LOST 6.16 What They Died For

First I apologize to those who turned out for the video.  I finally got it working but not until everyone had left (except one person).  So we did the audio podcast instead.

Lesson learned:  Don’t ever mix Garageband with Ustream.

It's not your fault. The Smoke monster made you do it.

Okay.  This was the penultimate episode of LOST. Overall I liked it, but I can finally say that even I am getting tired of Kate’s lines on the show.  Can’t they give her anything to do?  The good news is she is going to the concert that Jack is going to in X world, and she’ll be wearing a black dress.


Jack’s eye opens at his apartment.  He has a mirror moment and this time his neck wound is even bigger and on both sides of his neck.  Is Jack going to be beheaded on island and so we are seeing the early stages off island?

Claire has cereal with Jack and his son.  Reminded me of scene where Ben said “Got any milk” in the hatch.  I was happy to see Claire being taken care of.  Jack is going to see his ex wife at the concert.  If you haven’t guessed who the ex is, well what can I say.

Des calls Jack pretending to be Oceanic Air who have located the coffin of Christian.  How did Des even find out about the coffin?  Illana may be doing some snooping for him.  So Jack is going to the airport before he goes to the concert.

Ben gets beat up by Desmond in order for him to remember his other timeline (when Des beat him up for trying to hurt Penny).  Don’t even think about messing with our Penny!

We find out that Richard buried Alex which is a good thing because Smokey became Alex for a short time to fool Ben into killing Jacob before that happened.

Ben was “told” how to summon the smoke monster by releasing the bathtub stopper in the secret room.  Who told him this?  My guess is we may never know.

Widmore rigged the plane to detonate, but didn’t detonate it.  I must have missed something he said.  Ben has a bunch of C4 in a backpack.  Will he use it in the finale?

Ben sees himself in a mirror after becoming aware of the sideways world.  He tells Locke he has to “let go” which he heard also from Jack.  So now Locke knows it’s his destiny to have Jack fix him and get out of the wheelchair.

Young Jacob steals the ashes from Hurley so that Old Jacob can finally die (once the ashes burn up in the fire).  Will young Jacob continue on or will he die too?

The Black Smoke slams Richard against a tree.  But Richard can’t die, or can he, and he just needed to be slammed against a tree to prove it?  Plus he said he saw all the Losties were dead (when did that happen or has it not happened yet?).

Ben looks like he might be pulling a long con against Smokey.  When Sawyer tried it the MIB figured it out.  Or maybe Ben really does want to kill everyone on the island.  He certainly had no trouble killing Widmore.

I like the scenes with Alex, Rousseau and Ben.  Ben seems to have found a family and likes Rousseau even though she “kidnapped” him to make dinner for him.  Did they have ham?

Jacob tells them all what they died for.  He made a mistake and Saywer points out that his mistake should not have brought them to the island.  But how did they survive a plane crash?  Could Jacob do that too?  Unless maybe Richard saw them dead after the crash and Jacob brought them back to life by touching them all.

Jack’s visit from Locke was like Locke’s previous visit to the hospital.  Both times he was hit by a car and Jack was the doctor. Both times Locke tried to convince Jack about something.  “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate” (just like Eko said to Locke in the hatch).  BTW we see a group picture with Christian taken at Thanksgiving on Jack’s desk, so they must have been a close family before Christian “died” in Australia.

Hurley is glad he is not the protector of the island when Jack steps up.  I don’t know but WHY protect the island, Jack? Anyway Jack drinks the special water, and so is he now immortal?  If so why does he have scratches on his neck in X world?  Now Jack is like Jacob, which reminds me of the Adam and Eve Bible story.  “If you eat of the apple you will be like God who knows good and evil”, says the serpent.

Anna Lucia is a corrupt cop (I guess) who Des bribes to drive him and Sayid and Kate to a location to meet Hurley (still driving his un-eco friendly Hummer 2).  Des takes Kate to the concert while Sayid and Hurley go somewhere else.  I am not sure why Anna gets 125,000 dollars.  That’s a lot of cash and it’s not one of the Numbers.  Kate gets a dress just like Ben gave her one in Season 3.  What will Des do to get Kate to remember?  Please please not the cages with Sawyer!!

Locke is happy that Sayid did not kill Des because now he can use his powers to sink the island.  Since we know the island has already sunk in X world we know that MIB succeeded.  Or maybe MIB is still stuck on the underwater island and never escaped.

This was a pretty good episode.  The best part was Alex, Danielle and Ben.  Please give Kate some redemption next week or something heroic to do.  And Claire better not be dead, or else there will be some beating to do.  TLE

12 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry I missed the vidcast. I thought you’d be on until 11:30 pm and I got caught up in watching Juliet…,scratch that, Erica…. shoot all the V baby eggs. Wish she’d be returning to Sawyer and fighting to protect the island instead.

