What I Have Been Watching since 2010

Yesterday I promised reviews of the new summer 2013 TV shows.  You will have to wait just a bit longer for those.  Today I want to tell you what I have been watching the last few years and WHY.

I tried a bunch of LOST wannabe shows from V, to The Event, to Flash Forward, and so forth.  All were just pretenders with interesting ideas for a story but no real character development.  This year I tried J. J. Abrams new show Revolution.  I guess it’s not targeted to my demographic because although I liked the premise, once things settled down I didn’t feel any of the tension of a World Without Power.

So here are my favorite shows and why I liked them.  First is Fringe.  It started off a bit too much like X-Files at first and then it was a monster of the week show (but I guess most people really like those self contained stories).  Once we got into the mythology and realized that Walter Bishop was a tragic character (and funny to boot), I really started enjoying the show.  Season 3 was my favorite with Alt-Olivia facing off against Walternate.  Awesome.  And they ended the show really well by tying up all of the season 1 plots.

My next favorite show over the last few years was Sherlock.  I am a big Poirot fan (you know of Agatha Christie’s stories) on Masterpiece Theater Mystery.  But I never quite saw a show like Sherlock.  Funny smart unpredictable tense and intriguing.  And look no commas!

Speaking of Sherlock, and much to my surprise, the CBS show Elementary was actually good.  The writers were able to throw in some interesting plot developments considering this show was going to be compared against the already clever BBC show.

So lastly but not leastly, I just finished with Orphan Black.  Tatiania the star of the show was absolutely believable playing so many parts.  I am not going to give it away, but from a Sci fi standpoint the story seemed very fresh and new.  You can watch the final minutes of the show here.

So that’s my list. If you see any of your favorites above I would like to hear from you in the comments below.  Coming up will be my review of the first two hours of The Killing season 2.  Please Follow this blog as well for future updates.

My favorites from 2010-2013:

FRINGE 2009-2013

Sherlock 2010, 2012, 2013 soon

Elementary 2012-13 season 1

Orphan Black 2013 series 1

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