Podcast soon

We taped the podcast late last night.  Hopefully I will have the editing done later this evening and will then load the podcast to Itunes.  Thank you all so much for listening. We have had a great time sharing Lost with you over the past four years.

The podcast format will be a bit different.  Jeremy will do the recap and then we will go through an entire history of the events and the characters on Lost from the revealing of the Light on the island… until the final light when the church door opened.

If you want to follow along you might want to read these two blogs which we heavily rely on.  Okay, we actually just read and discuss them.  But they did such a great job in their recapping, I didn’t think I could really improve on what they did.

Critical Viewer – The Grand Story of Lost

Staci Foss – My Take on Lost

And this article on the Axis Mundi plays a big part too.

3 Responses

  1. TLE You might like this:

  2. That is a good song, well edited and a song I think many Lost fans feel like

  3. Awesome. I’ll never be Lost again. I am starting to feel sad, but in a good way.

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