All About Lost Eps 6.17 – The End

We wrap up the series of LOST, with our final recap, thoughts and an overall summary of the history of the island and the resolution of our beloved character's stories. We say goodbye to our podcasting friends as this is our last podcast after four years together.

Intro: YouTube LOST Finale Trailer
Music: (Lovely – Breathe Carolina), (The End – The Beatles), (Credit Where Credit is Due – Michael Giacchino).

Closing: TLE's Life After Lost parting words.

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  1. HEy TLE just thought you might like to read this

    Also apparently on the DVD there will be an extended cut of the finale which is about 20 minutes longer.

    • Interesting. Even though I am a huge fan of the show (obviously), I still can’t decide if I want to buy the complete series or just season 6. One benefit to the complete series is getting all the season’s on blu-ray. Does anyone out there have a season in blu-ray and regular format? How do the two compare in visual and sound quality?

  2. go sam stosur, in the french open

    • right now it’s tied 4-4 in the first set. she’s an aussie I see, figures why you might want her to win.

  3. Great finale podcast, guys, and thanks again for providing an engaging spot to talk Lost every week.

    • You are very welcome. I heard you on the TvCritic’s podcast, btw. I hope to do some podcasts on my new site Hope you will join me there. Update 6/13/10 The podcast I tried to make just didn’t sound very good. So I will do blog posts instead. Hope you guys understand. Podcasts are difficult sometimes when you have a staff of one.

  4. You know I’ve been a believer in this from the beginning, and I’ll say it one last time. The island is a magic box. I’m not sure how it works but, maybe you can associate it with the electromagnetism. The same way magnetism can attract metals, maybe it attracts thoughts. If you believe is something enough, it will manifest. The rules are a result of a person wanting it. I fail to see how a woman can say “now I have made it so you can’t hurt each other”, she wished it an it became true, because of the magic box. Jacob’s rules were nothing but thoughts of what was reasonable.

    When Jack and UnLocke said what was going to happen to the island once Desmond uncorked it, who was right? They BOTH were; why? Because they believe it to be so. No coincidence. Everything can be explained by the magic box.

    Also the electromagnetism can explain spirits of the dead that can not leave the island, because of the attractive forces can bring spirits to the island. Ben’s mom, Isabella & Michael.

    • You know I never liked the magic box theory very much, but now I do believe it’s true. For instance, how did Hurley get that Dharma van to start. It sat in the jungle for 20 years, the gasoline must have leaked out or evaporated, the engine must have been rusted; and yet it started anyway. It started because Hurley needed it to start and believed it would start.

      Also Cooper shows up on the island. Now I know that Ben probably brought him there, but if Locke and Sawyer were so insistent on finding him (aka killing him), it never would have happened. That was a great scene btw when Cooper said they were in Hell. It echoed the same thing Ricardo said this season.

      My theory is that the island is the doorway between heaven and hell. So for people who want to know “what” the island is, there you go. At wikipedia you can read about the axis mundi which is the literal “navel” of the earth. Things pass through this point and without it there would be no life.

      One clue to this is the story of Jacob’s ladder in the bible. It shows up in that wikipedia article and of course it shows up on Lost as the ladder between the sea and the cliff with Jacob’s cave in between.

      Also the axis mundi is closely related to the omphalus which in the Greek is the navel as well and on Lost is represented by the stone “cork” plugging the “bottle” of the island in the light cave.

  5. I am working on the new site this weekend. Hopefully by next weekend I will have something new to share.

  6. Interesting ending. Anyway: In the last episode we see a massive tree falling on Ben (he was stuck under it), then next thing we see is him walking around – Wonder how they got him out..

    • spooky
      Last we saw of them: Ben, Sawyer and Kate couldn’t get the tree to move, then suddenly Kate shows up to shoot Locke and Sawyer and Ben follow. I hear that there will be 15 minutes of the episode shown on the DVD. Maybe they will show us what happened.

