New posts are coming – Stay tuned

Hi Guys/Gals.  How are you?  It seems like a perfect time for me to start posting to the blog again on a more regular basis.  It’s summertime here (or will be in a couple of weeks).  It gets pretty hot and humid here, so less time outside and more time inside.

I plan to write primarily about the summer TV shows here in America.

1.  The Killing on AMC (already airing) – I am pretty sure you can catch up at

2.  Under the Dome on CBS (will start in two weeks on June 24th)

3.  Breaking Bad the final season also on AMC – Which starts right after the Killing ends in August.

I would rather stick with this blog than start a new one.  My apologies if you just came here to read posts about LOST.  If there is any cool LOST news, I can post about that also.

Anyway, if you are interested in any of the shows listed above please FOLLOW my blog and post comments when you are willing.

Summer TV 2013

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