All About Lost Eps 6.14 – The Candidate

TLE and Jeremy discuss the big topics: How Locke pulled off the bomb con, Sayid's last words, the future of those left on the island, and What about Lapidus.
Music: Michael Giacchino's themes for Sayid, and Sun & Jin compiled by Moollii.

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8 Responses

  1. what are you guys doing for the finale?

    • The finale is on Sunday night May 23rd here. It starts with a 2 hour recap followed by a 2.5 hour finale. Then at midnight Jimmy Kimmel will do a Lost special with alternate (probably “fake”) endings.

      So I will be watching it all (unless I just fall asleep). We may need lots of caffeine to get through it all.

      What are they doing in Australia for the finale? When is it?

    • Well here in Australia, the finale airs the following wednesday after it has aired in the US. But I can’t wait that long. So chances are I will download a version online to watch it several hours after it airs over there, which would be Monday night. I should only be at least 24 hours behind.

    • I thought you and Jeremy might have a huge party of some sort. But since it’s a working day after the finale’ I guess there’s no chance of that.

  2. When Jeremy asked what happened to the captian of the sub, my thoughts were the same as his.

    It’s possible for Lapidus to be alive. This is going to sound alot like fan-fiction but, it’s possible the captain of the sub and his first mate (who got riffle butted by Lapidus) both tried to make an escape from the sub as they saw it was sinking. They grabbed Lapidus on the way out, as they knew he was a pilot (still wearing his pilot uniform) and even though Lapidus treated them badly during the whole sub escapde, still needed Frank to pilot the plane that they knew about on the island.

    But still one thing doesn’t seem right. They being submarine experts would know emergency evacuation procedures and could have done everything to save the sub.

    • This sounds reasonable to me. I hope Lapidus lives like Mikhail did after he was “killed”. One thing in his favor is that he is not shown in the sideways world, so they may want to keep him around on the island until the finale.

  3. Speaking of fake endings, check this for some laughs:

  4. Widmore & Zoe (Tina Fey)?????

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