      Here is my theory. The earthquakes (caused by removing the cork in the light cave) bumped the log off of Ben allowing him to squeeze out.

  7. I found that I needed to take a break from the Lost community, I did that based on conclusions that I jumped to without sufficient knowledge to back up my decision. In discovering this, I think I may have found another over-arching meaning of Lost. I don’t claim credit for the theory – many others have had this theory, but in my world, I did discover it on my own, from my own experiences and thought processes.

    I LOVED the Lost finale. On an emotional level it felt perfect to me. It was a story of rebirth – the third part of the Island’s trilogy, according to Mother.

    The light of the Island is the essence of life and death (the polar opposites) and of rebirth – the circular continuation of the process moving to a new beginning.

    I had no trouble with the sideways world being a place where the Losties created to serve the needs they each claimed and to stay in until they were all

    gathered together to move on to their next level of rebirth -their next adventure – their next level of the Tower (sorry, Jeremy, but the Lost finale was SO
    definately in league with The Dark Tower series, it is almost shouting out for Jake and Roland and the others. Perhaps in some realities, the island story is the book and the Tower story is the TV saga. It would take a book to relate all the connections and I am far too lazy to even contemplate that.)

    Anyway, I was filled with emotion and so thrilled that I had been able to experience first hand this saga that will be told, I believe, for generations. I

    needed to share this joy with someone, but my husband – who has always been a casual Lost viewer, not an obsessive fanatic like his wife – enjoyed the finale but he did not feel the joy at the symmetry, the sense of “all is right with the world” and also, at the same time, like he had lost all his best friends. I did. He didn’t understand that. That was ok. I had the Lost community to turn to, and we could share this awesome cartharsis together.

    The blogs I quickly checked that ran live with the show, surprised me with their ambivilance. But then there was Kimmel and all my best friends and lots of Lost fans. Only there wasn’t. There was Jimmy Kimmel alright but the actors were the actors, not the characters I believed in (ah.. here is the first realization of the magic box. Hurley and Ben and Juliet and Sawyer and all the others exist, yes they do. Thoughts are energy and energy – if strong enough – like a boulder in a pond instead of stone – (thanks, Daniel) – creates matter and matter begins the rebirth and creation process. Then the magic box creates another world where the energy thought forms become reality. I do believe that and have for longer than many fans have been alive. 😉

    I do believe that the Losties created their world to move on together. We travel with soulmates and in groups of families from reality to reality. We meet with our higher selves and with those we love and their higher selves and plan the worlds that will bring us experiences we know we need. Kharma in its truest form.

    That isn’t purgatory. There is no outside judgement involved. There is no judgement at all involved. It is a wait station, a world where we evaluate what we have learned and what we have experienced. What we still need to keep experiencing. What we need to experience the opposite of. What new things we want to explore. We work as a group of souls as well as individual ones. This can explain David. This can explain the child that dies. It may be helping out a member of its “soul family” to learn what only death of a child can teach, or to inspire a discovery or what ever it finds needed. No judgement, just learning and growing and knowing the yin and yang of all things.

    Wow, I really need to learn to stay on topic. Back to the night of the Lost finale and the next morning. As the podcasts started rolling out in the wee hours

    I started listening – and while there were some who voiced their awe and approval of this episode, I was astounded at how many not only did not like the episode, but the passion it invoked. There were people talking of being slapped in the face – of being tricked into wasting six years of their lives (I still can’t grasp that idea. It was one hour a week for 16 to 22 weeks each year of watching a tv show. No guns to anyones heads. And certainly no one forcing anyone to go online to analyze and chat.). People were so full of hatred and anger and feeling like Carlton and Damon had tricked them into watching

    something that somehow ruined 6 years of their lives – or even more absurd to me – the claim that they ruined OUR story. WTF????? who wrote this story?

    and why the intense anger?