    I have lots of thoughts running around inside me about tonight’s episode and this awesome saga of Lost. I’ll be looking forward to listening to your itunes broadcast in the morning.

  2. who was the one person? that showed dedication and persistence to wait around like that. I don’t think it would have worked for me over here from Australia. I had a slow connection and I could see that the connection wasn’t stable.

  3. Just finished watching (West Coast Time). Until I re-watch, my initial reaction/theory: Kate asked Jacob why she was crossed off the list. Jacob said because she was a mother. Jack asked his son if his mother was going to the concert. (answer YES) Desmond is taking Kate to “a concert.”

    I predict that Kate is the mother of Jack’s son.

  4. I am running off to work so he are some additional quick thoughts.

    I was going to say, why does Jack need to protect the island if MIB is still trying to get off the island? But now that Desmond is going to be forced to help MIB destroy it, I guess Jack does need to stay and protect.

    Lucy, Thanks for trying to join us at 11:30. We would have watched V also, but Jeremy is taking exams this week, so it was the only time he could record. We finally did get the video working but we had lost most of our viewers, so we went to audio only. I still want to chat with you all sometime.

    JayJay, Thanks for tuning in and I am sorry for the stability problem. Still would like to chat with you all.

    buzmeg, I like your idea. In fact it would be great if that happened. I wonder how though because Kate was in jail when David would have talked to her. I am sure he would have mentioned that fact to his dad. I think his ex may be someone else. Then again I wonder if something dramatic might happen on the island that could affect everything in the sideways world.

  5. Sorry I missed out on the vidcast last night. Sounds like things didn’t work out too well with it anyway.

    Thoughts –

    Buzmeg – I don’t think Kate can be David’s mother. Kate came to the U.S. in handcuffs and has been on the run (or arrested) the whole flash-sideways. Also, she had no idea that she would be going to the concert until the last minute. It would be cool, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    They’re still suffering from the forced Q&A sessions to give fans their answers. Please don’t let the final be like that.

    I also didn’t like the way Jacob’s replacement was selected. Whoever raises their hand first has to stay on the island forever and protect it. Oooo, me, me, me. Can I do it? Uggghhh!

    I’m thinking that Jack is going to die in the finale. The lead-up to Jack being the new Jacob has been too cut and dry for Lost. People telling Jack “you’re the one” and Jack gaining all the faith in the island. Waaaayyy too easy. If there’s not a twist to Jack being ‘the chosen one’ on Sunday I will be disappointed.

    The possibility of Jack’s neck wounds in the flash sideways being related to being beheaded on the island is intriguing. The way they showed Zoe’s throat being slit was pretty intense but a scene of Jack being beheaded would probably be too much for regular viewers. It would be really interesting if it started to happen on island and then they cut to a flash sideways where we see Jack’s throat slit. Maybe it could happen at the concert, while on stage, in front of his son, who is then scarred for life and becomes an assassin…or not.

    I don’t think Richard’s dead. Smokey know he can’t die but that doesn’t mean he can’t be incapacitated for a while. I’m sure Smokey’s run across Richard before and would have killed him if he could. That doesn’t mean Richard will show up on the finale, just not dead. Maybe mostly dead and they’ll find him and take him to a couple herbalists in the woods who will find out he wants to live ‘to blave’…

    We have an idea of who will be at the concert but where is Hurley supposed to take Sayid. My hope is that they’re going to the Widmore mansion to see Eloise, Charles, Daniel, Charlotte and whoever else might be there. Eloise is still the lady with the answers and is probably who’s been directing Desmond. I am guessing we’ll see a lot of old characters at the Widmore’s (or wherever) that Desmond’s been ‘collecting’ and there will be a mini reunion.

    I think the finale is going to get really philosophical and spiritual and leave a lot up for interpretation. They’ve always wanted to create discussion and I think the finale will do the same. I’m okay with them going with some kind of happy ending as long as it’s not too sappy. If it’s too much of a “happily ever after” ending I’ll have to start watching something else….oh, never mind.

    I know it’s early for this, but I’ve enjoyed your podcast for years and Lost wouldn’t have been the same without it. Thank you for everything.

    • Lee, I had the same thoughts as you did regarding Jack’s acceptance of “the job.” To me it was more like “who wants to stay after school to help me (fill in the blank).” Then Jack raises his hand and says “Ill do itl.” It seemed too contrived.

      Regarding the concert, my initial thought was the gala event being organized by Eloise Hawking. Perhaps there’s a connection between Daniel Faraday and David Shephard (music teacher and student).

    • Lee,
      Did you ever see the first Shrek movie? On the DVD menu they had donkey (Eddie Murphy) going “pick me, pick me”. That’s what I thought of when Jack raised his hand, so to speak.

      I hope the ending has our Losties finding what they lost so long ago. Each of them did something that isolated them from their parents. Maybe they will finally find out why their parents treated them like they did. And it will have been for the Losties good, not their bad.

