LOST 6.18 The New Man In Charge

I wonder if they give out records for the longest a LOST fan has waited until seeing an episode.  I will readily admit to being “Addicted to Lost” way back in 2004, but “Believe it, Or Not” as Ripley would say, I just watched the final episode of LOST entitled “The New Man in Charge”.

If you don’t know already this episode appears only on the DVD or Blu Ray for Lost season 6.  I waited until now to watch because I wanted to rewatch all of Season 6 first to see if I could piece together my own explanations for certain mysteries.  And by and large it was worth waiting, because a lot of the fun of Lost for me was making up my own theories for the mysteries of the island.

Spoilers ahead.  So the biggest mystery for me was how where they going to address the Dharma food drops.  The DI was out of commission for a while when Ben instigated the purge.  Why would they continue to drop food on the island.  Who was dropping it, and how could they find the island since it moved all the time.  My guess was that a nearby island was launching balloons to drop food there.  How they knew the islands location was easy.  I guessed the island hadn’t moved since the DI  got there.

But Darlton’s answer to the food drop was much more detailed.  They explained in the episode that the DI warehouse personnel was never made aware of the purge.  The warehouse was stock full of supplies and the same guys were dropping food there for 20+ years without question.  The drop location was determined by a teletype from the Lamp Post station in LA.  Still a question for me is what did they use to make the drops.  There is a Sri Lanka video showing a helicopter was used, but would a helicopter be able to fly far enough?  Anyway that’s a minor detail and I was very satisfied with their explanation.

UPDATE: The food drops were done by unmanned drones.  I did not pick this up at first.  Thanks, Lostpedia!

Another question they answered involved Walt.  Personally I didn’t really care what happened to Walt after he left the island.  Or even about his special abilities.  I guess if he would have used them to some good effect on the island I would have cared more.  But after seeing this episode, I did care about Walt quite a lot.  And so did Hurley.  Remember in Season 5 when Hurley gets a visit by Walt at Santa Rosa.  Well Walt ended up being sent there himself.  His grandma probably sent him there since he had strange tales to tell of an island, or because he was hiding the island secret so long that he went crazy.  Anyway Hurley remembers Walt and he and Ben go to visit him at Santa Rosa.  They remind him that he is special and that the island could use him.  Thus replaying the story of John Locke’s specialness to some degree, but also a great example of Hurley’s compassion and care for people.  And we can imagine that Walt found some happiness on the island and maybe even became the next “man in charge” after Hurley and Ben left.