not occur to me, but I bet Ben Richard and MIles set the explosives in the Ajira plane and FLocke knows it.

  3. I keep hearing tjhe same comment about, “why didn’t they just shoot the bomb out of the torpedo chute (or trash dump chute)? Really……??? Thses people have probably never been on a sub and have no idea where the “chutes” are and then how to use them. I’m sure there are a few steps to the process and the they only had under 5 min to do anything. They just did not haave enough time.

  4. This episode was a roller coaster ride for me. Lots of highs offset with a few death spiral type lows. Although the story didn’t advance the mythology much we finally had meaningful deaths and the sideways timeline is gaining clarity.

    The off island storyline with Jack’s encounters with various Oceanic 815 passengers was intriguing. I’m amazed that anyone can remember their flight number from a week before but it is a television show after all. Bernard’s comments were not only insightful but also just a bit creepy. I especially enjoyed the role reversal between Jack and Locke during their various conversations.

    It was fitting that Anthony Cooper was in a vegetative state so he could not harm anyone else. I get the feeling that Cooper fell of the grid which explains why Ford could not track him down. Otherwise, Anthony Cooper may have not been the Sawyer in this world who preyed on Ford’s parents.

    On the island like many of you, I cringed upon seeing the cages once again and hoped Sawyer would use the polar bear trick to free himself from Seamus. I guess stealing the gun was easier. Smokey saved the day by barreling through Hydra station and pressing the former 80’s sitcom star into the bars. My question is why didn’t Kate pull Seamus closer and grab the keys? Or why didn’t someone with longer arms get the keys? Oh well, it didn’t really matter since Jack opens the door anyway.

    Moving to the sub, I stood and cheered when Kate was shot only to drop my head in defeat when I realized Jack picked her up to fix her. It was just a bit too obvious that MIB gave Jack his backpack setting up the choice to be made on board the sub. I was happy to see Sayid go out as a hero but sad to see him go. Frank had his typical one liner “aw hell” before being pummeled by an errant door. The Sun and Jin death was touching but as parents they failed to mention their daughter at all.

    • I really liked how they used Bernard (Bernie the Dentist, if you remember that animated Rudolph Christmas show!). He seemed slightly aware that he needed to nudge Jack in the right direction.

      LOST may end with one more loop where the characters all go back to the island to ultimately end the time loop trap. I keep thinking of Eloise the rat being trapped in that maze (Flashes Before Your Eyes). Faraday trained her how to leave the maze “in the future” and then sent her back in time where she finally escapes the maze for good.

      Anthony Cooper in a vegetative state was brilliant. Now if Sawyer finds him and wants to kill him he won’t be able to do it. He will feel sorry for the guy. Besides if Locke loved his dad so much, I assume that Anthony reformed himself out of the con man life long ago.

  5. I was entertained by the drama of the submarine sequence and the Jack/Locke interaction in the sideways world but this episode felt too much like “Holy Crap, we only have a few hours left, we gotta speed this up”. Really, after spending over 10 episodes just moving people around the island we kill off 4 major characters in the last 5 minutes of the episode? That, coupled with the fact that these guys live on in the sideways world, cheapened the effect those deaths could have had.

    I was most troubled by the transformation of Sayid from unfeeling zombie to emboldened martyr, which happened way too quickly to be believable. Plus, he was never told on camera about the Candidates and replacing Jacob etc, and why would he care if he was indeed “claimed” or “infected”. It just cheapened that whole mystery and tells me that they made Sayid a zombie for the last month because they had no other story to tell for him. Disappointing.

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