S106 – Under the Dome Review – The Endless Thirst

Under the Dome S106 – The Endless Thirst

Another interesting episode where chaos reigns supreme (it’s about time don’t ya think?).

1) Plot Overview for The Endless Thirst, S106 of Under the Dome:

We pick up where we left off last week.  The Domites have just survived a nuclear missle strike which did nothing to the dome but did obliterate everything outside the dome.  The town is running out of supplies in both medicine, and food, but particularly water.  Those ideas collide when Norrie’s mom starts hullicinating and they head into town to seek help.  For some reason, they sort of forget that she is a diabetic and when she leaves the car and wonders off, she then causes a huge tractor-trailer to run off the road and somehow head straight for the iconic water tower.  The truck perfectly severs the tower structure causing all the water to spill out.

This is one of the darkest episodes of the series thus far.  What happens next is the town folk panic when they realize their main backup supply of water is gone.  Linda tries to calm things down by making a domie share his batteries for someone else to buy water.  But chaos ensues and the domites start pillaging and also attempted raping.  Pretty dark for a show that has had a relatively calm demeanor so far.  We also end up losing one of the few fine citizens of the town.  And our girl Angie escapes from JR only to find herself worse off.

We find out the lake has been polluted from methane (for some reason I thought for sure it was polluted from nuclear fallout), when the dome crashed through an underground methane deposit killing all the lake life.  Now big Jim has to rely on a local yokel for his spring water but at the cost of giving up his illicit supply of propane as payment.

But what is truly weird is the dome apparently has passed its energy to Joe and Norrie which is then picked up by the radio expert lady.  With Julia’s help and a homemade tracking device they find the kids are “in tune” with the dome (or at least that’s their theory).  The kids touching the dome somehow activates the radios to work and maybe even tells the dome to provide the town people with some much-needed rain.

2) New Characters

  • The rabble-rousers – Which includes some good-for-nothing twins who end up breaking into the diner and other shops on main street
  • King Kong tooth guy – This is the  guy who owns the property over the artisan spring.  We’ve seen him before, but this time he actively threatens Big Jim (because he knows Jim is mostly about Jim) to give him the propane and stay off his land.

3) Recurring Characters

  • Big Jim – He lets Angie go free when he realizes they are all about to die.  He can’t believe JR is psycho.  He kills the Rev and we find out they stole the propane to help make drugs to bring in money to save the town.
  • Julia – Realizes she needs to kiss Barbie.  Her hair gets wet this episode twice.
  • Barbie – Realizes he needs to kiss Julia.  Realizes he can kill people with his bare hands.
  • Junior – Still crazy in love for Angie even after she smacks his head with a glass object.
  • Linda – Was taught by Duke to appeal to the good side of people, and if that don’t work be prepared to match violence with bigger violence.
  • Norrie and Joe – Seem to be a conduit for dome action.
  • Goodbye Kate’s mom – You seemed like a nice person who didn’t deserve what happened to you.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

Did the dome wait for Norrie to show up in the vicinity of Joe before making its appearance in episode 1?  We don’t really know what it is but the show seems to hint it may be an alien life-force of some kind.  I mean the military has no clue how to deal with it, so it doesn’t appear to be man-made.  I really hope we find out that Julia really didn’t love her now dead husband because she seems to have bounced back nicely in a very close Barbie relationship in a relatively short time after finding out her husband left her.  Angie seems to have made a deal with the devils (Big Jim and JR) to keep silent about that little kidnapping and imprisonment thing in exchange for favorable treatment.  At least she considered her brother’s well-being, while Joe still doesn’t know where she is and hasn’t sought out police help to find her.

The Killing Season 3 – Final episode predictions

Check out my earlier post The Killing (An Introduction to Season 3).  This post will cover some predictions for the last three episodes:

Plot Characters Thoughts Theories and Observations

This preview will SPOIL EVERYTHING up to now on The Killing.


Okay so we know that the killer is not Pastor Mike.  It turns out he really did care for the kids but was worried that he would be blamed for their disappearances because of what happened to him at the last job he had.  So where is Kallie?  Is there any chance at all that she is still alive?  Bullet did a dumb thing by not leaving a message on Holder’s phone since she seems to have met the killer (before she was killed).  Her body was found in the storage unit of Joe Mills.  Bullet was a great character and I really enjoyed her story.  Too bad it ended in tragedy.  In last week’s episode, we found out that Mills had an alibi for at least one of the killings.  He was in Alaska doing some hunting.  If Mills isn’t the killer then who is?

