S102 – Ratings, Reviews. Preview for Episode S103 Under the Dome

The first non spoiler part of this blog will cover critic reviews and user ratings for S101 Pilot episode of Under the Dome.

Neilson ratings for S102 – The Fire were 2.9 with an 8% share easily winning its time slot (the second place show was Mistresses on ABC).  Overall 11.8 million people watched the episode live in the USA beating all broadcasts for July 1.

The SeriesGuide application (website trackt.tv) gave this episode a score of 78% based on 434 votes.  It was the third most watched show (based on unique viewers).  Dexter = 1922 watchers, True Blood = 1138, and UTD = 1099.

SPOILER (If you consider the next episode’s description a spoiler):

S103 Preview – After a former deputy goes rogue, Big Jim asks Barbie to help keep the town safe; Junior determines to escape the dome by going underground  on the next episode of Under The Dome, Monday at 10/9c.  This episode is directed by LOST director Paul A. Edwards (Born to Run, Everybody Hates Hugo).

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