All About Lost Eps 6.15 – Across the Sea

Mother is Smokey, the Caves are a Gateway to Hades and other interesting theories on this week's show. Also, please tune into to LIVE on Tuesday from 10pm to midnight Eastern time to discuss LOST 6.16 with us.

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8 Responses

  1. So you’re on after the episode airs?

  2. Correct. We (or at least me) will be on right after it airs here in the U.S. Can you make it then? Do you mind us spoiling it for you? I wanted to do the show the night after the airing but Jeremy can’t – too busy.

    • Yeah I’ll try and watch your live stream on the day. Is there going to be a way to chat while you’re doing the video stream? I don’t mind being spoiled. I do it every week. I read your blog before I watch the episode.

  3. Good podcast, guys. Rest the voices as you won’t have a week until your next pdocast! Love the Tuesday night podcast plan.

  4. There was some strange noises in this podcast. I think I could hear someone washing the dishes during the start of it. But then I realised you were in another studio 🙂 I also heard an unknown voice when Jeremy questioned what a Mitzpha was. Was I dreaming or did TLE’s voice change? And how could you be introducing new voices to your podcast at this last stage. There is only a couple of episode remaining.

  5. It was Mrs. TLE washing the dishes. We were working from our first floor studio, which means we were close to the kitchen.
    The Mitzpha comment came from Jeremy’s sibling who was sitting in the living room. She thought the comments we read were awesome and funny.

    Yes, who knows what else will be revealed on Tuesday night.

    You should be able to chat with us while we (or me if J doesn’t make it) are live via ustream if you are registered.

  6. That’s so funny. At least you could involve the whole family in podcast before it all ended.

    I should be able to make it, since it will be about lunch time here on Wednesday. I can’t promise anything, but I am hoping to make it, and I won’t be there for the entire recording as I only have a limit time period for lunch.

  7. Could you post a link to your ustream page? It will make it easier for us lazy people. I don’t know if I’ll make it but it sounds like fun.

    I’ve been thinking more about the candidate situation. Mother was looking for a candidate to replace her and got two. Both Jacob and MiB seemed to take on half of her role. It’s possible that it happened that way because they were twins.

    I like how you pointed out that MiB stabbed her before she could speak. I think it’s possible that now Flocke is trying to narrow everyone down to the last candidate to replace him, not replace Jacob. Or possibly go back to one candidate to replace the two twins. Once narrowed down to the last candidate, that candidate can stab him and release Smokey back ‘home’ into the light. Smokey will be home again until someone goes into the light.

    Maybe when MiB stabbed mother, Smokey was released from her and could go back into the light. Smokey was released again when Jacob sent MiB’s body into the light. That’s the real reason why Mother didn’t want them going into the light. Then Jacob f’d it all up with MiB’s body.

    I also thought it was interesting how Mother made it so they couldn’t hurt each other. Widmore and Ben said they can’t hurt each other either. What’s up with that?

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