    I knew I needed to sheild myself from it. The negativity is definately not healthy and I can’t afford any of that. But while I stopped going online, I didn’t stop thinking. I kept looking for references to heaven and hell for your new board, Doug. I found that the few books I had to reference were all audio books and they are difficult to pull things from. ( I do have some hard copy like the Vonnegart, Dick, L’Engle,books and others, especially King ,but I am ashamed to say I haven’t gone through them on this topic. I was going to go through some older Anne Rice books, which I know are relevant, but I didn’t. (insert embarrassed face here). I did read The Shack recently and I learned alot from that, but then it was mostly about the Christian Godhead and not heaven or hell. It was that realization – that I knew almost nothing about heaven or hell and would be a total newbie student in the new forum – that led me back to this site.

    Jay Jay, I saw your question about the Lost Last Supper picture. I did alot of thinking about that. I took too long. Very briefly, I saw it not connected so much to the Christ story, but to the King Arthur story of Pereval and the holy grail. Camelot suffered as Arthur suffered from the betrayal of the lovers Gueneviere and Lancelot.Camelot could not recover until Arthur (thru Perceval) remembered that the meaning of the Holy Grail was “I am the land and the land is me”.

    (I also see it as a reminder of the Judas story – a necessary counterpart – and a story which Lost used alot. I think it is Sayid in the Judas spot, but I am not sure. Anyway, you can all take a deep breath, I don’t think I should approach this story here.)

    Which brings me back to the magic box theory you all have been discussing. And it also brings me back to the other part of what Lost is about (other than the magic box, us, as we create our worlds by our strongest beliefs and desires.)

    Lost is the story of exactly what so many are complaining about. The story did not follow with what we have been told for the previous 5 seasons. There WERE contradictions and holes. But season 6 showed us where each of these holes came from.

    Each season the camera drew back further and further, making villans less evil and heroes less good. New villans and new heros came and went. Birth,

    Death, Rebirth. Rules about what was true and what wasn’t, what could be done and what couldn’t, how this happened and the opposite of that also happened and it is all of it true and all of it untrue. It is the story of life – where things happen and we don’t know what to make of them or how to explain them. So we NAME them. (I think that is why names and naming held such an importance in Lost). We Name them so we can expain them, define them. And in defining
    someing we confine it. It can not BE, it is trapped in a story, a myth, a book of laws. Each created out of honest (and sometimes, not so honest) attempts to understand events thrown in on us, (instead of understanding that everything we encounter is both of our own creation and it is what it is in its own right.)

    We share our experience of reality with those we call family – both in the reality we find ourselves inside of and in the places where neither time or space

    exist or matter. We go there to meet with our “soul families” and parallel and alternate and “higher” selves (or “over souls” as Seth called them when
    channeled by Jane Roberts .

    Seth is a group of non corporal souls who wrote books on the nature of reality through Jane Roberts. I don’t think they are currently in print, but I treasure my collection. I am sure they are around in used book stores and antique bookstores.

    Here is a suggestion: Go on You Tube and do a search for Abraham and Esther Hicks if you want to explore this further. But right now on YouTube are hundreds of clips and “shows” and explanations given by a group of noncorporal entities through Esther Hicks as she and her husband Jerry travel the world helping and educating so much. I have no connection to any

    of them, I am just an eager student who has found so many “Aha” moments of remembering what I already knew but had forgotten that I knew. I do not say

    they have all the answers and heaven forbid that anybody take their teachings and define them into a religion or cult, thus trapping them within a definition where they can not grow and become. I offer these references just for those who are interested in learning more of what I believe Lost has been telling us for 6 years.

    Jane Roberts wrote the “Education of Oversoul 7” books, Tolkein wrote “the Lord of the Rings”saga, Stephen King wrote “the Dark Tower” super epic and

    Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof wrote the wonderful experience of Lost. There are many others, but this is about Lost. Lost DiD misdirect us – they did tell a story of life and love and loss and birth and death and rebirth, etc etc etc – and they did not connect all the dots and they left big plot holes and they set up wonderful paranormal and metaphysical and s.f mysteries we all pursued and couldn’t get enough of.