Well it can’t be Kallie’s mom.  She has been desperate to find her for the last few episodes.  Nobody could put on an act like that.  Pastor Mike was with Linden when Bullet died, so it’s probably not him.  What about Linden’s partner.  I don’t know he just doesn’t seem like a bad man, although he certainly made a bunch of mistakes.  Speaking of partners, well I will get to that in a minute…


The second side of the story takes place in prison.  Seward now wants to live.  Reason: I think he hates the prison guards so much for their treatment of him and how Linden knows he is no longer the killer of his wife.  Speaking of the guards there are two possible suspects.  We have Becker who has tormented Seward from day one about his impending death and his son apparently killed the wife’s lover.  He could be involved but he seems to have his own problems.

So my prediction for the killer is Holder’s partner.  He was the one who didn’t tell Holder that Bullet called.  He is the one who let forgot to watch the girl who escaped the killer a few episodes ago.  She was set loose from the hospital even though she heard the killer’s voice.  Also he was the one who “found” the set rings in Joe Miller’s storage area.  The rings were removed from each of the victims.  Plus being a cop, he has a reason to be out late at night.

Stay tuned for more twists turns and misdirections before the finale in a couple of weeks.

S105 – Under the Dome Review – Blue on Blue

Under the Dome S105 – Blue on Blue

An interesting episode with lots of plot twists and a few plot “holes”.   Or not.

1) Plot Overview for Blue on Blue, S105 of Under the Dome:

We see butterflies reaching the dome but unable to move around it or over it which prompts the military (according to Barbie) to launch the biggest non nuclear bomb strike on the dome.  But first its final visitation time where the friends on relatives of the trapped “Domites” come to say their first hello (and possibly last goodbye).

The good news is that Angie is finally free from her underground shelter but the bad news is, just as gets home JR is waiting to finish things.  He just wanted to fix her (which I take to mean, he really wants to fix himself).  This is kinda sad, but after all Angie just went through,  I still think she should have bopped him on the head with a lamp or something.

Barbie confesses that he isn’t the soldier people thought he was, since by friendly fire his platoon killed off their own men.  Julia finds out that her ex husband was going to leave her and so “that is that” until of course Barbie has to admit he killed the man.

The town flees to the concrete shelter as they await the Mother of All Bombs or as the crazy Rev says, MOAB.  Crazy Rev saves the town by repenting (or maybe the dome is just impenetrable of all weapons!).  But when he wants Big Jim to repent he slams the Rev’s hearing aid into the dome with the Rev still attached to it.  Bye bye Rev.  He gets zapped by the dome just like sheriff Duke, and dies.

2) New Characters

  • Linda’s finance – He finds out his brother is dead (he was killed by a dome bullet ricochet).
  • Norrie’s dad – We learned that her dad has kept baby pictures of Norrie, but the moms didn’t want Norrie to know he was locatable.   Norrie is not happy at the mom’s, but then accuses the dad of grandstanding for publicity.

3) Recurring Characters

  • Big Jim – He lets Angie go free when he realizes they are all about to die.  He can’t believe JR is psycho.  He kills the Rev and we find out they stole the propane to help make drugs to bring in money to save the town.
  • Julia – Realizes she likes Barbie.
  • Barbie – Realizes he likes Julia.
  • Junior – Confesses sort of, that he needs help from Angie.
  • Linda – Tries to enforce a yellow police tape zone by breaking through the zone herself to kiss her fiance.
  • Norrie and Joe – Finally after 7 days realize that Joe’s sister is missing.  They kiss just as the bomb destroys the land outside the dome making for an interesting juxtaposition.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

This episode could have been really dark, but everyone in the town seem to be sorta blase’ about the whole thing including slow dancing and reminiscing about the good old days.    I must admit I didn’t know what was going to happen with the bomb, and it was cool to see the outside world getting destroyed.  But really… they did this to “protect” the butterflies’ migration pattern?  Well at least one butterfly survived.

S104 – Ratings, Reviews. Preview for Episode S105 Under the Dome

The first non spoiler part of this blog will cover critic reviews and user ratings for the latest episode of Under the Dome.

Nielson ratings for S104 – Outbreak were 2.7 with an 8% share easily winning its time slot.  Overall 11.1 million people watched the episode live in the USA beating all broadcasts for July 15.

The SeriesGuide application (website trackt.tv) gave this episode a score of 81% based on 366 votes.  It was the third most watched show this past week (based on unique viewers).  Dexter = 2,405 watchers, True Blood = 1557, and UTD = 1497.

SPOILER (If you consider the next episode’s description a spoiler):

S105 Preview – Residents of Chester’s Mill are surprised when they are visited by loved ones from the other side;  everyone prepares for a threat from outside the dome on the next episode of Under The Dome, Monday at 10/9c.  This is the second episode directed by executive producer Jack Bender (LOST).

