The Killing Season 2 – Introduction

I came to the show after seeing many people on the commuter train reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo novel.  I knew it was a mystery story (which I like anyway), but the title was extremely intriguing.  Also the book had been on the NY Times bestseller list for an extremely long time.  I never got the book but when the movie became available on NetFlix I saw it and was immediately impressed with the acting and the mesh of personal stories with politics.  Plus the mystery was unsolved for many years.  What happened to a girl living in essentially a gated community?

Similarly The Killing explores the interaction between Linden and Holder who are tough cops but are somewhat broken by life’s circumstances.   Their characters are what make the show interesting.  In season 1, Linden was the experienced cop who had just put away a man accused of killing his wife.   Holder was the rookie cop who was street savvy and had a bunch of bad habits to shake.  They came across a new case of a missing girl.  But quickly got embroiled in the political world as the girl was a volunteer on one of the campaigns to elect a new city mayor.  After two long seasons The Killer of the girl was revealed, with our characters learning a few things from their mistakes.  Which brings us to the new season.

In The Killing Season 2, Holder is leading the charge and we have a new case dealing with runaways.  Linden is semi-retired, but she begins to get pulled in (a little reluctantly to start) with this new case when she sees connections to the old solved case.  I will have more on The Killing S2 so if you haven’t started watching and our not afraid of some violence (which is in every episode) then check it out and come back for discussion on the show.

Airing June July Aug 2013 - The Killing S2

AMC’s The Killing Season 2

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