    Did we waste 6 years being told we were getting all kinds of hints about forces we wanted to understand? Or did we spend 6 years as a community from all over the world, learning that much of the rules we led our lives by were not true,but honest attempts to explain miraculous things – to understand God and All That Is – and then to get entrapped and wrapped up in tangled strings when things didn’t fit within the definitions and Names we imposed upon these forces far greater than our ability to understand, and thus corrupting what is true and beautiful into mythological stories -at best – and witch hunts and worse as we approached the worse results.

    Lost taught us to question and find our own answers and interpretations. If a definition is correct it will stand up on its own merit, not because humans say so or said so or will say so. Lost gave us books to read, taught us “courses” at Lost University; opened doors to ways of thinking and phenomenon we never would have opened our eyes to before. We would have gone on believing what some “mother” or “jacob’ or “ben” or MIB” said eons ago and has been accepted as divine truth ever since.

    The books Darlton exposed us to are fantastic. I have not read all of them, but I have read a lot of them – or listened to alot of them – and I would love to live long enough to experience them all and all the books these books lead me to and all the experiences they lead me to. And you know what? I can look forward to that – because there is a magic box. It does create what we really really deep down want it to create. Change our beliefs, change our realities, break loops and start loops and find answers that we can claim as our own, whether or not others have thought of them before or not.

    Please forgive me if I sound like I am preaching. It is not my intent. I am very much the seeker and student. It is just that I don’t know how to find a way to communicate what words only distort when I don’t know how else to communicate yet, especially in a situation that involves the written word.

    In the meantime I hope that the negativity in the Lost community will disappear and make room for all that is wonderful that we have been given. We have a great community built from this saga, and this can continue as we learn from each other.

    I am glad, TLE, that you started this new board on heaven and hell. I know so little about the ideas beyond the cliches. It will be very interesting to hear what comes out of this new opportunity. Thanks for all of the wonderful Lost insights from both you and Jeremy. Jeremy, congratualtions on your graduation.

    In the rare case you haven’t noticed, I have difficulty with being brief. It isn’t fair to take up so much room on other people’s blogs or away from other posts. I hope to put up thoughts on web pages of my own in time (there is that “T” word again), getting all the jumble out there so I can be more to the point on other blogs and forums. I promise to try here and other places I post – in this name and other identities (more on that next time) – but here will be a very good place to start now that we move beyond Lost episodes into new and exciting realms where my best strategy is to be quiet and to learn. I will be here,though, and gratefully so.

    Peace, and congradulations to anyone who has read this far. ;D


    • Lucy,
      Awesome post. I love how you relate to us your thoughts of personal exploration and discovery and how it melds with our show.

      One really good book on Heaven and Hell (told allegorically) is C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce. Now that I think about it, I wonder if LOST might have used this as an inspiration. We know how much the writers have alluded to C.S. Lewis throughout the show (the Lamppost station, Charlotte Lewis, Narnia like time travel gaps). And how the are quoted as reading Lewis when they were younger. So now the ending makes even more sense to me. The Great Divorce (preview from Google):

      You pointed out that you noticed some ambivalence from the fan community about The End. I hope people see Lost more about the journey and about faith and in trusting one another. So it seems to me that we got a perfectly acceptable ending to the show. And one that is respectful of a variety of faith traditions.

      I haven’t listened to all the podcasts yet. The Transmission was complimentary and positive. Delta Park seemed cheated by the ending. I still need to hear LostCasts and the TvCritic.

      PS we are going to the graduation ceremony tomorrow !
      PPS i read the shack twice, awesome book. they say it is our generation’s pilgrims progress

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for both a wonderful blog and an exciting podcast. Will definitely check out your nes blog.

    Steve aka mr badd
    badd lost theories

  9. Thanks Mr. Badd. It’s been fun hearing from you and the other visitors to the blog and podcast. I miss the interaction already.

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