S104 – Under the Dome Review – Outbreak

Under the Dome S104 – Outbreak

Hello.  It time for my review of Under the Dome.  First, thank you kind readers and followers for your support.

In this episode we get to learn something about a few unexpected skill sets for our characters.  In JR’s case there is a quite a turnaround from the first episode.  We can debate the plausibility of his character transformation but I for one, am glad that JR is not going to just be evil psycho boy and nothing more.

1) Plot Overview for Outbreak, S104 of Under the Dome:

I have no excuse this week as I am writing this just one day after the episode, but please forgive me anyway if I miss some plot points.  In this episode the townsfolk start doing what I call “convenient fainting”.  Just as a character is about to spill all he/she knows about certain events or beliefs, they start to faint.  I feel we may be entering into LOST territory (i.e. don’t reveal too much yet, we need to save the good stuff for the finale).

Julia has figured out that Barbie may not be telling all he knows about why he came to the town when she finds the map he used to locate the cabin where he accidentally killed her husband.  Julia doesn’t realize this yet.  She thinks her doctor husband was just away on a lot of trips.  Well it turns out that he owed some gambling money to Barbie’s bookie employer.  Barbie’s job, since leaving the military, has been an enforcer, collecting the money from deadbeat gamblers that won’t pay up.  Why would a doctor have trouble paying his gambling debts?  How come Julia, who is a reporter by the way, did not have seen what her husband was up to?   Anyway she is no longer on speaking terms with Barbie for lying to her and asks him to leave her house.  Of course this ultimatum comes right after she thanks Barbie for saving her life after she passes out at the cabin.  There she found some evidence that her husband had sold off some of their property (house?) to pay his gambling debts.

Meanwhile it turns out that what caused Julia to faint was meningitis caused by the townsfolk being forced to be in close contact due to the fact that the dome is inescapable.  The few who aren’t sick were vaccinated at some point in their lives.  Linda the cop however was not.  She comes down with it as the townsfolk are angry at the army for leaving their perimeter around the dome.  Luckily her old school teacher is willing to sacrifice her life so she can get the last dose of antibiotic at the hospital.  One of the moms is called into action as she has medical training as psychologist.  She gives Joe and Norrie a brain scan to determine why they keep having seizures.  Norrie decides they should intentionally cause a seizure and film it youtube style.  When they wake up they see Joe giving the “shush” gesture on tape, which he believes means the dome wants them to keep the secret of “the pink stars falling in lines”.

Big Jim and Barbie go out to get more antibiotics and leave JR in charge of keeping the sick folks quarantined.  My thoughts were simply this “Are you crazy?”.  Although now that I think about it, he has done a good job keeping his girlfriend Angie from leaving the underground shelter that he has locked her in.  Big Jim and Barbie find the creepy rev burning the drugs, because God wants everyone under the dome to die, so he says.  Well JR does a great job and gives a pretty impassioned speech, so much so that Linda decides to make him her new deputy.  Later that night, Big Jim discovers JR’s girlfriend after she opens up a water main in the shelter which Big Jim hears while in his house above the shelter.

2) New Characters

  • Radio DJ guy – Not exactly a new character, but we do find out the Julia’s husband sold him his car for money (to pay off Barbie’s bookie).
  • Norrie’s mom – We learned that she was a practicing psychologist and has medical training.  She is pretty good under pressure and cares for Norrie.   All good things (so far).

3) Recurring Characters

  • Big Jim – He gives JR a chance to prove himself (and he does).  He lets the creepy rev break out of their propane deal, but I get the feeling Big Jim is just waiting to take care of him (one way or the other).
  • Julia – She learned that Barbie is a hero and an enforcer who lied to her.  And that her husband had a gambling addiction.
  • Barbie – He still hasn’t admitted he killed Julia’s husband although for now that is probably the best thing for him to do.
  • Junior – He is no longer just a pyscho boy he may be a psycho cop in training.
  • Linda – May not be the best judge of character but now she has taken on the mantle of sheriff.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

Did you like this episode?  We had lots of character twists and now Angie is free from her captivity.  I guess I felt a little bit like this was an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where there were doctor’s and a bit of soapiness going on.  It felt like they were really trying to expand the audience appeal in this episode and everything gets sort of neatly wrapped up.  What would this show be like if it were on AMC instead of CBS I wonder.

S103 – Ratings, Reviews. Preview for Episode S104 Under the Dome

The first non spoiler part of this blog will cover critic reviews and user ratings for S101 Pilot episode of Under the Dome.

Neilson ratings for S103 – Manhunt were 2.7 with an 8% share easily winning its time slot.  Overall 10.7 million people watched the episode live in the USA beating all broadcasts for July 1.

