The Answers

Movieline does a good job of answering many of LOST’s lingering questions:


2 Responses

  1. I watched the video and read all the text. I’m not so sure I buy into this as it seems like it was done “tongue in cheek.”

    What’s your take on it, Doug (TLE).

  2. buzmeg
    Glad you asked. I thought the questions they defined as “unanswered” were pretty good questions. I doubt the LOST writers will ever be able to address the continued food drops, for instance. Some of Movieline’s answers were a bit dismissive, but overall whoever did the answering had a good knowledge of LOST. So I bought into most of their answers.

    I really liked Staci’s post on the mythology of LOST.

    Kristen visited the Hawaii set many times during filming of LOST so I believe her also. Interesting how Samuel in Hebrew means “God Has Heard”. I am not sure MIB actually believed that. He was a “man of science” most of the time we saw him.

    BTW we are rewatching the finale tonight during its repeat on ABC. Will start work on podcast soon thereafter.

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