      Thank you for listening to our podcast. There will be Life After Lost, if you would like to join me and hopefully a few of our other podcast friends there. http://lifeafterlost.wordpress.com

  6. I managed to log into ustream but just couldn’t figure how to lip read fast enough. Thanks for trying the live video feed and I hope it works out better next time. I live on the East coast so the discussion of a live event at 1am has me yawning already. Hopefully, I’ll be able to rearrange my schedule so I can join you live.

    Once again, I enjoyed this episode but felt the tempo was quite different from other episodes that led into a finale. This was the type of episode that had me leaning forward in my seat and losing track of time. It had a good balance of on island storytelling and intriguing off island mystery.

    It was good to see Ben return to his natural character although I too think he’s pulling some sort of con on Smokey. Miles left the camp with a radio and a bag full of C4 (that can’t be a comfortable feeling). In Exodus part 2 we saw an explosion prevent Smokey from dragging Locke into the hole. My guess is that Miles is working with Ben and will use the C4 to try and kill Smokey. I don’t think it will work and will lead to the death of Miles. Ben must be pulling a con on Smokey because he’s been offered the island one hand but told the island will be destroyed on the other.

    Off island, Desmond continues to weave his tapestry working to get people in the correct position. I think the key to seeing the other side may have to do with a heightening of the senses. Desmond saw the other side when under water, Hugo saw it when he kissed Libby, and Ben saw it as he was being pummeled again. By hitting Locke with a car, I think Desmond was trying to recreate an on island for Locke.

    I enjoyed Jacob’s fireside chat with the candidates. The explanation for Kate made sense and was a direct answer. I’m left with the question of what happens to the rest of the candidates now. Are they still protected or can Jack make them his candidates? I also wonder if Jack can now make up his own rules to the game to prevent Smokey from completing his mission of leaving the island.

    We are only left with the finale. I discovered your podcast near the middle of season 5 and you helped me through the long hiatus. Thank you for your time and insight.

    • Max
      I think you might be right about the Ben long con. Also to bolster your point, Ben was offered the island before, but we saw him choose Illana’s offer to come and join her team.

      Funny you should mention the idea of Desmond weaving a tapestry. Does anyone else wonder if he will be the true candidate? It would be a great irony because he has been forced to come to the island, told Penny he would never go back, and tried to leave the island (only to return when his sailboat went in a circle).

      Thank you for listening and commenting, Max. I hope you can join us for Life After Lost, my new blog and podcast. Your more than welcome.

  7. The answer that Jacob gave Kate regarding her name being crossed off seemed like BS. If everyone was chosen because they had nothing in the outside world but Kate was crossed off when she became a mother, why didn’t Kwon ever get crossed off? They may have come to the island with an unhappy marriage, but as time went on they had each other and a “something to live for” sort of thing. With Sun being pregnant they both had new focus on their unborn baby and were looking forward to having a future together. If Kate was crossed off for being a mother, Kwon should have been crossed out even before Kate.

  8. my thoughts…ok first off Des is doing what Ben did by gathering up the members to go back to who….Eloise Hawking? Also, who better to protect the island than Desmond. Did he not already perform these duties by pushing numbers for all those years. The Kate issue about being a mother stems back to when she was warned as to not be the one to raise Aaron. As we know it is MIB who warned her of this because of what he found out about his own mother. A reference to this might be in Walt when he was deemed special. Don’t forget it was MIB’s adopted mother who told him he was special.
    One question I have is that of MIB’s name. When we first learned of Jacob, the first name that came to mind was Esau and biblically there story fits.
    Another thought is that maybe we were given a preamble to the ending when Jack operated on Ben’s neck. Ben was saved but maybe this time Locke will die hence the letting go terminology . Jack will realize he can’t save everyone by Locke dying in Jack’s hands that is how they kill the smoke monster….all food for thoughts on the best,most well written television ever made

    • Jeff,
      You and I think the same way. I just typed that Desmond would be a great protector of the island in the last post. The only sad part would be Penny and Charlie. I hope he is not alone on the island in his new job. If that ‘s what happens.

      That’s right about being special. I wonder if Lost is telling us being told you are “special” may not be such a good thing. Look what happened to MIB and Locke. Both ended up dead. Locke for his misplaced faith in the island (although he is not be counted out according to Jack’s statement) and MIB for using his brilliant mind to do something he was warned not to do, that is Leave the Island.

      MIB’s name. I think we will never know. Jacob and Esau is the first one I thought of. Cain and Abel, Remus and Romulus. It’s frustrating but I guess it gives us lots to talk about.

      Are you saying Locke will die in the sideways world because of Jack’s surgery to fix his legs? That would be sad and very interesting.

      Lost is the best show on TV I have ever seen and I have been an avid watcher since the 1960’s.

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