S101 – Under the Dome Review – Pilot episode

Well that was interesting.  The first episode of Under the Dome was aired last night on CBS.  About 13 million people watched it live and they expect a significant number will watch it later this week (the NBA finals were on during the airing of the show).

So here is how I am going to break it down: 1) Plot Overview, 2) New Characters, 3) Recurring Characters, 4) Thoughts, Theories and Observations.  P.S. Plot overviews are just what I remember from the plot and not an extensive or complete overview.

1) Plot Overview for the Pilot episode of Under the Dome:

A black baby bird hatches out of a black egg.  Another bird (Are you my Mother?) flies to where a newcomer to the town is digging a hole which he then drops a white cloth covered body into.  The man is later leaving the town when he spots a cop and his partner eying his car for its missing front license plate.  The female cop gets the rear plate number and sends it in for ID.  The male cop is the town sheriff and the female cop is his partner.  The man loses control of his car and ends up in a farmers field.  A strange noise happens followed by a cow being literally split in half.  Upon investigation the man discovers an invisible wall (which gives off an electric current when touched).  A boy shows up there and soon after all sorts of strange things happen.  Birds drop from the sky with their necks broken and an airplane crashes into “nothing” killing the occupant.  The cops and a reporter show up on the scene and later the city councilman.  They immediately start searching the area.  There doesn’t seem to be anyway around the invisible wall.  The councilman goes on the radio to warn all drivers to stop their cars now.  It’s too late for a truck that goes barreling into the wall in front of some out of town visitors who nearly smash their car into the wall as well.  A girl in that car goes into a spasm muttering something like “the stars are falling”.  Later on the boy we met earlier says the same thing.  There is a side plot about some hidden propane fuel and another about the reporter’s husband who has gone missing.  After a town meeting where the sheriff tells the town folk to stay calm, we see the show to this week’s conclusion:  At the bridge on the edge of town, the US Army has gathered a huge team to camp just outside the dome.  Have they come to rescue or to study those trapped within?

2) New Characters

This being the first episode, all the characters were new.  Here are the ones I remember in order of what I think will be most important over this season.  I haven’t learned all the names yet, so I will give you my nicknames until I learn the real ones.

  • “Barbee” – Ex military guy we saw burying a male corpse.  He was the first to see the dome (on the show).  He is a loner and drifter.  Think Sawyer from LOST for now.
  • “The Reporter” – She works at the local paper and was investigating the propane supply issue.  She meets Barbee and seems to take a liking to him.  SPOILER if you were not paying attention – It looks like her husband was the man being buried.
  • The Sheriff – He seems generally interested in protecting the town folk, but somewhere down the line he made a pact with the next character to hide and store the propane.  He is good to his partner and he also has a pace maker that is triggered by the dome.  Think Lapidus from LOST (well I cheated, he played Lapidus the airline pilot from LOST).
  • The Lady cop – She is potentially engaged to a fireman because he can provide her better insurance than a cop’s salary allows.  She seems to like her boyfriend but he is on the other side of the dome.
  • The Councilman aka Big Jim- He is charming to ladies but a bit evil.  He seems to love his son, who also by the way, is a psychopath.  He made a deal with the sheriff to hide the propane and is holding that info over him as a form of blackmail.
  • The Psychopath aka Junior- He is son to the councilman.  He has trapped his girlfriend in a bunker after she refused to run away with him.  Think Christian Bale in American Psycho or the rich guy boyfriend of Rose in Titanic.
  • The Boy, The Girl and the Same Sex couple – For now we don’t know too much about them but the boy and girl are picking up messages like invisible radio waves.  They said “PINK STARS ARE FALLING IN LINES”

3) Recurring Characters

All the characters this week were new characters because this was the pilot silly.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

The really good news is that this show is a hit and it’s on CBS. Which is a network known for cultivating hits.  The bad news is that this show could go on too long and we all want to know when it will end.  At least I want to know.  I hope its no more than three seasons or 40 episodes.  LOST was a great 4 season show that gave us a couple of bonus seasons.  I will never regret watching those extra seasons but the quality started to go down with season 5 in my opinion.  This show has some interesting characters that are worth following.  The only one who worries me is PG (Psycho Guy).  He already seems to be a bit over the top.

What’s up the radio transmission overheard at the radio station?  Was that the authorities talking about the “dome”?  Does this mean the whole thing was a planned event?

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What did you think of the episode?  Your comments are welcome here.

Under the Dome S101 photo

Lady cop and boyfriend meet the Dome.

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  2. Love everything SciFi so I’m sure I’ll love your blog. Even though Under the Dome seems like milk toast, I’m willing to give it a chance.

  3. Frank Lapidus! Yeah

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