All About Lost Eps 6.16 – What They Died For

Our first ever initial and final reactions podcast of LOST. We stayed up to midnight which means Jeremy nearly passes out, but he does make it to the end of the podcast. We discuss Jack's anointment, Locke's death and destruction campaign, TLE's epic video fail, and much more about my never ending dreams about LOST.

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7 Responses

  1. I think we’re in for a MAJOR twist in the finale. And I think it’s that Jacob’s plan is the “bad” one and MIB’s plan is the one we should be rooting for if we want to world to not be destroyed and/or engulfed in malevolence.

    I predict that the alt timeline is the one where MIB’s plan works. The island is sunk and Jacob’s lineage is gone. MIB is free and/or resting in peace. And as we see, the world goes on. Some are much better off, others worse, but we do not have a doomsday scenario that Jacob is fooling us with.

    On another note, t’s a good thing they brought Ben back into the mix, though I found his change of attitude and allegience a little jarring. But given his hatred of WIdmore and his revealing that Jacob called him into action (instead of Ben) I think it is consistent with his character. And Michael Emerson can FLAT OUT ACT.

    Enjoy the finale and I look forward to your comments on the end of Lost. It’s been a fun ride, thanks for having me along for it.

    • Mr. LISS
      It’s been great having you here as well.

      On Ben, I thought it was extremely surprising that he shot Widmore. It’s interesting that he told Michael “you killed those people” referring to how he never told Mike to shoot them. And now Ben is the one doing the shooting. It’s probably not going to happen….. but…. suppose Ben is playing a long con on SmokeLocke. He gave the walkie to Miles (so he could overhear what MIB’s plans are and then he shot Widmore with blanks, so that Widmore could help defeat LockeMonster. That way, Ben hasn’t really changed back to evil Ben.

      Is Jacob gone now, did his ash burn up? And how do you burn ash anyway? Isn’t ash the part of the wood that doesn’t burn up? I don’t know if Jacob is necessarily good, but I have to think MIB is only out for himself and doesn’t really care anymore about anyone. Well maybe Claire, but he might be keeping her alive to kill Desmond.

    • I read an interesting theory about why Miles left New Otherton. It was not only to flee Smokey but also to allow Ben to kill Widmore. Ben will call Miles to return and read the thoughts of dead Widmore’s plans for Desmond ultimately giving Ben the upper hand on Smokey.

  2. Hey Tle I think you might liek this

    There are no actual spoilers

    • Thanks Jamie
      I liked the Hurley reference, and Ben was his usual creepy / funny self. Smoke from the writers room? What could they possibly mean?

  3. i thought the same thing about miles and ben. I think miles let des out of the well. I don’t think sayid let des out, as he was the one who told jack exactly where to find him. Ben seemed nervous around unlocke, because of the con.

    I think claire got shot on the outrigger coming to main island. We saw in season 5. How sawyer shot someone on the other boat.

    Wouldn’t it be a twist if an airplane crash landed at the concert killing all the attendees.

    I could see Jack placing charlie hume, ji yeon kwon, clementine, on his candidate cave.

    If the island is sunk, is it possible it’s sunk in all times. It’s just the sideways world see the characters experience similar event because whatever happened, happened.

  4. This is as funny as Lost Untangled.

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