The SeriesGuide application (website trackt.tv) gave this episode a score of 77% based on 420 votes.  It was the third most watched show (based on unique viewers).  Dexter = 2,508 watchers, True Blood = 1567, and UTD = 1567.

SPOILER (If you consider the next episode’s description a spoiler):

S104 Preview – The people of Chester’s Mill fall into a state of panic as an outbreak of meningitis strikes their community, threatening their already depleted medical supplies  on the next episode of Under The Dome, Monday at 10/9c.  This episode is directed by Kari Skogland who recently directed an episode of The Killing (Seventeen).

S103 – Under the Dome Review – Manhunt

Under the Dome S103 – Manhunt

Hello.  I am back for another fun review of Under the Dome.

In this episode we get to learn something about Junior or JR for short.  Yes, he is still a pycho but now we know that he also has a Dad who let’s say, “encourages him by giving him impossible goals to meet”.  And dear old dad is more concerned about his image than about his son.  Okay finally that gives us something to sympathize with.  JR is not just dumb and evil, he is dumb, evil and tortured by his father.  I can work with that (at least for now).

1) Plot Overview for The Fire, S103 of Under the Dome:

Well since its been a few days since I watched this I may have a few things out-of-order, so I hope you can forgive me yet again.  Our lady cop, Linda, brings the dumb deputy in (you know the one who sees the end of world and all chaos coming due to the dome trapping the town) into jail to arrest him for accidentally killing her brother in law.  Linda is still a rookie.  We know because the perp tricks her into opening the jail cell door.  He locks her in the cell and takes off running.  Unfortunately no one else seems to work at the police station so he gets away Scots free.

Speaking of running away, the girl who was brought to the town by her moms decides to find the local kids at the skate board park.  She needs to get her phone charged up and finds Joe (who’s sister is still missing) has power and a crib where she can hang for awhile.  However a party breaks out instead, and the local bully guy shows up to rough up Joe.  But before they get into real fisticuffs there is a power surge and all goes dark.  When the boy and girl touch hands they have a real “attraction” for one another.  I mean literally sparks fly and they go into a joint seizure and start mouthing the saying “the pink stars are falling in lines” again.

Meanwhile the creepy rev is feeling better so Big Jim lectures him to stay off the drugs for awhile so they can continue to clean up the mess left behind from stealing and hording the propane.  After that Jim sets up a search party to go after the end of the world cop.  Linda goes after him too (but she must go alone because she is tough I guess).  Jim’s search party includes some guys from the diner and our hero Barbie.  They find end of the world cop but he gets the jump on the posse and if not for Linda sneaking up behind him they would be dead.  But Linda shoots the guy in the back (what no warning shot Linda?) and I guess kills him.

Julia Schumway the reporter follows Junior into a abandoned cement factory where they discover that the dome is deep underground.  So you can forget about tunneling under it!  They escape the darkness with the old lighted match trick (the flame follows the breeze that leads to the way out).

2) New Characters

  • Young party punk – He is a jerk with no redeeming character traits whatsoever.  He beats up on the boy or at least tries to.  Our boy is a pacifist for now, but I bet he won’t be for long.
  • Norrie now friends with the Joe – We learned that she wasn’t going to camp but instead she had some behavioral problems and might have been going to some thing like boarding school.  She has psychic powers and she and Joe made a connection (an electrical connection, ha).
  • The guys at the diner – Obviously this is not a progressive town.  “We don’t like outsiders around these parts” I can hear them saying.
  • End of the World cop – He is probably right.  The end of the world as they know is probably coming soon.  But why did he need to rush things so much?  Is it possible the dome is also having a direct effect on people’s personalities?

3) Recurring Characters

  • Big Jim – We learned that his wife and JR’s mom died a few years back.  Since then Big Jim has been showing only tough love to his son.  JR needs a mother figure for sure.  And guess who plays that role this week, it’s Julia.  Big Jim wants to make an example of those who step out of line.
  • Julia – She got fired by trying to use falsified evidence against a candidate she didn’t like.  She was basically banished from the newspaper she worked at and ended up in Chester’s Mill.  She was pretty nice to JR, but stupid to follow him down into the old concrete mill.
  • Barbie – He is resourceful for sure.  He knows how to track people (just like Aragorn through the underbrush).  He also conveniently left a map of the cabin in his bag for Julia to find.  Never trust a journalist with your stuff, Barbie.
  • Junior – He is still trying to win back the love his girlfriend and frame Barbie at the same time.  Sneaky devil for sure.  At least we know that he gets some of his bad traits through his father’s influence.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

Looks like the townsfolk are starting to realize there is no way out of the dome.  The army may not even be trying to save them but is interested only in studying them.  Where is the power source?  What does the weird seizure clue mean?  Will the kids figure it out?