S102 – Under the Dome Review – The Fire


Hello.  Sorry for the short delay in getting this out.  I went out on Tuesday night and last night I was deleting things off my old computer to give to a family member.  Now I have a new computer to write this blog on.

So getting to the July 1st episode of Under the Dome.  Overall it was good episode although I am getting a feeling that I am not going to really really love this show.  Time will tell, now on to the review.

1) Plot Overview for The Fire, S102 of Under the Dome:

Well since its been a few days since I watched this I may have a few things out-of-order, so I hope you can forgive me.  Duke the cop is in bad shape since his pacemaker literally exploded out of his chest. Lady cop tries to save him, but he dies. Turns out Duke took to her as a daughter and left all his possessions including his house to her. Well this is a problem for Big Jim. Since Duke was in on the propane scheme (we still don’t know what that is about), he may have some incriminating evidence in Duke’s house, so big Jim sends his other co-conspirator “Creepy Reverend” to retrieve the evidence. Creepy Rev sneaks into the house and finds an envelope of invoices taped under a drawer. He then lights them on fire making sure that the fire is close enough to the curtains so he can accidentally bump into it setting the whole house on fire.
Big Jim we find out, could care less about Creepy Rev and decides to use a bulldozer to put out the fire and at the same time, bury his co-conspirator alive. However before that happens the lady cop goes in and rescues Creepy Rev risking her own life in the process.
Meanwhile the journalist Julia walks right into to Barbie’s room after he has a nightmare and flashback to how he killed her husband. They were fighting over some money the husband owed some other guy when Barbie’s gun went off killing said husband. Barbie dropped his dog tags so later he goes back to retrieve them only to find that Creepy Jim Junior is stalking him because he believes that Barbie is sleeping with Junior’s girlfriend. The same girlfriend he has locked up in his emergency underground shelter. Barbie punches him out, but unfortunately does not kill him.
Later Julia breaks into the radio station to tell everyone that they are trapped under an invisible dome and to have a good day.
In the aftermath of the fire one of the police officers goes crazy and shoots a bullet off the dome which ricochets off and kills lady cops brother in-law.

2) New Characters

  • Radio Station Engineer – Although we saw her a bit last week, this week we get to know her a little.  She is going for some advanced degree in electrical engineering and maybe as such is the only person who has figured out how to broadcast under the dome.  She also is receiving outside communication which indicates the government doesn’t know what the dome is or how to penetrate it.
  • Dudes – We saw an interaction between the young guys which tells us that water can penetrate the dome.  We also saw that a tennis ball and bullets will bounce off the dome.  I am assuming that air can penetrate also or this will be a very short show when all the inhabitants die of lack of oxygen.  The smoke from the fire seemed to accumulate near the top of the dome.
  • Julia’s husband (I mean late husband) – He was doing some shady deals and Julia seems totally unaware, interesting.  Anyway he owed some money and Barbie was sent as the enforcer to go get the money from him.  The husband guy wanted to get rid of Barbie rather than pay up.  Must have been a large sum of money.  Why did they meet in this cabin?  How can Junior keep finding Barbie on foot in these remote locations?
  • The Brother in law – He came and he went really quick which is weird.  He did tell Julia her fiance was going to take her to Hawaii for her honeymoon.

3) Recurring Characters

  • Duke – I thought Duke would be a good recurring character but he is dead now.  RIP Duke aka Lapidus.  You sounded like a good man and a good cop, so why did you get involved with Big Jim’s propane scheme?
  • Big Jim – The townsfolk seem to think Jim is always doing good for them.   It  seems he wants to be mayor and will work out his evil plans to get the job.
  • Julia – Head strong reporter who quickly forgets about her missing husband and starts flirting with Barbie.
  • Barbie – Who is he working for?  The guy must have some blackmail material on him.   Otherwise he is a good ex soldier and rallied the townsfolk to help put out the fire which didn’t work because the house burned down anyway.

4) Thoughts Theories and Observations

The show is… I don’t know a little too serious sometimes.  It would be nice to have some dark humor or something.  I keep wondering how our characters keep managing to find each other so quickly.  I know it’s a small town but not that small.  Jack Bender directed this and I definitely got a bit of a LOST feel in the structure of this show with flashbacks and punch out scenes.  I which they would tell Junior’s back story.  He is so crazy you wonder why his girlfriend either missed it or stays with him at all.  She must realize now that she may have to kill him to get out of the bunker.  She better watch our or he may end up killing her over the fake jealousy she is promoting.  Can’t people see how creepy the Reverend is?  He did come up with a good lie though, ” I just needed a suit” to bury Duke in, that is why I was in his house.  The fire was caused by a gas rupture according to Big Jim, another good lie. What did you think of the episode.? Oh and Happy 4th of July for us Colonial Commoners out there.

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