S101 – Ratings, Reviews, and Preview for Episode S102 Under the Dome



The first part of this blog will cover critic reviews and user ratings for S101 Pilot episode of Under the Dome.

Metacritic.com gave this episode a critics score of 72/100 (generally favorable reviews) and a user score of 7.7/10 (also g.f.r.)

The SeriesGuide application (website trackt.tv) gave this episode a score of 83% based on 357 votes.

Now (I ask you) how can we compare this information?  I am going to choose LOST S1 and Revolution S1.  Please add in the comments any other shows you think may be pertinent.

LOST S1 (Metacritic.com scores 87/100 and 9.1/10 universal acclaim).

Revolution S1 (Metacritic.com scores 64/100 generally favorable reviews, and 5.4/10 mixed reviews).

LOST S101 (SeriesGuide score 88% based on 143 votes).

Revolution S101 (SeriesGuide score 77% based on 600 votes).

SPOILER (If you consider next episodes description a spoiler):

S102 Preview – The town of Chester’s Mill has been cut off from everything. Now the biggest threat they’ll face is each other on the next episode of Under The Dome, Monday at 10/9c.  This episode is directed by LOST executive producer Jack Bender.

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